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Big to you thanks of

Already half a year as I want to thank the Avent company for their invention. I had difficult delivery as a result of which for preservation of life of the child pulled out nippers under the general anesthesia. The child survived thanks to reaction and ability of the doctor, and was so weak that the first three days lay in reanimation, and later from maternity hospital was transferred to Morozovsky hospital for inspection regarding intra cranial injuries. From - in a gastrointestinal tract of meconium he received food through a dropper for hits.

It is natural about any applying to a breast of the speech could not be. I lay at home in a terrible state, ate nothing, on nerves, weakened so that could not stand, and it was impossible sit. Whether it is worth saying that independently hands I could not rastsedit a breast. I bought Avent ISIS milk pump with containers in three months prior to estimated term on the advice of two girlfriends who at that time already used it a miracle - the savior:-).

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In maternity hospital, began laktostaz with a temperature of 38,5. Then I undertook a milk pump. As I abused myself for the fact that I bought a useless thing! It started over again rastsezhivatsya manually. 40 minutes later fell flat-out and understood that up to the end I cannot rastseditsya. For the second day after an extract from maternity hospital went to the baby to hospital, it appears, there it is allowed to look after the kid with 8. 00 to 18. 00. Packed things, analyses necessary there and started performance of a mother duty, to be near the child.

saw in the room of decantation about ten mummies with milk pumps In the same place. And they looked with sympathy at how I scoff at the breast, literally squeezing out of it still though a milk drop for the daughter. So far one of mummies did not approach me and did not ask me about why I will not buy a milk pump that it is impossible to scoff at himself so. I answered it that I have it, but to sense from it is not present. Then prompted to me that, as well as to other things, it is necessary to get used and be accustomed to it.

Ya came home and for a start removed an elastic band. It was sick, but I adapted, in three days of a plot and started over again trying a rubber funnel. At first there was not enough milk, but I did not throw, and continued to be decanted, finishing feeding the baby mix. Strictly on hours day by day - in 5. 00, 8. 00, 11. 00, 14. 00, 17. 00, 20. 00, 23. 00.

Already half a year as I do not leave the milk pump. My child has no pathologies, he takes the upper bounds in development, recently the manager of office of pediatrics praised for breastfeeding preservation. Everything including I, we consider that at my baby everything is all right, thanks to care of parents and a mother`s milk. Yes, it did not take a breast itself, but I for it kept milk, thanks to your invention. Big, sincere to you thanks!