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Breastfeeding - health of your kid

to me, as well as all mothers, is known that the best for the child is a breastfeeding. During pregnancy I heard from girlfriends much, read about it and awfully was afraid that I will have no milk as my mother and the grandmother did not have it.

The matter is that the period of pregnancy fell on very difficult period for us with the husband in the financial plan. We ate poorly, all winter stayed on potato and on preservation that I managed to prepare in the summer. My local endlessly recommended to me to go to hospital on preservation, but I refused because something was necessary though to earn a living. However despite everything I was (as well as now) is infinitely happy, even itself I am surprised, this feeling eclipsed all problems and adversities and as though gave hope that everything will be good.

And so, having listened to girlfriends, having read which - what literature, having attended lectures for future mothers, I began to prepare a breast for the Sashenki as I wanted to make all depending on me that milk all - was. After a warm shower I pounded nipples and massed a breast, even slowly decanted colostrum though I do not know as far as it is correct.

In maternity hospital to me right after childbirth put Sanechka to a breast and what my amazement when he began to suck it at once was, let poorly, ineptly, but began. All three days while we were with it in maternity hospital, he slept almost all the time, but I on the advice of midwifes tried to awake him and to nurse each 2 - 2,5 hours. It took nipples well, the benefit they from me convex with a small areolka. After a while on them cracks began to appear. I greased them at first with the colostrum, and later brilliant green which is also good prevention of the milkwoman at children, and cracks quickly passed.

for the second day in maternity hospital at me milk began to arrive, Sashenka did not eat everything, and I decanted the remains after each feeding. I tried to drink the first week of a lactation as little as possible. The saw only kefir, milk, compote from dried fruits, ate juicy green apples and surely decanted a breast to uniform softness after each feeding, used a milk pump.


From many little girls that milk vanishes from a nerve strain, stresses, but, probably, at me either nerves of steel, or love to the child and to the husband eclipses to me eyes.

By the experience I can tell

that milk at me arrives from green tea (the Chinese Dobrynya green tea with a jasmine) with milk (2 parts of tea, 1 part of milk, sugar to taste), from the light not pasteurized beer, from condensed milk. Yes, during pregnancy I is frequent and on a mnoga ate walnuts.

Sasha lost

during stay in maternity hospital in weight only 30 grams. To my Sanke 5 months, and we still perfectly do without feeding up and well we gain weight (in 4 months of 8,850 kg).

Finally I want to sum up written and to tell: be afraid of nothing, do everything depending on you, listen to councils of skilled midwifes, and, above all, very much you love the children, and they will grow at healthy. Happiness to you dear mummies!