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The kid in the museum

we Live in St. Petersburg. To my daughter soon three years. I had no purpose to acquaint it with art since the birth, especially to stuff the head with names of artists and names of pictures to brag as required of her encyclopedic knowledge. Just I love painting, there is a wish to descend somewhere, to look at a new exhibition, and the child there is nobody to leave. Here and Lena became the judge of art:-).

For the first time Lena got to the Hermitage in 10 months. She was delighted with beautiful small lamps and bulbs, and it enough for the first time was her.


In its one and a half years as though especially for kids in the Russian Museum two exhibitions worked at the same time. We were very lucky that we got to the museum in the morning on weekday when visitors were almost not. At Kustodiyev`s exhibition we could approach each picture, Lena considered all doggies, cats, horses, chickens, it is a lot of being present at bright, cheerful cloths.

A at the exhibition devoted to animalistic art she ran around sculptures, recognizing in them acquaintances by books and a zoo images of animals. Kind aunts - inspectors even allowed it to take one cat for a long tail:-).

Then. Walked we spolokham of shades, at Ayvazovsky - transparency of the sea admired, at Shishkin remembered about seasons When Lena saw Malevich`s peasants, long thought. Then with pleasure showed me where there uncles and where aunts:-).

In the museum of applied art was surprised to the whole collection of gold keys. In the museum of dolls found the whole family kotolyudy and chelovekokoshka:-). In the museum of toys considered the multi-colored plumelets which are spread out at each exhibit. In the Summer garden greeted the animals surrounding the grandfather Krylov...

Krom of visits of the museums we still use reproductions on cards, in albums, and, of course, - in one museum not to find such huge meeting of rarities in the Internet.

of Plans at us an ocean. It is necessary to visit the Greek hall in the Hermitage, to consider properly ancient gods whom Lena knows on animated cartoons especially as to a sculpture at her special addiction: the three-dimensional image creates illusion of a nastoyashchesta. It is closer to get acquainted with impressionists and their view of the world. To go to the Amber room to Tsarskoye Selo, to count there shades of yellow. Still repeatedly to visit the museums of toys and dolls where too it is possible to find the real treasures. In St. Petersburg is where to move what to look at.

Is not present

, to learn names of artists and names of pictures for memory we will not be. I only want that my daughter derived pleasure from communication with art, learned to feel beauty and harmony. Unless it is not enough?