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Childbirth in Australia (Melbourne, the State Catholic hospital of mercy) of

Ooh! Takes the breath away! Strange country! Wonderful conditions for everything, everything, including for important time in the woman`s life - pregnancy and childbirth.

Ya felt like “the white person“ as could compare the second childbirth with the first in Moscow...

I Gave birth on all fours in Australia, after passing of school of mothers. In such situation the child does not touch with a head a sacrum, and childbirth turns out soft as the head passes under a sacrum that does not happen at situation on a back. We with the husband had a certain semi-room - the semi-apartment with the international phone on a wall, he sat in a chair near me in a break between my fights. Sometimes the midwife on pressing of the button by me came to me.

At height of fights when I already involuntarily shouted: “Do something! I cannot!“, - the quiet and lovely doctor told me:“ There can throw and be everything home... “. It made sober me, and I continued to rub a back and to go.

it is not necessary to Lie during 1 - go the period of childbirth. When fight came, my husband rubbed to me a rhombus on a back in a waist. Too all showed it to it. Before the period of exile of a fruit I suddenly felt that to me light literally hurts the eyes, and suddenly it went out. The doctor with a small lamp with which the midwife lit the room delivered. Everything was visible to them, and at me eyes had a rest, and sometimes I even failed in a dream between fights that gave me rest! As I was grateful to it for such understanding.

When Natasha was born

, the doctor took it in hand, brought to a window and from height of the 15th floor of huge Catholic hospital for women looked at it and tenderly told: “Welcome to the world, the baby!“ . I began to cry.

A is sent later to one gratefulness. Brought to me from kitchen of the menu on 5 sheets I chose what dishes of kitchen (Vietnamese, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Australian...) I am interested. I ordered everything and then tried. Brought on the special little tables which are put on a bed. Remained much, and I gave to the oldest daughter when they with the husband visited me.

Natasha was with me at once. Sometimes for the night I could call the sister on point duty, and it took away the kid to itself, giving me rest. It was possible to visit me in any quantity and without any replaceable footwear. When near me brought the Greek woman who gave birth to the son, all Greek diaspora came, in my opinion, to congratulate her. No infection was observed.

Pampers (there they are called by “nepp“) you take

itself on a post free of charge and in any quantity. You bathe itself as required. With the child it is possible to sit on hands in the hall, to go on floors and around the (there circular corridors).

When to me were brought once by flowers, I on a habit went to ask the nurse - whether it has bottle for flowers. It unperturbably corrected me: “You mean a vase?“ . Opened a case and from a number of special beautiful vases gave me one... Trifles, and it is so natural that flowers have to stand in a vase, but not in a bottle from - under milk or kefir...

was not paid by me for childbirth at all. There is a fine Medicare system which at all not that that in the USA. But about it long I will not be.


It was discharged from maternity hospital - there was no wish to leave... Still social workers nadavat blankets, clothes for the newborn, the sea of coupons on free photos and so forth services for the child. Directly paper that I filled it came to maternity hospital to me, and to me on the daughter the grant to the card was charged. Generally, everything works there. Thank God for such strange memoirs and the people participating in my life.