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Second Marusin Birthday: we invite all to morning performance of

On the Seventeenth of November, 2005 to our daughter Mashenka two years were executed. About our first birthday it is possible to read here: Birthday of the Little Mermaid by the name of Masha.

Today I want to share experience of the organization of our second, but not less interesting holiday.


Certainly, both grandmothers, and grandfathers, and uncles, and aunts, and Godfathers, and just friends of parents will come to birthday. All will present gifts, will drink for health of the birthday woman and will taste festive cake.

But... it is necessary to think up also something for Mashuli?

Originally we with the husband had such idea: to download on the Internet of the image of darlings the cartoon - characters - Dasha - the traveler and her friends, to print them in mashulin growth, to paste on sheets of polyfoam, to cut out and put on supports.“ - the birthday woman will be surprised when she finds out in the morning that favourite fantastic heroes came to congratulate her!“ - we thought and hurried to realize this idea. And once, during a daughter`s day dream, I unpacked figures - posters and pasted them to polyfoam. And here, when I already almost stopped cutting out Dasha, the room is entered by my daughter and sees how I work on a surprise. It did not react to a figure and when I asked: “Who is it?“ - indifferently answered: - “Lyal“, - also went further to go about the own business. We refused idea with heroes of animated cartoons and began to think of other options of a congratulation.

As always I read

and read the numerous selections devoted to children`s birthdays. Very much I was helped by Irina Mikhaylova`s articles Birthday of Timokhi. Part 2, Olga Zolochevskaya the Cheerful menu for children`s birthday, Kasparova Yulia Cheerful Birthday, published on the website. Thank you, girls, for the fact that impart the exclusive parental experience!

Irina Mikhaylova`s Article inspired me to organize children`s morning performance. I long thought and conjured with the cultural program of action, and the husband, on the contrary, convinced me not to load kids competitions and round dances, and to give the chance to play. I held the ground - competitions and tasks will be. But shortly before birthday we began to visit group of early development, and only there I was finally convinced that to attach one and a half-one-year-old - two-year-old kids to the general action I will hardly manage - everyone will go about all the same the own business. But I all the same decided to show doll representation.

I cut out the big screen From a piece of polyfoam, pasted over it with wall-paper, and from above decorated with stickers and a brilliant marker. From wooden laths the husband brought down corners and pasted them to the screen a bilateral adhesive tape. Sewed bright blinds which I pinned from a reverse side safety pins. We had finger-type dolls of the grandfather and grandma. Other roles were played by soft toys of animals, them at us infinite quantity (at last we found for plush animals worthy application):-).

the Holiday was appointed to 11 o`clock in the morning on Thursday November 17. In advance we distributed invitation cards on “cheerful Patya“ to our guests: To Andryushenke (1 year 7 months), Mischa (1 year 10 months), Fedya (2 years 5 months), Sandra (1 year 10 months).

At night before birthday we decorated rooms with congratulatory garlands, amusing paper figures of clowns, inflated and hanged out a set of spheres.


in the Morning Mashenka woke up, found the favourite balls everywhere and forced them everything to remove and to give it personally in a charge. The word of the birthday woman - the law, balls we to her removed. We did not manage to wash, dress up, to have breakfast densely - time to receive guests came. All were in time - beautiful, elegant, with flowers and remarkable gifts! Hour kids accustomed, got acquainted with a new situation, opened gifts, played with new toys.

to designate Maria as the birthday woman, we got festive cake with a musical candle - fireworks, all gathered around a table, mothers sang the song of a crocodile of Gena, kids clapped in palms, and Masha made a wish and blew out the candle.

I prepared for

From a children`s food still a forest clearing with sandwiches - bears, mushrooms and a lonely hare, and also the lake with ships and small fishes. From sweet - three-layer jelly and a children`s cake.

Children quickly coped with an entertainment and went to a nursery to continue games. At their order were a horse - a rocking chair, a lodge - tent, the developing musical little table with the engine and animals, the Little Mermaid who is starting up soap bubbles, a bug on radio control, a big plastic hill, construction cubes and a set of other entertaining toys.

After a while I invited children to the hall where we played two fairy tales at puppet theater - “Ryabu`s Chicken“ and “Kolobok“. And also played the game “As Animals Speak“ and “Where our handles / legs / ears etc.“

the Conclusion of a holiday, pass - a synthesizer, etc.

to Mashule`s

very much liked a holiday, and to our guests, I hope, too. Masha gave all small suvenirchik as keepsake of the birthday.


Very often parents and guests puzzle over what to present to the two-year-old kid. We, in my opinion, this year had remarkable gifts which very much pleased the daughter.


the Radio-controlled bug

Cheerful mobile game with sound and lighting effects.
In a set:
control panel (13õ5 cm);

the Kid operates a bug by means of the panel. 3 buttons with shooters on the control panel and the soft antenna:
Turn on the left;
Turn to the right.

the Kid presses the panel buttons, and the bug tries “to get away“ from it. But not here - that was. The kid overtakes a bug, and game continues again.

Cubes with a surprise

of 12 multi-colored plastic cubes (on 3 cubes of yellow, green, orange and blue color) with pictures and 12 volume inserts to them. On 2 - x sides of each cube of a sticker with the African animals. Putting cubes, the child receives 2 nice pictures. On 3 - y cube sides - the volume image of familiar objects and animals. The 4th side - an insert to a cube with a cheerful sticker. The child selects for color and a form inserts to cubes. 5 and 6 sides of cubes monophonic (yellow, green, orange, blue) are used for sorting of cubes according to flowers.

the Interactive Kitten - the Pussy

the Charming blue-eyed kitten, gray with white. Bring a small bottle to a mouth, and he will give smacking kiss. Stroke, and it zamurlykat just as real!

the Book “1351 English words for children and adults“

Li Ann Bortolussi`s

- the magnificent edition with the colourful pictures illustrating the English words with a transcription and the translation.

the Designer of LEGO “Bedroom of the Princess“ - I think, this beginning of a remarkable collection

the Lodge - a sorter with doors and keys - everything is not as simple

as it seems at first sight.
Multi-colored animals live in the house. But it is not so simple to get to the room, - it is necessary to pick up correctly a key to a door. It is simple to child to transfer a lodge from place to place for the convenient handle. Game acquaints with color and a form, the concept of volume figures is given. Children learn to generalize and classify.

the Musical piano with animals - the first musical instrument of the kid, acquaints it with various animals. Each of them has a characteristic electronic voice. The kid can play also with color keys, can make musical compositions. Develops logical thinking, ear for music, motor skills.

the Plastic hill - carrot
Now even in a severe frost us nobody will deprive of our hobby.

the Lodge - tent
All children like to hide, build the lodges and to play there. In such lodge it is possible to establish doll furniture, to lodge favourite dolls.

the Furniture for a doll
at dolls is Now the personal bed.

the Entertainment Festive cake

Galetny cookies we moisten by
we Do to


cream: we shake up 300 g of cream in abrupt foam, we add a pinch of vanillin, 200 g of sugar and 2 packs of cottage cheese.

we Cut
1 kg of bananas on thin slices.
we add 2 tablespoons of sugar To 300 g of warm milk.
with in warm milk and we spread on a tray a square 4õ4. From above we spread a layer of banana slices and cottage cheese cream. We do 4 - 5 layers and we leave for 2 hours to become impregnated.
put to cake a cliche of a desirable form (a flower, heart, the machine, the plane and so forth) and accurately we cut out a thin sharp knife a desirable figure. Traferta`s
: floret, bear, boat, small fish.
we Grease with cream top and edges of cake
we Strew edges with confectionery confetti, we decorate a side and core of cake with cream by means of the confectionery syringe.
In addition we decorate top with pastes for cake, we insert candles.


the Forest clearing and the lake with the ships

It is cut thinly bread, language, fish.
we Oil bread, from above we put fish or boiled language, meat or cheese. We put a cliche. By a thin sharp knife it is cut out on a figure cliche (small fishes, bear cubs, boats, etc.) . We do eyes, a nose, a mouth of oil, ketchup or caviar.

we Cook jelly for cake of blue color (it is possible to take colourless and to paint with food paint (it is possible to use paint for easter eggs - jelly, in fact, not for food, and for appearance). We fill in jelly in a transparent plate and we allow to stiffen.
From above we spread small fishes. We do ships: the basis - bread in the form of boats, a sail - the cheese which is cut out by a triangle, a flag - a tomato piece. We fix all by a toothpick or a stick for a canape.

the Forest clearing with bears, mushrooms and a lonely hare.
Is spread on a plate lettuce leaves. Over leaves we spread sandwiches - bears from beef tongue. From boiled potatoes and halves of tomato we do mushrooms which hats we decorate with mayonnaise. we Do
a hare: we take the whole egg, is closer to narrow part we do superficial notches. We cut out ears from cheese and we insert into notches. We do the same a tail. We do eyes of caviar.

Multilayered jelly

we Presoak a gelatin pack in a glass of water and we leave for 40 minutes to bulk up.
From the fresh or frozen fruit we cook compote, we add sugar, considering that gelatin “eats“ sugar therefore we do to more sweet. Compote has to be yellow (for example, from apricots), red (for example, from cherry) and white (for example, from milk) colors. We connect hot compote to the inflated gelatin and we stir before full dissolution. We allow to cool down.
the Cooled-down compote is spilled by
on transparent glasses somewhere on a third.
we Put
in the refrigerator before full hardening. It is possible to put at an angle that layers lay obliquely.
we Repeat procedure three times with each layer.

Ya sincerely I hope that our ideas and recipes will be useful to you. I wish you health and excellent holidays!