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Not early development of my child

the Term “early development“ is not pleasant to me because I do not understand what means “early to develop“. Each child is unique and develops from the moment of conception in own way depending on many factors. The norms accepted in our society, putting age of the small child and his ability in compliance cause in me, to tell softly, irritation. For me norms are absolutely other concepts: cheerfulness, inquisitiveness, aspiration to opening, to creation. And to know all artists - peredvizhniki in 2 years - to whom it is necessary?

A now my history. I very much love children and everything, related. In the childhood I nursed all malyshnyu in the yard, in elementary grades ran in the kindergarten to take a walk with kids, in seniors - worked as the guide in school camp, now I work with big children - school and university students in children`s club. But my history connected with development of children began in student`s years when I worked two summers as the tutor in kindergarten, in the same group with a break in 2 years: children were 4 and 6 years old. And here what me then struck: when I came to “the“ children for the second time, I found out that they remained “same“. In what sense? Those children who differed in curiosity in 4 years became cleverer and still reached for knowledge. And those to whom everything was uninteresting who loved poslonyatsya idle - did it with even great pleasure. New talents I did not find out in children, and here that were, at someone developed, and at someone were lost. Here then - that at me also developed belief that “basis“ of the personality is formed at early age, somewhere till 4 - 5 years.

read to

Ya many books and articles about different techniques of development and training of children. The greatest influence on me was exerted by B. V books. Nikitina “The first lessons of natural education or the childhood without diseases“ and Cecile Lupan “Believe in the child“. No, I did not follow the pleasant ideas blindly and fanatically. Several years prior to appearance of the child everything read was integrated and differentiated in my head a set of times and it developed in some image. My way of life with my child.

my sonny was very long-awaited. I wrote about it in article “My two Caesarian: The hare is Stepashka and Medved - the grumbler: who`s next?“. I devoted the first five months after its birth only to it. I with it was engaged all the time until he slept: read books, sang songs, showed it different toys - objects, explained their properties:“ This balls, plastic, different flowers, blue, red, green, yellow. Let`s count red balls: one, two, three, four! And how many fingers on the handle at Stepa? This finger went to the wood, this finger cut firewood, to bake this finger heated, this finger cooked porridge, this finger they are everything ate therefore grew stout! One, two, three, four, five! Fingers five, and balls four. What more than five or four? Of course, five!“.

Monthly Stepka smiled to me in reply, and nobody knows - understood or understood, but it was INTERESTING to it - it is precisely. In the morning as soon as Stepa woke up, I fed him, stacked near myself, and read books. There were 3 hits:“ Pat-a-cake “, “ Kotausi and Mausi “and“ the cheerful account“ are those books which were read nearly every day and took 40 minutes. All this time of Stepk quietly lay, attentively listened and considered pictures, to two began to pull handles month and to drive according to pictures, and to 3 - the m tried books “on tooth“.

Ya never thought that something to do Styopa early. I offered it and if it was pleasant - we were engaged in it, is not present - postponed and tried through some time again. I showed to Stepan the most different objects, cards with words, pictures with animals. Just showed, told, explained and never asked it to show something or to give me. It already later, months from six, it unmistakably distinguished the mother card from “father“, collected a pyramid or built towers of cubes according to the offered plan, showed objects in the house.

we paid Much attention to physical development. Daily massage and gymnastics, swimming, long active walks in the fresh air. We almost at once began to bathe Stepka in a big bathroom.“ Floated“ on a back and a stomach “eights“. After bathing poured cool water. Stepa with 3 - x turned over month, surely leaned on legs, however, did not creep at all, from 8 months already started walking. In year and 4 months we sold a carriage and walked only on foot. The sports ground in children`s park became our favourite place of walks.

the Pelenalny little table I arranged

with bright toys from all directions - books, changed them, put a tumbler toy and “the sounding toys“ on a table. Stepka learned to last and beat them by one and a half months, and to 2 - to be enough or push together m from a table. In 4 months on a table it became already dangerous to play, and we finally “moved“ to a floor - on an oriental carpet with iron and automobile roads, stations and road signs.

B of Stepina of 5 months I sat down at the thesis which, according to the chief, should be finished urgently, otherwise results will become outdated. At first I took Stepka on knees, then put on a high stool near myself and gave it the textbooks and draft copies. He refused the books since he wanted such, as at mother. He stuck with a finger into a formula or the schedule, and interrogatively exclaimed: “And?“ (it, probably, reduction from mine “and it that it?“). I had no time to think out something, and I explained him everything as is: “it is integral on the closed contour, it is the schedule of speed, it...“ . Stepa`s eyes expressed rough delight. Besides I gave it colored pencils, and it could, copying mother, “to correct errors“ in a thesis draft copy.

B of Stepina of 8 months I came to work, in 3 months was protected. Thanks to my son - his progress inspired me for this feat. My mother nursed Stepa. Was tired strongly, spoke: other children - as children, walk - play, and he should be engaged in something all the time, and still demands explanations! And he is not a year old yet!

Mother was right

, Stepa already then had an incredible thirst for knowledge. Whether “by nature“, whether my continuous occupations worked, I definitely do not know. Only now before me there was a new task - not to allow to die away this passion. And at that time (1997) it was not simple. In shops the most developing toy was - a pyramid, the most developing book - “Teremok“. The all-knowing Internet did not reach us yet. There is no Soviet “developing“ heritage left, and new was not yet.

But, maybe, it and to the best? Ourselves did books - babies, cubes, pictures - applications, sewed clothes to dolls and made furniture. In a year Stepa himself was able to sew two pieces of fabric, and to hammer a nail into one and a half (under supervision, of course). Self-made cubes of Nikitin from which Stepa collected intricate figures, and a framework - Montessori`s inserts which we cut out from became a favourite toy... scouring sponges. And what pleasure was a first colourful big alphabet presented by mother and the father by first anniversary! In it it was possible to write with a felt-tip pen and to erase a rag - there Stepa learned to write (to write off) words. A bit later Stepa mastered also the first computer program - a text editor “Lexicon“.

For me always was a riddle the fact that to 2 - x years Stepka always lagged behind the majority of the norms declared by doctors of district clinic. Diagnoses of “MMD“ and still some “syndrome“ were written with large letters. He began to tell something except “ma - ma“ and “oh - oh“ only one week prior to the second anniversary. At once offers. And as it appeared, the text of books - hits it already knew by heart. Before going to bed daily we chorus read 5 - 6 books while I finally did not become exhausted, and Stepa bore everything and bore to me sleeping new books. Once we wrote down this evening physical exercise on video and sent to the grandmother to Kazan, it almost all life works for us in kindergarten, so her colleagues unanimously exclaimed: “As it is possible to torment the child so!“ . It was the first of numerous remarks in my address on “deprivation of the child of the childhood“.

Ya never set before itself the purpose to something to teach the son “earlier“, never arranged control tests, and, perish the thought, did not force. Our communication always brought us joy, I very much just wanted to open for the child the world, to show and tell as much as possible, I tried to cause interest and aspiration in knowledge. Not that how many the child knows, and that how many he wants to learn is important.

I told

In a bathroom Styopa about properties of water, and we made numerous experiences as a result of which Stepa learned what is volume, the current speed, diameter of a stream. In Stepa`s kitchen pottered with grain, haricot, peas (here where small motility develops), itself filled up grain in milk and stirred porridges, cut potato for soup. Yes, the first time Stepa took a knife in hand in 9 months. without paying attention to my arrangements, once cut a finger and since then cut everything very accurately. In kitchen played magnetic letters and listened to my stories about what way makes a kernel from the field to a roll and as vegetables grow. He also personally observed the last at the dacha where he saw off every summer with the old man and the granny. The grandfather taught him to joiner`s business, and the grandmother allowed to put, loosen, weed, water, to collect and so forth, despite some losses of a harvest. The grandfather to it even built tools “on age“, not toy, but the presents. And so everywhere and in everything. Where we were, each free minute we filled with stories or games. Games in our arsenal the huge set collected, games “on the run“ enjoy special popularity. Sometimes I had to hire with myself Stepa. It very much was pleasant to it - he important sat all “couple“ near students and wrote “equations“ in the notebook.

Stepa wrote down

In 2,5 years in Malyshok studio, accepted it in spite of the fact that 3 - x years were not (then there were no developing studios for children to 3 yet - x years is them much now).“ If sits, listen and be engaged - let goes“, - the director Doma of creativity kindly resolved. Stepa with pleasure was engaged. 5 occupations for 25 min. times a week: development of the speech, the logician, choreography, music, FROM. Doma we continued to make, began to release a good tradition “wall newspapers“ and to show doll performances on house holidays. Various puzzles, designers like “Lego“ (the inscription “from 3-x years“ was ignored by me) were added to toys, and Stepin a lexicon firmly included expression “I“.

In 2 g 8 months. Stepa went to a “sorosovsky“ garden where both the group was perfectly equipped, and the teacher active. But in 4 months we understood that in group with children “on age“ Stepa is not interesting, and the manager refused to admit to more senior group flatly. As well as ten other managers.“ Read books, cripple children, to us problems create, Nikitina whether you understand“, - I heard in this or that option.

But here a case helped. When Stepa was 3 years old, I was directed to professional development to Kazan, I took Stepa with myself - the grandmother helped suit it in a garden in group there “is one year more senior“. Stepa was the youngest in group, but on knowledge did not differ from other children, coped with all tasks sometimes quicker and best of all. In 4 months of my study we reconsidered all repertoire of local puppet theater, on Sundays went to children`s concerts to conservatory, visited art galleries, various exhibitions, concerts and performances, sometimes I took Stepa with myself on occupations or in library. Generally, for those 4 months Stepa fine “grew up“.

Just during this period at it the desire to learn to read ripened - and here all cards of Doman were useful. Made still. Made cards with a window for the changing letter: “a cat - a mouth, a table - a chair“ - it became interesting game, Stepa himself thought out such words and together with me did cards. I did not hurry him, only maintained interest. To 4 - m Stepa learned to read to years separate words and phrases. In 4,5 itself read the first small book. And in 5,5 - the first thick - the encyclopedia “Equipment for Kids“. Equipment - special “song“. Somewhere in 5 years Stepka already knew to trifles as the engine is arranged how to steer the car. But business was not limited to the car (the grandfather, despite all our cautions, on “approach“ to giving puts it for a wheel). Once he managed to persuade the captain of the river motor ship to let it for a steering wheel - he greedy listened that to what, and minutes 5 on “the flat road“ to it was allowed “to drive“. Now dream - to visit a cabin of the plane or “at least the helicopter“.

of the Step always loved thick colourful encyclopedias. I remember, in a garden asked to bring the favourite book, Stepa took “The atlas of the Universe“ (on what I heard from the tutor next “it is necessary to read books on age“). But for Stepa then it was really favourite book, with 3 - x years of a star and the planet attracted him. Somehow the grandmother put him to bed at the dacha (3,5 years), speaks: “All children went to bed, all animals went to bed, and the sun went to bed“. What Stepa indignantly objected to: “You that, the granny, the sun is not able to go to bed, it not the person, Earth turn round its pivot-center...“ . Further the detailed story about how day replaces night followed. The grandmother was once again shocked.

On 4 - the anniversary the Kazan grandmother presented to Stepa 3 videotapes “Great wonders of the world“. One of them, “Great creations of people“, Stepa saw not 20, but all 200 times, and most of all he liked a plot about the Moscow Kremlin - he rewound the cartridge and watched everything again and again. In a week it was necessary to learn the poem by New year (for morning performance in kindergarten) - about snow, a fir-tree, Father Frost and so forth as it “is necessary“. But something was not pleasant in this poem the Step and then I, having a little fallen apart, gave it the book with verses:“ Look for then itself“ (words was already able to read to Stepa). What my surprise when among a set of verses Stepa chose E. Trutneva`s poem, difficult, in my opinion, for his age, was:

“From high walls of the Kremlin tower
In a quiet ring midnight beats with

I, seeing off yesterday,
the Country meets New year...“

with what impatience he waited for

A when on New Year`s Eve show peal of bells on the TV as his eyes burned as joyfully he shouted “watch, same the Kremlin, same Red Square, we will go there, the father, mother, we will go!“ The new century began.

In 5 months we went to Moscow, walked the whole day in the Aleksandrovsky park, the territory of the Kremlin - the first “strong“ dream of Stepa so came true. From Moscow we continued travel to St. Petersburg, and then - to Finland. It was the first “A fantastic adventure of Stepa to far-away countries“. Since then Stepa “caught“ spirit of travel, studies atlases, builds routes, reads about the countries and the people. At scientific conference in the second class he did not choose any of the offered “kindergarten“ subjects, and did the report on the most known towers of the world. Now in its plans - by all means to go to France, Italy and England with own eyes to see real D`Eiffel, Pisa and St Stephen (!) tower with hours Big - Ben. For now in its room - a puzzle - pictures and volume a puzzle - models of these and other wonders of the world (“puzzles“ and “Lego“, still, - favourite toys). Well, the foundation is laid - here I wrote about our trips:“ To Spain with children: fantastic reality “and“ to the sea on a runway or on the South by car“.

Krom of a garden of the Step with 4 - x years was engaged in

in studio of variety dance and in swimming section. In “Baby“ was engaged three years, and the last year before school went to a fine art studio and to courses on preparation for school. This last year before school was given difficult for Stepa: we had Lidochka, and Styopa was necessary to become independent urgently. In a garden to it it became already uninteresting, and it elicited at me permission there not to go. As to me was absolutely once, I was already engaged with it less, but bought to it different copy-books, the developing notebooks whether books like “Yours is ready rebenok to school?“ and another, developing computer games - he both was engaged, and was tested, and developed. Here when I really estimated that the son himself with understanding reads and strives for knowledge. However, for it it is interesting game.

B 1 - y a class Stepan went in 6 years and 8 months, he the youngest in a parallel, but studies easily, with pleasure, perfectly well, takes prizes at the Olympic Games. I never check its diary, seldom, for the sake of interest I look in a notebook, sometimes I prompt how to issue the paper or to find the necessary material in the Internet. Stepa studies at school of arts on two offices: choral and choreographic, plays a flute and a piano (itself investigates works on level 5 - the 6th class of muses. school), is engaged in the English children`s club, goes to a mathematical circle (owns elements of the higher mathematics) and the pool. All this voluntarily, I not only do not force, even I persuade him to throw something. He is of course not an “ideal“ child, as well as all boys, it is very restless, disobedient and stubborn. But in it that spark of thirst of knowledge which does his life bright burns. And it, in my opinion, very valuably.