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It is time to clean plumelets of

you Will look at yourself in a mirror - and precisely becomes, whether from the notorious oseena - a winter depression, whether from the it is gray - green reflection. It is impossible to meet with such person New year! Till a holiday there were two weeks - still there is time which - what to correct. First of all.

Grey complexion

of the Reason here two:

With an excess weight

A you as wanted

? It is necessary to get into a last year`s low-necked dress and so that it did not go on seams. Cakes, cakes from life temporarily wons! Fruit, vegetables - on a table. Especially as there is a post - and such restriction will be quite appropriate. To increase physical activities! Laziness, of course, and cold - but an organism will burn calories more effectively. It should be heated. 5 - 6 kilograms in minus - you can also safely eat too much in the night of December 31 till January 2.

With bad mood

It, perhaps, the most difficult. But a depression it is possible to treat positive emotions. Plant on a window sill by New year flowers (hyacinths, crocuses) - their bright paints will remind you that they soon spring, and will create the corresponding mood.

Go behind gifts. But do not buy a heap of confused souvenirs - put heart and soul in this process. Try to pack gifts under quiet music - paper rustling, total absence of sad thoughts and desire to please relatives will help you to relax and improve mood.

I of course, walks before going to bed. Ice air drives away evil thoughts, and hot tea for the night seems pleasure top. And the hot bathtub, by all means with foam and aromatic oils will give the chance to have a rest from day problems.

With eternal problems

How many it is possible to live for the sake of work and others? It is time to think of himself, darling. To the hairdresser - and your new hairdress even the boring chief will be able to estimate a campaign. Manicure - and your caring hands not only children, but also the husband will estimate. If means allow - go to a sunbed. Suntan by New year - it is exotic and timely. Eternal problems will not recede, but you need to learn to adapt to them. Not without reason say that, “if it is impossible to change the world, it is worth changing itself“. And soothing do not cause to drink for prevention tincture of a pustyrnik or a valerian - soft accustomings and do your view of problems to more philosophical.

It is time for

With back pains on massage. Procedure this not cheap, but literally through 10 sessions you will become as the newcomer. It is possible to use gratuitous labor of the house. Let the husband will make to you anti-cellulite massage of hips that is useful, effectively and erotically.