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Regardless: how to leave off smoking to future mother?

About what to smoke harmfully, know everything. Here only not all heavy smokers manage to get rid of unpleasant dependence. How to be if you plan pregnancy, and the hand and reaches for a pack with cigarettes?

Most of the smoking women argue approximately so: “Here I will become pregnant, I will precisely throw for now...“ However scientists proved that it is necessary to refuse an addiction for several months, and it is even better in a year before pregnancy. Why? In - the first, the emotional stress caused by violation of the habitual course of events (it is about so-called psychological dependence), and a physical stress (refusal of nicotine) is necessary for quieter time, but not for the beginning of pregnancy - an era of big changes in an organism. In - the second, smoking in the first weeks after conception is especially harmful, but at this time most of future mothers do not even guess that they are pregnant. And, at last, if the first attempt to leave off smoking is not crowned with success, the woman will have an opportunity to try once again, having picked up other, more suitable way of fight against an addiction.

However, despite persuasiveness of the above arguments, in real life of an event are developed by

differently. Usually questions “what to do?“ and “how to throw?“ arise how in hands the young couple has a positive test result on pregnancy.


you were adjusted by

on the necessary harmony, distributed stocks of cigarettes to the smoking acquaintances, but there was unforeseen: sincere conversation in a good company and... you did not manage to refuse the offered cigarette! Do not worry, refusal of smoking is the process demanding time that is why you should not hope for momentary result. Forgive yourself this small oversight, encourage yourself for an abstemiousness, and on the money saved on cigarettes and lighters buy something pleasant.


Are possible

As usual events after decision-making are developed to leave off smoking?

Option first . The desire to light a sigarette disappears right after receiving news of the come pregnancy: the risk to do much harm to the child beats off any hunting.

your “ally“ on this way - toxicosis: nausea and intolerance of smells. It is possible when it passes (usually it happens to 12 - 16 - y to week), nicotine addiction will come to naught or will strongly weaken. It is worth recognizing that it is the most favorable option of a current of events.

Option second . Trying to leave off smoking, future mother passes to more light cigarettes and begins to reduce their quantity gradually. It is good if it comes to an end in full refusal of smoking though often there are failures. This way is preferable to those women who smoked long and in large quantities.

Option third. Future mother makes the decision to leave off smoking once and for all.

Alas, in case of strong dependence the desire to light will follow about you, you will become irritable, will sleep, complain badly of a depression, to fight against tears, and at work will not be able to concentrate and do commonplaces. In this state there is nothing strange: experts define it as the stress caused by refusal of smoking. Now you need the help of the psychotherapist or specialist in acupuncture, and also means which will relieve of physical dependence - plasters and chewing gums with nicotine.

Option fourth . Every morning future mother gets up with intention to leave off smoking exactly today, and these she does not manage every time.

you are pursued by dreadful thoughts of harm which you do to the child, and smoking a cigarette, you feel like the criminal. However, despite it, you continue to smoke, following the principle “everything or nothing“. Alas, it is the most wrong option of behavior as intensive smoking in combination with a constant stress can complicate the course of pregnancy.

Option fifth . Getting a light the next cigarette, future mother does not test any remorse:“ Girlfriends smoked, bearing and giving birth to children, and at me will be all right“. Let`s leave this situation no comments.

Where truth?

If you smoke

and are not going to give up this occupation even despite pregnancy, do not look for support at doctors: experts are sure that smoking harms future mother and the kid. However, nobody will accuse you of the events and to condense already gloomy paints: who as not to doctors has to know that dependence on tobacco - one of toxicomania forms? For this reason the smoking woman needs the help. Fortunately, there is a set of methods to refuse cigarettes. However, they begin to act only when you very strongly want to leave off smoking. Otherwise there will be a set of the reasons for which you will continue suit smoke breaks and during 9 - monthly expectation.

Who looks for

, that will find

Even if pregnancy “found“ you in the smoking room, do not despond and do not abuse yourself for the fact that you did not manage to be prepared for appearance of the kid properly. As a rule, on very early terms future child is reliably protected from harmful effects and if conception took place, so everything goes according to the plan so far. Now your task - to help the kid it is correct to develop.

It is good if you feel in yourself forces at once to refuse smoking - it is possible if you depend on a cigarette purely psychologically. What does it mean? You easily can do without smoking several hours in a row, in places where it is forbidden or just because to you and it is so good, but at once rush to a treasured pack if you are nervous or are too excited. Besides, you get cigarettes after a tasty lunch, having ordered a cup of coffee or on the way home. That it was simpler to you to refuse the gesture which became habitual, develop the plan for replacement of cigarettes something another, not less pleasant, but more useful. For example, leaving from work, eat apple, drink waters, take a mint candy. It is not necessary to repeat infinitely:“ I want to smoke, as if not to break“. Try to convince yourself that in spite of the fact that there is a wish to smoke really, instead it is better to make something another.

If thirst for smoking does not weaken, see a doctor: perhaps, he will advise you special means - the chewing gums or plasters containing nicotine. In case of toxicosis choose the second from these two means: sharp taste of a chewing gum can strengthen nausea and other indispositions. Remember that for the night the plaster needs to be unstuck. One more drastic remedy - acupuncture thanks to which process of disaccustoming from smoking takes place easier. Mechanisms of action of this method are up to the end not studied, perhaps, by means of needles experts “extinguish“ receptors which demand new portions of nicotine. As a result after a while process of smoking begins to cause the most real disgust.

the List of affairs

you will not find in any way time to go to reception to the psychologist? Try to apply to yourself the known psychotherapeutic reception, having in detail stated on a sheet of paper arguments which will convince you of why it is necessary to refuse an addiction. It will help you to be prepared for parting with a cigarette psychologically, especially if you just remember the list while the hand stretches to a treasured pack. Most likely, you will write down the following.

  • Smoking harms also me, and to the child, and the kid suffers without everyone on that the reasons.
  • to me does not like to be
  • dependent on a cigarette.
  • Me the smell from a mouth is unpleasant to
  • . My hands, hair, clothes and everything that surrounds me, smells of a tobacco smoke.
  • to me it is difficult to li to estimate smells and taste of food.
  • to me it is awkward to li to communicate with non-smoking people.
  • me is exasperated In the mornings by disgusting cough.
  • of Smoking - it is dangerous dependence, it is necessary to find forces to refuse it.
  • From cigarettes skin spoils, the voice grows coarse and changes.
  • my life turned into intervals from a smoke break to a smoke break.
  • By and large, in my smoking is not present no plus.

Other option. You make the list under the name “What Will I Reach, Having Left Off Smoking?“

my organism will gradually be cleared by
  • of 5000 harmful substances and will stop transferring them to the child.
  • the Kid will cease to suffer from
  • from an angiospasm and will receive more oxygen.
  • my hair, teeth and nails will become better than
  • .
  • Ya I will cease to cough in the mornings.
  • in the Morning I will be able to luxuriate in a bed, but not to jump from a bed in search of a cigarette.
  • my skin at last will take a fresh form, and hands will cease to smell of a cigarette smoke.
  • Ya I will be able to be proud of myself.

Indisputable truths

we Will repeat: nobody is going to tell you a story that he can happen if you do not leave off smoking. Simply the facts are the facts, and it is necessary to know about them.

  • In order that conception took place, more than a year as the substances which are contained in a tobacco smoke start process of death of ova can be necessary for the smoking woman. For the same reason approach of a climax comes nearer almost for 3 years.
  • Researchers established that smoking at the beginning of pregnancy can lead to the child`s birth with a crevice of a lip and the sky. Besides, there is a version that the more cigarettes is smoked by the woman during the day, the it is more than chances that the kid will be born with the mentioned deviations.
  • Sometimes, that at the smoking mothers childbirth begins ahead of time, and the child is born with a small weight (this results from the fact that the placenta works not at full capacity).
  • At kids whose mothers smoke, food allergy, pollinoz (an allergy to pollen) and bronchial asthma develops more often.
  • According to some information, IQ indicator at children whose mothers did not refuse an addiction, below, than at kids of non-smoking parents.