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The bed - high art of

of People sleeps about 8 hours a day, that is about a third of the life. And if we lie in a bed so much time, it is important that this bed, pillows and a blanket were the most convenient. Besides, the uncomfortable position during a dream creates an array of problems with health, lowers our mood and working capacity. So it is necessary to approach the choice of bedding with all responsibility. The same treats also linen. It is much more pleasant to sleep on beautiful silk linen, than to get constantly legs to the holes formed on an old sheet. Generally, do not neglect a situation in which you carry out such most part of the life.

the Bed

If you decided to replace with

a bed, then at the choice new follow the rule - “at first lie down, then buy“.


the choice of a bed with all gravity. It is insufficiently simple to sit on an edge. Relax and accept that pose in which usually you sleep. Estimating what width there has to be a bed, keep in mind that the people sleeping on one side actually figure prominently, than sleeping on a stomach or a back.


Choosing a bed for two, surely go to shop together. It is possible that you have different ideas of convenience and desirable softness or rigidity of a bed.

the Bed has to be at least 15 cm longer than you or your partner if it is higher growth. Otherwise legs will rest against a back and you will not be able to be extended in all growth.

Width of a double bed has to be not less than 1,5 m. With a standard width of 1,35 m on each person about only 67,5 cm are taken away that equally children`s cradle.

the Basis of a bed and a mattress have to supplement with

each other: convenience of a mattress depends on type and a condition of the basis of a bed. Therefore it is desirable to buy these things together. Buying a mattress separately, do not forget that it has to approach the bed basis, first of all by the size.

the Mattress

Now mattresses often are on sale complete with a bed. Sometimes it even at all not a bed, and just a mattress on legs.

of the Feather-bed. Not the best option. Feather-beds are too soft and to sleep on them harmfully to a backbone. It is better to choose a mattress more rigid.

Wadded mattresses. Those striped mattresses on which we slept in the childhood. Too not too good choice. Over time cotton wool slezhivatsya and in a mattress dents and hillocks are formed. And if to have a sleep on such mattress, then next morning you will have a feeling that all night long you were beaten. So it is necessary to change such mattresses approximately time in 3 - 4 years.

Orthopedic mattresses. These mattresses are developed especially for that your backbone received the minimum loading during a dream. Inside such mattress consists of springs, and from above is supplied with special laying which gives it optimum rigidity. The orthopedic mattress does not sag and is not pressed through, besides it serves you long enough.

Water mattresses. It is very convenient to sleep on these mattresses if, of course, you are not irritated by water gurgle when you turn over with a side sideways. Water mattresses are quite elastic therefore they do not do harm to a backbone. Their shortcoming is that they very heavy and if you need to transfer such mattress, it will be quite difficult. Also you should not buy a water mattress if you have small children. Perhaps, they will also resist temptation to make a hole in a hole in a mattress, but it is improbable. And of course, they will want to jump on this mattress, and it is better not to do it.

also absolutely unusual mattresses Are. For example, massage. The bed is supplied with the panel, and when pressing buttons the mattress begins to vibrate. Personally I in it do not see special sense, but say that it is very pleasant to make love on such bed.


of the Pillow are necessary to

of the Pillow to support a neck therefore never you lay down so that on a pillow there was only a head. Otherwise there is an overstrain of a neck and upper back. In this sense square pillows habitual to us it is better European which in a form remind sausage.

the Rigid or soft pillow - a question of personal preferences. However there are some general recommendations: if you sleep on one side, choose a rigid pillow - it will serve as a support both for the head, and for a neck. And if on a back - for you the pillow of average rigidity is convenient. If you prefer to sleep on a stomach, then choose a soft pillow not to overstrain a neck muscle.

Inside the pillow usually happens synthetic or pukhoperovy. Pukhoperovy pillows are very pleasant and long do not wear out, some of them can even be erased. Pillows from foam rubber and latex usually firm and elastic. You will not manage to shake up them, but they well keep a form. And here pillows from sheep wool will be felted in a month, and it is simpler to throw out them, than to return to an initial state.

If you want

that your dream was strong and serene, buy qualitative pillows and change their time in 2 - 3 years.

the Blanket

Under what blanket to sleep - a matter of taste. The only recommendation - to buy two blankets if you sleep together. Then at night you will peacefully sleep, but not to draw a blanket on yourself. And everyone will be able to choose warm or easier blanket at discretion.

Wadded blanket. Ideally keeps temperature of your body. Under it you will never freeze. However a wadded blanket - the heaviest. It seems to someone a shortcoming, but some cannot just fall asleep if from above not to press down them a thick blanket.

Woolen blanket. Easy and thin. Ideal option, if in rather warmly, and also for those who do not love thick blankets.

Synthetic blanket. It weighs very little, and on thickness does not concede to wadded. A shortcoming it that in the summer under it there is a little zharkovato, and in the winter slightly cool.

the Bed linen

exists a set of various materials, flowers and styles Here. Someone prefers devstvenno white bed linen, and someone likes to sleep on the sheets decorated with amusing drawings. Someone likes cotton, and someone prefers silk. Generally, the choice for you.

Cotton linen. The most widespread. It is very practical as it is easily erased, ironed, does not slide on a mattress and does not get off during a dream. And color and drawing can be chosen any.

Silk linen. Silk is very nice on the touch. Agree that just remarkably every evening to feel a gentle touch of cool silk. The only lack of this material that it slides. The silk sheet is easily rumpled and slips. Therefore it is better to choose a sheet on an elastic band.

Linen linen. The white linen linen looks very beautifully and stylishly. It is often decorated with an embroidery and laces. Such linen will give to your bed some similarity to a bed of the fantastic princess. The lack of linen linen is that it is heavy to iron it. By the way, abroad it costs very much, much more expensive, than in Russia and the more so in Belarus.

Synthetic linen. It is beautiful, easy to iron and erase, long does not wear out. But synthetics accumulates static electricity therefore your blanket and a pillow can beat slightly with current that is not too pleasant.

the Cover

the Cover for a bed - important part of an interior of your bedroom. Therefore it is important to pick up it so that it was combined with furniture, a carpet and accessories.

Now, for example, packages in which are included a cover for a bed, a two-three of small small pillows and a curtain are on sale. Such set will bring harmony in your bedroom, and you should not think of a combination of flowers.

If you love needlework and want to show the identity, sew a cover from fabric rags. Such covers in national style now in fashion.

Many interior designers offer

covers from fur fabric. On such cover it is very pleasant to roll about during day rest.

the Usual plaid can serve as a cover, especially too if it is well combined with a situation of your bedroom.

generally, trust in the taste and dream!

All this is beautiful, but what with it to do?

the Bed is a rest, pleasure, pleasure. It calms, attracts, excites therefore a bed - a subject of our special care and attention. It concerns not only bed linen which is easy for washing, stroking and starching, but also pillows, blankets, covers. The matter is that in them dust, dirt collects, microbes which we as a result breathe develop. Therefore, bedding it is desirable and it is even necessary to put in order at least once a year.

cannot almost Make it in house conditions. If to wash a pillow, it cannot be dried well, the down and feathers “will become rotten“. The wadded blanket after washing will be felted and will represent continuous poles and hillocks. Wool too not the best idea sits down to erase woolen blankets and covers-. It is not excluded that after washing instead of a double blanket the small rag which is good to cover a stool in kitchen will turn out. So an exit one - to bear bedding in a dry-cleaner.