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Bathroom: fashionable tendencies in registration of

the bathroom Role in the modern apartment is not reduced only to utilitarian appointment. To take a bath, luxuriating in a fragrant penalty fee, it is especially pleasant when around you not only warm water, but also the situation helping to relax. Therefore a look, an arrangement as, however, and options of finishing of a bathtub in general, play a large role.

At variety of options of modern bathrooms where the size and existence / lack of a window is defining, arrangement of a bathroom, of course, in many respects depends on technical and material resources. But there are councils which will suit all.

As for color, everyone tries to find the individual solution. Here the same laws of a ratio of a color scheme and space work: dark or saturated color narrows, reduces space, light - visually expands; horizontal lines, for example borders on circles of all bathroom, as well as clear split into a dark bottom and light top, do a ceiling lower.


If plans the serious repair assuming change of bathroom equipment and accessories, then at first it is worth consulting with the expert - the plumber and carefully to measure everything. Sometimes at the beginning of repair owners buy the pleasant bathroom equipment and furniture, bring it home, and only then it becomes clear that which - that did not consider, did not check. As a result devices do not squeeze into a small room only 2,6 by 2 m. Therefore before going to shop, it is necessary to measure a bathroom and a toilet, to take an interest where there passes the sewer strut (for persons interested to transfer a toilet bowl), from what material and how the taking-away pipes from a bathtub and a wash basin where there are gates etc. are laid. When planning hinged cases be convinced that house at an entrance will not fight a forehead about their acute angles.


the Economy of the place, a prize in space are one of the main moments at re-equipment of bathrooms today. All heavy and bulky is sought to be replaced modern and compact.

Today on sale the console bathroom equipment is - when the eyeliner is half hidden in a wall. Consoles allow to save the place and to considerably improve an interior of bathrooms in general - any tanks and branch pipes. All this plus the device of the drain sewerage is hidden in a wall. Outside there is only the toilet bowl hung on a wall. Over it - buttons of management of washout.


That to whom there is no place to install the washing machine, except as under a sink, can use the special wash basin installed on the linen front-loaded washing machine for these purposes. Today it is possible to connect discharge of the washing machine directly to a toilet bowl: on legs of floor toilet bowls there is already a nipple opening for connection of discharge from the washing machine.

the Eyeliner to a wash basin can be hidden not only by means of a special leg, and sometimes it cannot be made from - for a knee bend.

Then a wash basin is established on a special locker with legs and doors. It is convenient that inside it is possible to store various bathing accessories. Types of supports together with hinged cases for a bathroom - great variety. They not only are functional, but also represent the new word in interior design, serve as the real decoration of a bathtub.

are various

of Model of bathroom equipment now: bathtubs, shower cabins, heated towel rails are today for every taste. Choosing novelties, you should not forget about functionality: for example, the internal surface of a toilet bowl which is subject to fast pollution can be covered with a polymeric water-repellent covering thanks to which the surface does not become soiled and cleaners are not required.


If are not present an opportunity to change bathroom equipment it is possible to change details which will give to a bathroom appeal. The special furniture, bright accessories, rugs, curtains, ware will help to equip the room for water procedures.

Though shelves in a bathroom never happen much, you should not veil them all free space. It is better to clean the majority of trifles in a case - besides less time will leave on cleaning. From decoratively - the utilitarian details capable to change a bathroom, it is worth paying attention to several important details which have to be in harmony among themselves on color:

the Flower greenhouse

was outlined in a bathroom Recently a tendency to do bathrooms cozy and stylish not only by means of harmoniously picked up elements of finishing and bathroom equipment.

the Bathroom are done by the place of relaxation and rest by various compositions of sukhotsvet or houseplants. But houseplants for some reason meet in bathrooms much less often in spite of the fact that these rooms need that rigidity of walls was maleficiated by gentle greens of plants. Actually by means of greens the bathroom can be made rather magnificent. Registration options - great variety: from violent vegetation to several accented green spots.

Existence of a big window in a bathroom - ideal option for gardening. It is the best of all to contain the plants which came to us from the tropical countries in a warm humid climate of a bathroom. The small window limits the choice of plants a little, but more hardy plants will approach here. If in a bathroom there is no window, do not despair. And in this case there are ways of maintenance of plants: special lamps for flowers are on sale, they are similar to small fluorescent lamps, only they have other range of radiation. Having illuminated plants such lamp in a bathroom without window, it is possible to achieve that plants will well feel.

In a big bathroom with a good window can create a certain similarity of the jungle or, as a last resort, a small garden. Magnificent ferns, huge leaves of monsteras and filodendron, a motley aglaonema will change your bathroom to unrecognizability. Sprawling arecas and chamaedoreas will help to soften coldish gloss of a tile. Will picturesquely braid walls and any corner a scindapsus, singonium and a cissus. The inflorescences of an anturium, a spatifillium which are looking through there and here, bromeliyevy will add to your jungle color and a saturation. In the warm and damp atmosphere of a bathroom arrowroots, calatheas, ctenanthes and dieffenbachias will perfectly feel.

In a big bathroom several large single plants are better to place

. It can be various palm trees and a nephrolepis sublime. Pleasant relaxation and bathing in your updated bathroom!