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Rules of a good form in communication with the tutor of

On a family council the decision is made: The tutor is urgently necessary! Well, prepare for developing attack and negotiations...

the First stage

Collecting information about the person who to you was recommended by reliable people. In our century of information availability, it is practically possible to learn a lot of things about each of us in absentia: from number of the Komsomol ticket to the place of work of the cousin in Ulyanovsk...

the simplest way to descend on the website of higher education institution. Usually there are data on a rank and position of teachers, length of service, participation in a selection committee, the main works and awards is specified.

Second stage

Acquaintance to the tutor. At first by phone, then personally. Many parents are concerned by very simple question: Whether to go to the first occupation with the child? We answer. No. It is better to get acquainted with the teacher much earlier and without child. Personal meeting for about 10 - 15 minutes will help to size up the person on whom it depends, forgive for grandiloquence, the future of your successor. The truth not always by the form rooms can be defined the level of claims of the person and his social status now it is accepted to rent specially apartments for occupations, turning them into similarity of classes. The beginning tutors do it on equal footing. Tutorial golden mean, that is those who are necessary to you are engaged not in institute and not in the apartment - a class, and at home. Openness of the teacher gives certain guarantees. As he will be engaged other question. But you, at least, can be sure that it is not the adventurer and he will not disappear as Lord, with your money taken, say, for the half a year ahead.

Pay attention to details: a table for occupations, library. Discuss the main issues with the teacher: the number of occupations in a week, duration, individual training or in group, payment. Once the skilled tutor the pupil`s mother who asked to tell unpleasantly surprised: about a technique of lessons according to what textbooks will pass to work as are often planned control etc. But in the course of discussion hostility passed, on the contrary, the tutor understood that it does not buy a pig in a poke, and wants to understand in detail as as! Today such parents become more and more.

Third stage

Further contacts with the tutor. The speech not about one phone call a month - well, how are you there? - and continuous communication. You can help the child very much, but it is desirable to discuss with the teacher extent of your participation in training process in advance:


Besides, from you it will be required:

It is desirable for


of 16 questions which often ask the tutor

  1. of - you guarantee what my child will hand over on (five, four, in general will pass) examination ?

    - No, usually tutors give guarantees. Entrance examination - difficult multistage process, can happen everyone. But professionals do everything that test took place for your child successfully, with the minimum losses.

  2. - How many it is necessary occupations for preparation ?

    Surprisingly silly, but traditional question. It depends on many factors. Here the most important:

    • degree of readiness of the child at the time of a historical meeting with the tutor;
    • degree of its learning ability;
    • diligence and diligence;
    • existence of free time and its stock for preparation;
    • desire to arrive.
  3. - the Doctor of science is better, than the ordinary teacher ?

    - Not always and not in everything. As the manager of hospital shipped in economic efforts is not always better than the ordinary surgeon practicing every day. Better in what? In teaching or in knowledge of procedure of examination? In narrow scientific area or in a teaching technique? If you have such opportunity, then it is more preferable to choose the ordinary teacher, but concerning entrance examinations: for example, he worked three years in a selection committee.

  4. - whether Can be persuaded the tutor if he refuses to be engaged ?

    - At first find out why refuses. You late addressed, it has enough pupils, and the teacher does not want to bungle?

    can apply for room made over time Here: someone will not pull, someone will change the mind. But it risky.

    Refuses because does not see an opportunity adequately to prepare the child for passing an examination? Here to do nothing - look for another.

  5. - whether Should prepare for a meeting with the tutor ?

    - To Come - the child or parents? If the speech about the child, then during the summer he, most likely, forgot partially a lot of things and it is necessary just to repeat a subject during 3 - 4 - x days. In parents the tutor wants to see allies therefore we advise to think over all questions which you will ask the teacher.

  6. - whether parents need to share with the tutor some information about the child ?

    - If it is important for educational process, then is unconditional. Examples:

    my son passed
    • much in the eighth class, was ill;
    • my daughter was trained two years in
    • in England, and now it has problems with Russian;
    • at my child an allergy to animals;
    • my boy is a little
    • the slowcoach, do not hurry him, please;
    • this young man underwent an operation, it is difficult for it to sit long;
    • my child is very closed by
    • , is lost from any remark etc.
  7. - whether It is possible to discuss some special conditions for itself ?

    - It is possible. For example, strictly individual occupations (though the small group is better). Special time because you far live. Or your presence on each occupation. That the tutor reminded the child to call parents before occupations and later.

  8. - whether Can look for the teacher of announcements in newspapers ?

    - It is possible, but you will face not tutors, and intermediaries therefore when at last you contact the teacher, do not forget about collection of information. Often such teachers have licenses and are engaged absolutely officially.

  9. - whether needs to tell parents something about itself and to offer barter transactions ?

    - This option of cooperation is widespread among well familiar people: I will study with your child English, and you with my tennis, etc. But you do not hurry to offer any services to the unfamiliar person - suddenly the tutor will not approach, and you will be already connected by the long contract?.

  10. - whether Can bargain? To ask to reduce cost, to give a discount ?

    - And why is also not present? At worst will refuse to you a discount. Teachers, strangely enough, too people, they can take your purely human problems into account. But be ready if for this discount of the child put the fourth in group or will fix inconvenient time.

  11. - As it is better for p to put on on a meeting with the tutor and how to dress the child ?

    - About the child unambiguously: it has to be pure and tidy. When for two hours face to face you sit with a being in stale socks, from dirty, full dandruff a head of hear, the desire to tell about high somehow vanishes... Of course, clothes count for first impressions, but you should not look deliberately Cyro and is poor, or, on the contrary, it is magnificent. Put on as for work, - you do not progadat.

  12. - whether Should be wished the tutor with holidays, for example, a Happy New Year ?

    - It is optional, but it is pleasant. The card will not ruin you and the tutor repeatedly spent excess time to explain something to the child.

  13. - whether It is necessary it is transparent to hint at the ranks, social sufficiency ?

    - Many not really like to be engaged with children whose parents begin conversation with statements: With you the director speaks..., deputy minister..., commander... So what?! If you so started the child that he needs the tutor in three years prior to receipt, and still it is unknown whether it will hand over at least on the three, - to whom your ranks and regalia are interesting?.

  14. - whether needs to interfere with training process if it seems to you that the teacher does something incorrectly ?

    - One teacher has mathematics quite rigid manner of communication both with entrants, and with students. Every time the schoolgirl came from it upset, sobbing: I am an ignoramus!. I am a moron!. from me nothing will turn out!. Of course, you always have to guard interests of the child. In this situation, for example, the conflict was resolved after two dialogues: mother talked to the teacher of mathematics and asked to be softer. And explained to the girl that the teacher very much loves her, it to him is not indifferent, - therefore abuses.

  15. - How to react to change of a payment for occupations in the middle of academic year ?

    - It happens extremely seldom: for example, the child was engaged in group, but he needs several individual lessons which price, certainly, other. Or, fie - fie - the next default... But usually the price is discussed right at the beginning and does not change. Though if the child was brought late, and remained to time for preparation a little, - the price can increase.

  16. - whether Can be changed the tutor if there were no relations ?

    - Both it is possible, and it is necessary. You employed this expert and if you consider his work unsatisfactory, then it is possible to look for another. Unfortunately, quality of work can be checked not always, and sometimes flaws of occupations are found too late.