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The individual program of symmetry

the Most reliable and safe way to grow thin is to gain muscle bulk. Sounds paradoxically, but if to allow itself work to understand a situation, then the fashionable concept of “proteinaceous weight loss“ takes sense and shape.


In - the first in the course exercises burns fat, in - the second, muscles at rest burn calories more, than fat. And, it is not about baud - bilder and inflating of muscles, and about transition of the bothered fatty tissue in desired muscular by means of household fitness and healthy proteinaceous food. Once again we will emphasize: not professional proteinaceous mixes without which weight-lifters and baud - bilder do not think of themselves, and products for the balanced food.

Modern researches in the field of proteinaceous diets recognize from what needs to be defined individually how many protein it is necessary to consume every day. One of the main indicators on which it is possible to lean by drawing up the individual program of control of weight is a ratio of fatty and bezzhirovy body weight, but not a banal index of body weight. Say, at well trained athlete the index of body weight comes nearer to 30, but whether it means that it has an obesity?!

Why protein?

the ratio of fatty and bezzhirovy muscle bulk helps to change

of Squirrels with an organism. The more the bezzhirovy body weight, the more calories is burned even at rest.

One of the main properties of protein - to create feeling of satiety therefore the overeating becomes improbable. Squirrels in our organism are treated by irreplaceable amino acids which to an organism it is necessary for 9. By the way, only of natural proteins which supports all of irreplaceable 9 amino acids, - soy.

If everything is so simple

, then why a half of the globe still fights against excess weight?

can almost not Grow thin by means of usual proteinaceous food as a large amount of protein, as a rule, is followed still by a large amount of carbohydrates and fats. Besides protein from food is acquired a maximum for 75%. Simple calculation: in 100 g of chicken meat 20 g of protein (from which only 15 g will be acquired) and the whole 10 g of fat contain. Question: how many chicken meat it is necessary to eat to receive average day norm - 100 g of protein for women, 150 g for men? Answer: chicken meat is there been enough by 100 grams, is more better and for 100% the acquired protein can be received from special proteinaceous additives.

Here an approximate diet for persons interested to grow thin and correct forms:

Here several recipes for weight loss with taste:

Vanilla sheyk

1 portion

That is necessary:

What to do:

to Place all ingredients in the blender, to shake up to uniformity.

potatoes Cream soup and a celery

4 portions

That is necessary:

What to do:

Onions to clear, cut in small cubes. A celery to clear, cut on a large grater. To cut a leek thin rings. To warm oil in a frying pan, to add onions and a celery, to mix. To prepare on weak fire until vegetables are reddened. To shift vegetables in a pan, to add potatoes cut in cubes, to pour in hot broth and to prepare on average fire to softness of potatoes. To Pyurirovat soup in the blender. To season with salt, pepper to taste. To add protein mix, to mix. A tax, having strewed with cheese and having decorated with greens.