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Atkins - a diet only for healthy

Robert Atkins`s Diet is known around the world many years. Attitude towards her miscellaneous. Today we began a new wave of its popularity. To so follow it or not?

the Proteinaceous diet of Robert Atkins is commented by the doctor of medical sciences, the nutritionist, the therapist practicing in France, Ksenia Balezi.

B 70 - x years America was stirred up by the book of the doctor Robert Atkins “A revolutionary diet“. Her author rejected the fashionable then theory of hungry weight loss, claiming that it is possible to lose extra kilos and without the exhausting feeling of hunger. He offered persons interested to lose weight without restrictions to regale on fat and proteinaceous dishes.

Under a strict ban. Someone from adherents of system of Atkins really managed to grow thin considerably, but there were also those for whom “the revolutionary diet“ ended with long stay on a hospital bed.

In spite of the fact that among the last there were many famous people, such as the Hollywood actor Mathew Parry, Atkins`s diet still seduces persons interested quickly and for a long time to grow thin. And still - whether this system is so dangerous?

In the practice, is continued by Ksenia Balezi, I do not apply Atkins`s diet as I consider this power supply system hazardous to health. The diet to which the doctor gave the name was not “revolution“ in dietology at all.“ The idea of separation“ fats and carbohydrates was born at the end of the 19th century in England. Then it was forgotten again to revive in 1950 as a diet of Penington. The book of Robert Atkins appeared only in 70 - x years.

- What “claim“ is made by nutritionists to a power supply system of Atkins?
- I Will tell at once, I never met the concrete description of the biochemical mechanism of a diet of Atkins. He claims that the exception of carbohydrates and prevalence in a diet of greasy and proteinaceous food changes a metabolism, causing so-called ketoz when the organism begins to scoop energy from own fatty stocks. But formation of ketone bodies about which the doctor speaks will happen also at full hunger, and at purely hungry proteinaceous, and hungry semi-proteinaceous diets. It is standard reaction of an organism to any carbohydrate restriction. But at the same time the general kalorazh this diet is quite great - it makes from 2000 to 3000 kilocalories a day.

Dear doctor Atkins forgot to explain

, by the way, how it is possible, being at the first stage of a diet, to receive 15 - 20 grams of carbohydrates a day, without restrictions using mayonnaise, butter and fat meat. From the adherent of this system it is required to count scrupulously amount of carbohydrates in all products which he uses not to exceed norm. But, in my opinion, the person anyway will receive more carbohydrates, than Atkins says. We can not always check structure of this or that food - contains in the same mayonnaise of carbohydrates not so a little, but they are not taken into account. At the same time, as I already spoke, demanded for weight reduction ketoz all the same will be started. Therefore there is no sense in such sharp restriction.

- you consider that in this dietary program few carbohydrates are allowed ?
- Of course. But the main problem, in my opinion, consists in monotony of this diet. Robert Atkins allows to use only 50 grams of green vegetables at one time of food. Naturally, the diet is painfully poor in minerals, vitamins, cellulose, and all these substances to an organism are vital for normal functioning. Therefore keeping to this diet inevitably the physical and mental fatigue, headaches, weakness expect.

Lack of enough cellulose will break intestinal microflora. Respectively, the aggravation of the available problems with a stomach or acquisition new - for example, colitis is possible. Quickly enough, literally in several days after the beginning of such food, it is possible to face resistant locks. From - for lack of rough vegetable fibers in a diet you will need only to resort to the help of enemas or laxative preparations regularly.

a Large amount of animal protein can lead

to intoxication as the organism will simply not be able to acquire it. In particular, it can exert negative impact on a condition of kidneys.


But most of all in this diet I am confused by a huge amount of fats. It is difficult to understand what with them does an organism? However, in my opinion, the person is not able to eat daily sour cream with spoons or to constantly chew fat. Most likely, there is an involuntary restriction of consumption of fats.

- But if people at such food really grow thin what difference, how many fats are consumed ?
- In - the first, I never met objective researches where Robert Atkins would prove safety of the method. I mean statistics of fluctuations of biochemical indicators of blood, an electrocardiogram and other parameters.

In - the second, the huge amount of saturated fats in a diet can lead to quite sad consequences for health. Cholesterol level in blood increases, the balance of lipoproteins is broken - all this promotes development of atherosclerosis. It is dangerous to arteries and heart.

In France many doctors often call Atkins`s system the passport for a heart attack. I cannot tell that the diet leads to heart diseases, but is sure that in the presence of heart troubles and vessels it will accelerate process.

- Turns out that it is better to steer clear of this diet ?
- Atkins initially conceived the system as “a diet for healthy“. Moreover, for supervision over growing thin he created the whole medical center where their state was constantly watched by experts. Doctor Atkins also repeatedly declared that at such diet it is necessary to accept special dietary supplements to food which, by the way, were on sale in its medical center.

In my opinion if someone very much wants to apply this diet, then it should be done, at least, constantly controlling indicators of biochemical composition of blood.

- whether the official list of contraindications to this power supply system Exists?
- I Can tell that neither I, nor other nutritionists saw it. Problems with a liver and zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, a chronic renal or liver failure, gout will be the most obvious contraindications here. At these diseases a diet, similar to Atkins`s system, can seriously worsen a state. Naturally such diet is strictly forbidden also those at whom the gall bladder is removed - greasy food is completely contraindicated to this patients.

- With what, in your opinion, connected the world popularity of this diet? Loss of weight at its observance is rather low - on average 5 - 6 kilograms .
- Most important “bait“ is an absence of feeling of hunger. The diet limits only consumption of carbohydrates, at the same time it is possible to eat some fat, fried meat, sour cream. In France there is no such boom of Atkins as around the world. French cannot live without vegetables, various salads. Culture of kitchen another. to Russians and Americans it is terrible to p to be left

A without favourite cutlets, stakes, fat, hamburgers, a fat duck or chicken.

What is Atkins`s diet ?
the Power supply system of Atkins is based on prevalence of proteins and fats and almost full refusal of carbohydrates. The diet consists of three stages.

First - introduction - two weeks during which the metabolism is reconstructed last. The main loss of weight happens at this stage of a diet. The purpose of this phase - to force an organism to spend own fatty stocks. For this purpose it is necessary to refuse completely sugar, any sweets, fruit, grain, caffeine, alcohol, dairy products, except cheese, oil and cream.

the Basis of the menu the greasy and proteinaceous food has to make

: fish, meat in any kind, a bird, oil, mayonnaise, eggs, cheese, sour cream, cream. Besides, very small amount - no more than 50 grams on meal - green vegetables like cabbage and spinach is allowed. The general caloric content of a diet is not limited to Atkins`s diet in any way. During this time loss of weight can make from 2 to 10 kilograms depending on initial weight.

“Eyewitnesses“ claim that the most difficult psychologically is the first phase. In a week people begin to test escalating thirst for sweet food, and much even dream chocolate and candies.

the Following stage of the program - fixing of results. It is necessary to add a small amount of carbohydrates to a diet of the first phase gradually. To define how many carbohydrates it is possible to consume, without recovering at the same time, it is necessary to watch carefully the number of ketone bodies in urine. For this purpose in a drugstore it is necessary to get test strips and to define carbohydrate “dose“. As soon as you notice that ketoz stopped, it is necessary to stop and cease to add carbohydrates. This phase is rather difficult for execution and demands remarkable discipline.

Then there comes the third phase which lasts, according to Atkins, until the end of life. The amount of carbohydrates in the menu can be increased slightly, without ceasing to watch at the same time the weight and the number of ketone bodies in urine. If on this phase you noticed that you recover, it is necessary to pass to a phase number one again and to start all program anew.