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Feeding with a plus of

Ya decided to share the experience with those whom the breastfeeding subject interests. Experience at me already rather big. The eldest son to whom now three years, I nursed till two and a half years and half a year ago I gave birth to the daughter, and I feed only her with the milk. So this process at me almost not stopping. Also you know, from understanding that my children receive that it is necessary to them, as mother it immensely pleases me. I am deeply convinced that needs to be nursed, it not only food, but also our love!

In my opinion, several factors successfully to feed are. And I will try to state them in the story on the example of our family.

  1. Desire. I had a huge desire. Not to do without it in any way. If you want to feed, then and will be! The main thing - not to be given. I was sure that I will feed only itself, and did not assume thought that except my milk for my child there is some other food. To remember at least our far ancestors! Not without reason feeding still call natural. It should not frighten off you and if it is correct to have patience and to do everything, then it will never turn into a problem.
  2. In the first pregnancy I re-read many books, articles in magazines. In the same place learned that there are consultants for breastfeeding. Then I several times called them and consulted by phone - they actually very much helped me. So be not afraid to ask for the help others even if to strangers! Communicated to mummies who successfully fed the children. It is possible to communicate on the Internet and to ask all questions interesting you.
  3. Joint stay with the child. After the first and after the second childbirth I lay with children in one chamber. After the delivery they were put to a breast at once, and we on a sekundochka were not separated. I want to notice that I gave birth free of charge. Found maternity hospital where joint stay of the child with mother practices, so and breastfeeding is supported.

    I fed on demand, and the breast was always available to the child. Of course, there were also difficulties. For the first time milk came at me together with a fever, temperature and pain. Then several times I had similar problems. But I learned to cope with them. For a start I was a little decanted, then got up under a warm shower and massed a breast clockwise. It relieved pain. Then took and smeared a cabbage leaf with honey and put it to a breast. Always helped!

  4. No baby`s dummies and bottles at us existed! Nursed children only. How many the child sucks a breast - so much at you and milk!
  5. Surely feed with
  6. at night if do not want that there were problems with a lactation! My first child slept in our bed. And now and the daughter sleeps with us. Agree, it is heavy to rise, take all night long the child, to feed, and then to put him back. So in general nothing will want. And with mother to the child it is quiet and comfortable, and a breast all the time near the child. Heard from many opinion that children get used to it, and then and will sleep with you. But now my son absolutely sleeps peacefully in the certain room, and no problems at us arise. When it was necessary, I was near it at night, and now it does not need it, and any fears! And how many examples when children are afraid to sleep one!
  7. Feed with
  8. as long as possible! When my son went to kindergarten, I still nursed it, generally for the night and when he was tired and was upset. First he came from a garden very tired and asked a breast. Minutes five it was at a breast, and then was not to recognize him. He got up well rested and absolutely quiet. And still we did not know any diseases! With milk the child receives protection against infections.
I can write

Ya much how it is useful, but only parents decide that it is necessary for their child. I understand that all individually! But I wish all to face a minimum of problems on this hard way of breastfeeding! And if my story helps somebody, I will be very glad.

I Wish all healthy, quiet children, and of course, successful breastfeeding!