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Mother`s Day. To you it is devoted to

Recently learned that 27 - go November in our country the Mother`s Day is celebrated. This “opening“ suggested to me some ideas which ripened in my head long ago, but after regular “sitting“ in the Network on the website 7ya. ru were issued in a certain point of view. Which I hurry to share as I have a sleeplessness and to me all the same not to fall asleep.

On the eve of the International Mother`s Day I want to devote this article to all visitors of the website 7ya. ru - to all who participate in discussions and conferences, impart personal experience, give advice, efficient and not really (but sincere). I devote this article to all mothers - present and future.


For an epigraph took Alexander Galich`s lines which in the context of his poem sound very much even ironically: the speech in it (poem) goes about the Soviet Communist Party meeting on which convicted and branded Boris Pasternak. And the irony is that with accusation the old worker who read the speech written in advance by someone “from above“ on a piece of paper acted. During “speech“ of the worker it becomes clear that the speech is written on behalf of the woman, and old worker pronounces the words provided in an epigraph.

I tell

“as mother and as the woman“ in all seriousness, without any irony. By the way, and as it is more correct: at first - the woman, and then mother? Or at first I am a mother, and then - the woman? All these questions were stirred up by a tiny note in the local newspaper where actually and it was reported that on November 27 - the Mother`s Day.

Psychologists say that the concept “woman“ is broader - it includes both a role of mother, and wife, and girlfriend, and colleague. In total so. But I think that the concept “mother“ not less many-sided and too means different roles. Mother is a tutor, the teacher, the mentor, it “the senior girlfriend“ and the companion on games, and also mother is a skilled worker to bake pies, to tell fairy tales, to sing songs, to artly put patches and many other things.

are equivalent

of concept For me of mother and the woman. Yes, I am a woman - beautiful, proud, clever, sure and at the same time slightly timid. Yes, I am a mother - gentle, kind, sensitive, responsible. And of course - loving and darling.

I Think, both female and maternal in us are inseparable - it is components of our personality. There is no clear boundary where the woman comes to an end and mother begins. Just in one situations one role, in others - another is more actual.

So we will celebrate

? Whether the Mother`s Day a feeble semblance or it something absolutely another will become on March 8?.

my friends, for example, reacted with

to a new holiday in the way, absolutely unexpected for me. By the way, all three are not mothers (so far). One, suppose, Lena (she is married, does not want children yet since it does career) told that it is not a holiday, but “nonsense“ as “day off for it is not given“. Other my friend, suppose, Katya (she is married, very much wants children, but so far it is impossible), having learned about the Mother`s Day, it was very revolted and declared that “it is tactless - to celebrate such holiday if so many women want, but cannot have children!“ . The third girlfriend, suppose, Olya (children wants, but she is not married yet) noticed that such holiday - “just some chauvinism“ and how, her, say, to celebrate such holiday if it has no children? On my remark that is possible (and it is necessary) to congratulate own mother, Olya reacted in that spirit that “mother lived all life without this holiday and further will live“.

A in Europe on the Mother`s Day children give to mothers gifts: from drawings and hand-made articles to... Opportunities for gifts are unlimited, for mother the value of a gift is defined, first of all, by its existence (and the attention accompanying it). Obligatory attributes of a holiday - a card with warm words from children and flowers. Having rummaged on the Internet, found out that date of this holiday not fixed: in Russia the Mother`s Day is celebrated in 4 - e Sunday of November (since 1998), in the majority of the European countries, Japan and America - in 2 - e Sunday of May. In America this day children give to mother big cake, it is desirable, made with own hands. So this holiday has traditions...

Therefore I congratulate all mothers on our holiday - the Mother`s Day and whether to celebrate it and as - to solve only to us.

I Wish

good luck!

P. S. By the way, I found excellent sleeplessness medicine here - it is to listen to measured sleepy breath of the child and - to sleep, sleep...