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To you package! (the fast packaged teas)

We got used to drink it early in the morning, gathering for work, at conferences and business meetings, in trains and planes... The modern rhythm of life does not leave time for traditional tea drinking .

Even in Great Britain, the country where there live real experts and judges of this drink, 70% of the tea market are the share

of the packaged tea. And its consumption grows in our country in high gear. According to forecasts of experts, in the next five years the share of “bags“ in the total amount of the market will make 35 - 40%.

there passed Long ago those times when in them packaged a low-quality tea leaf, and mediocre taste of drink tried to muffle various artificial additives and fragrances which, as a matter of fact, and created a “tea“ bouquet. Today many packaged teas are made from decent grades of tea. Only they are made of the smallest tea leaves which receive by crushing of a leaf by special cars. The big surface of contact of small tea leaves with boiled water also provides effect of a fast zavarivaniye. At the same time taste of tea is more saturated as the substances which are contained in shredded sheets pass into drink quicker.

“Packaged“ the part of the market develops in two directions. The first is connected with expansion of the range of production, use with higher quality than blend and creation of new original tastes and aromas, than laboratories of the large companies - producers are engaged. The second - with development of new options of bags: without bracket, with two threads “for an extraction“, in the form of pyramids. There are even gold sachets from a dense foil in which primitive taste and aroma of tea, the metallized envelopes protecting it from foreign smells and moisture, silk and gauze sacks - similar to in what the tea dealer Thomas Sullivan once sent samples of the production to clients remains.


On sale presented the packaged teas of the most different grades - black and green, flavored, fruktovo - grass (tizana). And among them there are a lot of offers deserving attention.

Black, green, color

First of all is tea in bags from the well-known English chayno - the coffee house of Whittard of Chelsea founded in 1886. Bags - pyramids are filled with exclusively qualitative leaf tea - in the “packaged“ assortment of the company meet even Darjeeling. And all the company lets out more than 150 types of plantatsionny black and green teas of a class a super premium - from classical Earl Grey, Gunpowder, Jasmine, Lapsang Souchong to rare grades of Royal Blend, Darjeeling Kalej Valley, Special Earl Grey, Ceylon Single Estate. Larger, than usual bags, pyramids are intended for a zavarivaniye in a teapot - it does tea drinking by cozier.

the Newby Company offers

24 grades of tea in bags, and many of them have practically no analogs in the tea market. For example, the exotic Aromatics series - the flavored black teas in east style - “Cinnamon“, “Cardamom“, “Saffron“. By their production exclusively natural ingredients are used.

the New Newby Organic series is interesting to

at least because completely answers the concept of organic products, widespread around the world, but still new to our country. Organic Newby drinks are made in strict compliance with the standards of ecologically safe production accepted in Great Britain. In the Organic Newby series - three types of the packaged tizan:“ Organic Peppermint “, “ dogrose and Hibiscus of Organic “and“ Organic Camomile Flowers“.


the Last collection of the Ceylon company “Mabrok“ - Dr. Green - is created on the Japanese technologies from ecologically safe grades of green tea. Already more than 100 years the firm takes the leading positions in production of elite teas. It the first brought the Ceylon green tea to Russia and still is his main supplier. In the Dr. Green collection - four tastes: the toning East Night, Green Tea with a Jasmine, Japanese Sep - Cha and Japanese Sep - Cha with a Lemon tea.

the Unusual, bright blends of JAF TEA developed in laboratory of the Dzhafferdzhi Brazers company made a basis of the new series “Exclusive Collection“. It is possible to find the best grades of the Ceylon teas in it - green with a lemon, a jasmine and traditional green without additives, and also black - “Ayrish kry“, “Forrest fnut“, “Mystic“ and black without additives - “Mazhestik“.

among new offers of a famous brand of Pikcwick - allsorts of the green and black flavored teas. As a part of the first - tea with a lemon, with a jasmine, with mint and Earl Grey. Besides the southern fruit and blackcurrant, you will find two new tastes in the second - mango and orange. Thanks to a better blend of black tea producers managed to improve significantly tastes of black tea with fruit.

on July 1, 2005 British Tea House of Curtis & Patridge London, Ltd. let out bonus Victorian Tea on the Russian market. This name was chosen not incidentally. Rule of the Queen Victoria of steel for England symbol of stability, wellbeing and strengthening of family values. And origin and blossoming of the English tea traditions fall on this period. Today, as before, Victorian tea is grown up, collected and processed on mountain plantations of India and Ceylon. Are represented in a classical English collection: English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, Golden Ceylon, English Tea No. 1 and Green Tea.

Rather recently, in 2001 - 2002, for sale were available packaged fruktovo - herbal teas (tizan) from Twinings - the oldest tea company, being the official supplier of the English Royal Court. This brand is present at our market with 90 - x years of the last century. Made of various herbs, tizana do not contain caffeine at all and possess improving action. Not without reason the packaged collecting - “Karkade`s Dogrose“, “Mint“, “Camomile flowers“, “Lime color“, and more exotic - “Strawberry and Mungo“, “the Peach of Marakuya“ - is offered in phytobars of SPA - the centers and sports complexes. As for the Twinings green teas, such variety is not offered, perhaps, by any brand. The refreshing “Green tea with a lemon“, bright “Lotus Orange green tea“, soft “Green tea of Sencha“ and tart, saturated - “Java green tea“ are in great demand at the Russian judges of drink.

the Packaged “exotic“ is presented to

by ethnic drinks. So, Greenfield offers a mat with a note of grapefruit and roybos with honey aroma. Let`s note that packing does not influence quality of these “not tea“ teas at all, and they completely keep the taste and aroma. A mat it is convenient to make a bag in a usual cup if near at hand there is no kalebasa and a bombilla for a traditional ceremony a matepitiya. As for a roybos, many prefer packaged option - leaflets of a roybos much more small than tea leaves, and before the use it usually should be filtered.

of By the way

Bags - in an envelope and with “tail“

Even the best packaged tea will not be in demand if it is packaged in bags which are inconvenient for using. And producers well understand it, offering the most various options of packing. At restaurants and cafe it is possible to meet often teas of the Ronnefeldt and Dammann brands - they are specially created for a zavarivaniye in a teapot. The bag of Ronnefeldt is made in such a way that his “tail“ with a label always is outside of a teapot, and it is possible to hook on it for the handle - the successful decision for restaurant giving: the client can always see what tea is made. Dammann bags, as well as it is necessary to a product of the French production, are simply magnificent - they are silk. By the way, the first tea sacks were such, and then everything to reduce the price of general aspiration led to silk replacement with paper from Manila hemp...

Messmer teas are Not less interesting to

. In - the first, unusual tastes and aromas (coffee candy, vanilla, cocoa - beans - all these “warm“ additives will be very opportunely in the fall and in the winter). In - the second, not absolutely usual type of tea bags. At first sight, it is, however, imperceptible - therefore it is necessary to look narrowly. The matter is that they have no metal bracket (it usually fastens double bags and to it the thread with a label fastens). At Me bags? mer a thread is attached directly to paper - cunning, almost sea, by knot. However, all these tricks are connected not with tea at all, and with their utilization.

One more example of an original design of packing - tea bags in envelopes and a special tea box from Maitre de the. The special cut which allows to get bags is provided in it, without opening a box entirely.

Yellow ranks of Lipton tea were joined by nice tin tea caskets recently - too yellow color. In them - options already familiar to us of the packaged tea, both classical, and flavored.

Appeal of Lipton tea increased at once - such casket can be used as a small gift “from our department - to your department“...