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Milk pumps of AVENT ISIS iQ

Fortunately, more and more mothers realize usefulness of breast milk for health of the kid and seek to prolong the period of natural feeding as much as possible. But not all mothers manage to carry out this good intention in practice. Statistically in three months after the delivery only every third woman continues to nurse the child. Some stop feeding by a breast because come to work. Others meet difficulties which seem to them insuperable (shortage of breast milk or, on the contrary, its stagnation, cracks in nipples) and refuse natural feeding in favor of artificial mixes. However modern accessories to feeding allow to solve these problems and help mother to continue natural feeding as long as she will wish. The milk pump is among such accessories.

Today producers offer

the most different brands and models of milk pumps what to choose from them? First of all the milk pump has to be effective and physiologic. Both of these qualities are inherent in milk pumps of ISIS released by the English company AVENT. The soft silicone masseur with five petal sections carefully masses a breast, improving office of milk. The silicone diaphragm creates powerful depression. Joint action of these factors not only allows to decant milk quickly and effectively, but also promotes maintenance of a lactation. Other important moment - a possibility of mother to operate flexibly decantation process. Intensity of decantation is easily controlled by pressing the milk pump handle finger-tips.

Recently in the market essentially new milk pumps, representatives of generation of the “clever“, trained devices - milk pumps of ISIS iQ UNO appeared and of ISIS DUO . As well as the existing electric milk pumps, of ISIS iQ work from a network or from batteries, however on it their similarity to predecessors comes to an end. All electric milk pumps which were still existing work at the market on is fixed to the set algorithms of decantation, that is do not allow to adjust the speed and a rhythm of decantation individually. Milk pumps of ISIS iQ - and in it their fundamental difference from electric milk pumps - study at mother. It became possible thanks to the artificial intelligence. Mother sets a decantation rhythm, having several times pressed the milk pump handle, and then the “clever“ device in accuracy repeats the set rhythm. In it fundamental difference of electronic milk pumps from electric. Mother can change voluntarily a decantation rhythm at any time, for this purpose it is enough to it press the button on the milk pump handle and set other rhythm. At the beginning of decantation mother is recommended to prepare a breast by means of easy pressings on the milk pump handle. Thus process both educations, and releases of milk is stimulated. Further the movements can be more intensive. Thus, the woman herself can “will adapt“ to a rhythm of sucking of own kid which is known only to her. The milk pump of ISIS iQ DUO allows to decant milk from both breasts at the same time, and of ISIS iQ UNO combines advantages of an electronic milk pump with portability.

One more important quality of a milk pump is its gigiyenichnost. Pediatricians recommend to sterilize surely all accessories used for feeding of the child of the first year of life. All milk pumps of ISIS meet these requirements: they easily understand, all details adjoining to milk maintain sterilization as boiling, and in household sterilizers.

Convenience, efficiency and a gigiyenichnost of all milk pumps of ISIS will be appreciated by mothers who seek to create so-called bank of breast milk, i.e. a reserve of the decanted milk. At observance of all hygienic requirements the decanted milk can be stored in the freezer of the home refrigerator till 3 months. Thus, even if mother comes to work, her kid can still take advantages of maternal milk which will not be replaced by any even the most modern artificial dairy mix. And extension of natural feeding - the first and most important step to health of the kid in the future.