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About difficulties and delusions of

U us with the senior daughter Olechkaya breastfeeding began worse than ever. Difficult delivery with an epiziotomiya, the first applying to a breast in 6 hours, and then feedings according to the schedule of maternity hospital of 6 times a day with 3,5 - an hour interval. And in the first 2 - 3 days my child during these “feedings“ was fast asleep. As then it became clear, to it pricked phenobarbital “just in case“ and finished feeding mix since the birth.

In 2 weeks after the delivery I within 7 days drank antibiotics, and she ate mix from a small bottle. For these days I, despite regular decantations, had less milk. As she after all this agreed to take a breast again, for me remains a riddle. But after approximately week altercations it nevertheless agreed to eat maternal milk again.

I what I, silly mummy, began to do farther? Again to feed according to the schedule of 6 times a day. The child did not sleep at the nights until I guessed that it is hungry. So I began to feed her seventh once a day. And, besides, she honestly drank the put 150 ml of tea or water from a small bottle. To what we came at two-month age? In two last months my daughter who at the birth had the weight 3960 added … 300 grams!! It was terrible to look at it, she grew thin, grew thin, had in principle no subcutaneous fat, the fontanel sank down.

Was late the carried-out series of control feedings yielded dreadful results: she ate per day 400 ml of milk instead of put 800. Here such deplorable result of traditional, apparently, approach to feeding. Yes, forgot to tell, without paying attention to some malfunctions with digestion, we, from an easy hand of grandmothers already ate on an apple half in the form of mashed potatoes (I want to offend or criticize nobody, but the truth is the truth :).

here, in this dreadful situation, the most interesting began

I. All around sincerely wanted to help us, and for this many thanks! But how?

“Finish feeding

I the most condemning (as it seemed to me) and offensive:“ You have not enough milk“. Of course, all knew that long feeding by a breast at me will not turn out. Well to do, at children in 3 months refused a breast, usual practice, we will bring up as - nibud without maternal milk. But I - that wanted to nurse the child long!!! But how in such conditions there was it to do? On the one hand, the hungry thin child, with another - the indignant public, with the third - I, assured by efforts of people around of the inability to give to the daughter all the most necessary for growth.


Ya in the Internet, in magazines and books about children of various degree of prescription, from modern to published in Soviet period. Also learned so much interesting that decided to risk. Thought that one week of experiments will change nothing and if it does not turn out, I will follow all good advice pouring in abundance.

We with Olya risked

. Also gained the first 100 grams in a week. In the second week (and many the subsequent) - on 200 grams. By the end of the second week it became obvious that milk at me is produced quite enough to satisfy her food requirements - on 800 - 900 ml a day, and there is no need for a feeding up. About six and a half months when the first tooth was cut through, it ate only breast milk. The most difficult stage, contrary to all circumstances on light, we overcame.

Now to the daughter one and a half years, and she is not going to throw GV at all. And I too. Moreover, 3 months ago I gave birth to one more daughter Anyutka so now at a breast two are fed. But it already another story altogether. From - for the fact that at us it turned out to win against the most widespread difficulties and delusions which almost each inexperienced young mother when breastfeeding meets I also decided to share the experience with the internet public. Be not afraid of possible problems. The main thing to begin and not to doubt the success!