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Welcome clothes for kindergarten of

, the most important question which concerns any mother, - how to make so that the child was not ill? The problem is particularly acute especially if the child goes to kindergarten. Hygiene, a hardening - all this, of course, is necessary. But there is one more important point - the correct selection of clothes.

Clothes on walk Quantity of clothes, materials of which it is made, as well as firm - producer we will leave


to the discretion of mothers - all this very individually. But several rules, in my opinion, will be useful to all. Especially as governed, frankly speaking, gained, experienced.

Most of children catch a cold not in groups, and on walks - right after an exit to the street. Being going to walk, the peanut, puffing from efforts, pulls tights, gets on jackets and trousers, groaning, buttons boots, and puts on a cap and a scarf (or to him put on) as it is necessary as quicker. And someone puts on quicker, someone more slowly... And by the time of an exit from group the child is got wet. What to do that to avoid it?

Linen . Ask the nurse that it changed clothes of a T-shirt to the child who sweated from games in group! (Naturally, in a locker has to be spare.)

of the Jacket . From jackets polo-necks since they close a neck (on walk the scarf can slip) are convenient. But their mouth has to be easily stretching.


Teach the child to put on independently, at least partially. The child will put on more slowly than those who are dressed by nurses, will put on after all - it does not matter, but he will not manage to sweat. Explain in what order it is necessary to put on clothes. Advise to put on a jacket when all are already dressed.

Bring to

in a garden a spare set of outerwear and footwear. Just in case: suddenly the kid will fall in a pool or the clothes will not manage to dry.

Outerwear . It is better to buy such under which it is not required to put on additional jackets and warm trousers. Reason one: the less it is necessary to put on, the less child is in warm clothes in a locker room, and the less he “takes a steam bath“ in a locker room, the probability to sweat is less. At jackets the coming unfastened lining that it was possible to regulate “warmth“ on weather is convenient. Sleeves have to terminate in cuffs on elastic bands: if buttons - the child does not clasp if just direct - blow into wind and snow. It is good if in the bottom of a jacket or on a waist there is a drawstring. The collar ideally has to fit tightly a neck, and then the scarf is not required, but it is difficult to find it. But hoods of many jackets have a drawstring on a contour where insert an elastic band with clamps - very conveniently: tightened once as it is necessary, and the child any more should regulate nothing! Besides, at many jackets it is regulated as well hood depth!

On a door of a locker sew


or buy a sachet for spare clothes, a hairbrush, a sports form etc.

Trousers have to cover a back, it is better than a strap on elastic bands. It is good if below there are straps which are put on footwear that the trouser-leg was not lifted up. If is not present - sew, having made them of a wide elastic band. Even if you put on trousers not over footwear, and inside, straps will keep for a foot. One more important requirement to trousers - impermeability.

the Footwear has to be not sliding. It is easy to be clasped. Not to get wet. It is very convenient when “uvula“ is supplied with limiters which do not allow to get inside to water and snow. Supply laces for footwear with clamps (it is possible to buy in any drapery). The child should not tie “bows“ is in - the first - and secondly, laces will not be untied during walks.

Cap . It is better to buy not so much warm how many the dense, not blown caps. They have to close densely ears, have convenient ties, it is better even than a flypaper. And the main thing, should not be accustomed to slip on one ear or to be bulged. Any two caps!

Scarf . The most convenient option - a pelerine. But it gradually stretches and then does not close a neck any more. So you watch it.

of the Mitten . Are very convenient for a garden waterproof, with the extended bell. Snow is not hammered into them, and the child should not walk with wet hands.

Is played in group

In different gardens of the requirement different therefore I will only provide the list of what was required to us.

to my son always hot therefore in group it walks in shorts and t-shirts. But it is better to buy clothes much. In - the first even if the child already goes to a pot, the probability is at first high that it will wet trousers. Will not find a toilet in time, will not manage to use a kindergarten pot or a toilet bowl, or perhaps does not know how to tell the tutor... Yes you never know. In - the second whether you have an opportunity and desire to erase every day? So (or skirts) count quantity of shorts, tights, socks, panties from quantity of daily campaigns in a toilet and frequencies of washing. of Jackets or of t-shirts can be taken less, but surely there has to be a warm jacket which can be undone in front - let lie always in a locker.

my sonny in shorts Sleeps... But in a locker always lies of a pizhamk - just in case. On Friday I take away home to erase.

All clothes have to be put on, undone by

easily - to be clasped, not to have beads which can be torn off and swallowed.


are Surely necessary to of a sandal and of the Czech on physical culture.

Initially was useful to fartuchek . It is very convenient to have 1 or 2 oil-cloth. The nurse washes them - neither cares, nor efforts, the child always accurate. Council Clothes it is better for p to sign


. Children in group can have similar things, and it is easy to mix them. And on each thing it is possible to write down a thin marker number of the cell phone - just in case.

Kerchiefs are necessary for

too. It is necessary to watch that in a locker the pack of paper always lay.

Krom of all this we brought to a hairbrush and a spoon for footwear, a towel for legs...