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New work or old myths?

you consider yourself as the expert in questions of job search? Then read these 15 myths about employment and honestly admit in what of them you trusted. If you get rid of wrong views and popular beliefs, then will be able to look for work more effectively and that is important, not to have at the same time a severe stress.

Myth 1. Having posted the summary on several websites, you by all means receive enough favorable offers.
One of the most attractive delusions is that emergence of your summary in the Network as a certain magic elixir, will force employers to dream of interview with you. I am not going to challenge the fact that the Internet became the standard instrument of job search for a long time. But if you consider that its efficiency is higher, than, for example, at newspaper announcements, then you are mistaken. Only about five percent of applicants find work with the help of the Internet.

Myth 2. Announcements of vacancies fully reflect the volume and a variety of labor market.
According to different data, only 15 - 20 percent of all vacancies in labor market are published in mass media. The huge part of vacancies is a hidden labor market. And the position and a salary are higher, the it is less than probability that the announcement of this position will be published in mass media. In what way to the applicant to find these offers? Only by means of useful communications. Communications still remain one of the most effective instruments of job search. You methodically build up the relationship with people who can render you assistance in job search. But this whole art, if at random to tell each passer that you need work, then hardly you will achieve the desirable.

Myth 3. Employers dislike applicants who change work too often and long are not late anywhere.
Employees who often move from one company to another for some time almost disappeared from labor market. Steadily developing career was considered as big plus. Besides, many employers are ready to neglect professional qualities of the candidate if for any reason are sure of his loyalty. But recently the companies develop more and more dynamically, and it becomes obvious - to gain new knowledge and skills, to improve the skills and cost in the market, it is just necessary to move forward constantly. Try to avoid really short terms of work (less than one year), and for the rest especially do not go in cycles in rate of the movements.

Myth 4. The cover letter is not as important as the summary or a portfolio. to
Every time, sending the resume in the company, it is necessary to accompany it with the letter, and made especially for this employer. If you do not count on lucky coincidence, and you really have a job search strategy, you will not neglect the cover letter. Eventually, the summary is absolutely useless for the employer if he does not know for what position you apply and what you expect from work. Only in the form of the personified message you can draw attention to what allocates you from total number of candidates, whether it be unique qualification or features of character.

Myth 5. The summary has to show logic of your career development and growth of responsibility.
Yes, the ideal summary carries out this function. But it is not end in itself. The laconic story about your skills, education and concrete functions was and remains the most important part of the self-presentation. Most of employers spend for viewing of the summary no more than 20 seconds. So, to receive the invitation to interview, it is necessary to place emphasis on the main thing. Agree, some details of your professional development can be interesting only to you. For example, the fact that five years ago you attended a professional exhibition or fulfilled duties of your boss while that was on holiday.

Myth 6. Distribute the summary, and you will regularly receive invitations to interview.
It is possible, it will work if you the rare expert in highly specialized area. And all the rest to receive the invitation, it is necessary to show activity. Sometimes it is necessary most to call the potential employer. Especially in case your qualification is insufficient for vacant post or you begin career in new area. Nevertheless in telephone conversation you can declare the interest and ask about interview. Even if all of you - are not suitable for this position, communication with the employer can open new opportunities.

Myth 7. Never will be superfluous to embellish the summary.
do not Even hope, you will not manage to show off to the skilled employer if, of course you not the pathological liar. The expert, whose duties include studying of the curriculum vitae of applicants, learns to see behind a sheet of paper of the real person over time. Sometimes, reading between lines, it is possible to learn a lot of things, for example, to understand, the candidate as he estimates himself is how self-assured, than in the working career is proud and what wants to hold back. At such stare it is simple to notice the actual inaccuracies and “easy“ exaggerations. And what more them will be, especially tricky questions expect you on interview.

Myth 8. Underestimating the requirements to a salary, you become more attractive candidate. the Applicant never has to neglect
the expectations concerning a salary. It will only make impression that it desperately needs work, and can be a cause of failure. But if all of you get a job with the underestimated salary, you will never be able to be rather happy with it as you will feel deceived: in your opinion, your work will not be paid for advantage. So far you apply for money which keeps within a framework reasonable for your position and branch, adhere to this figure. Also do not declare a desirable salary at once, let the employer himself will lift this subject.

Myth 9. If you cannot come to interview to working hours - with 9. 00 to 18. 00, in general nothing shines you.
Yes, the majority of interview are appointed to traditional working hours. But any employer undoubtedly will find time to meet the candidate interesting him. In interview after work there is even an advantage - often it passes in less intense situation as there is no usual office vanity any more and the thought of the termination of the working day relaxes interlocutors.

Myth 10. The most qualified specialists get the best job. Grant
, this strongest delusion - the best candidate is expected by the best position. The employer, as a rule, chooses that in whom he sees connection of professional qualities, skills of the presentation and ability to find contact with the interviewer. So not too put on airs if you consider the qualification unique, but also do not lose courage if not too you suit formal requirements. If you received the invitation to interview, the employer means considers that your abilities, knowledge and experience it is enough for this position. At personal meeting it is only necessary to confirm that you are worthy this work.

Myth 11. Hed - hanter and recruiting agencies protect your interests. Who pays with
services of recruiters? Correctly, those companies which employed them. It also betrayed specialists in search of shots. Therefore you should not stay in illusions - recruiters do not seek to find personally for you at all work which you are worthy and of which always dreamed. For them it is more favorable to adjust you to requirements of the company. It can sometimes limit your opportunities or even to push to the wrong choice, but can sometimes help you.

Myth 12. It is almost impossible to begin career in new area.
the Tendency such is that in the dynamic world of business more and more people will cardinally change the career, and not once in life. It is quite real, however today in the world of professionals for this purpose of already insufficiently simple desire. It is necessary to make the action plan and to follow it. First of all, think of how in new career it is possible to apply your present knowledge and skills. The following step needs to be taken towards receiving additional education.

Myth 13. The applicant should not sell himself to the employer. to
If to you does not like thought of what you sell yourself, think that you sell the professional qualities. Often it means application of some methods of sales by job search. You that product which is necessary to the company and have to prove now it. Presently applicants who use the same methods, as the companies for advance of the production succeed.

Myth 14. If to you for 50 and you want to find work, for you there came hard times.
It is the statement incorrectly in case you possess modern skills and knowledge. Besides, you have to be the command player, but not the stubborn professional who knows answers to all questions and does not want to change.

Myth 15. In hard times agree to the first offered work.
Job search - unpredictable process. You can pass within a month numerous interviews in the same company and be in full confidence that get a job, but it will not occur. And in a week you visit several companies and receive several offers at once. Whether it is necessary to agree to the first offer in that case? Only if is what you looked for, and your career will develop in the right direction. Otherwise, it is better to wait, there will be yet no opportunity to choose.