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Our experience: childbirth, breastfeeding, an excommunication from a breast of

my Pavlushka on January 19, 2004, in Epiphany night Was born. All pregnancy took place, I would tell, safely. I read a lot of literature on the Internet and therefore I was categorically adjusted to nurse the child. I even never had a thought that milk can not be. I think now that the internal spirit is in this case very important. Experiences on the fact that the husband can be taken away in army were the only serious disorders (and as he is an officer, the delay to it is not put).

However, a breast I did not prepare. But attended courses in the My Family center (it is created at us in the city of Novokuybyshevsk with assistance of a city administration and is free). These courses psychologically very much helped me - I ceased to be afraid of childbirth. After the synula birth we all family came then to them, and I on occupation answered questions of little girls to which childbirth still was coming.

By the way, for those who are afraid of pain at childbirth, can advise to adjust themselves on thought (to us spoke about it on occupations) that there is no pain, and work is. It is necessary to think of how to help the kid to be born, it is much more difficult for him, than you. It needs to cover the distance to light and to appear in Wednesday, still others for it. He very much is afraid of the happening changes. You can help it if you correctly breathe, and also to talk to it and to calm him, to stroke, tell about what happens to it. He very well knows your voice. Also the father of the kid can talk.

my husband Dmitry agreed to go to childbirth with me. Thank him for this HUGE! All the time in prenatal it was with me, and the midwife practically did not approach. Its presence was for me strong moral support. And how correctly it is necessary to breathe, he reminded me too because to me somehow not before was. And then to it from patrimonial took out our little little son and allowed to take a little on hands.

To a breast to me it was put at once. Then brought in the morning (I gave birth to him at 2:15 in the night) and again took away on inspection. And during the lunchtime already absolutely brought in chamber. The first two nights in chamber my sonny terribly shouted. Whether it was hurt by a tummy, whether it was hungry. Now I think that the second. Allowed to feed up nothing, and milk was not yet. I endlessly tried to decant that milk came quicker. And that colostrum did not vanish, I collected it from a nipple in the syringe (it ordered to prepare with themselves on childbirth, but did not use) and gave Pavlushke. Of course, it all the same lacked it, and he cried. And at me from helplessness the hysterics and panic began too.

Then on the advice of my mother I smeared a few baby`s dummy with honey and gave to the kid (but who has an allergy, I would not advise). The first time we with it have a little a sleep quietly. And for the third day milk began to come slowly. And as soon as the child became full, he became very quiet. Even when BTsZh did, he at me screamed a little and did not cry.

of the House already (it seems for the fifth day after the delivery) the breast from the arriving milk became very firm and to decant it was sick, hands were tired. The husband to me helped to decant hands (and here is how the child sucks, at him it did not turn out). Through a two-three of days inflow of milk was normalized. And it was necessary to decant, likely within a month. Here thanks to the husband and mothers for the help with the house and with the child because almost all the time after feeding left on decantation. Only you will be decanted, and already again to feed. Then Pavlik began to eat up well so it was not necessary to decant any more.

At first to nipples it was sick with

as it was necessary to decant constantly, and the child learned to take a breast correctly. I smeared them with Bepanten ointment. Helped me.

Me was lucky

. I have a child to food very greedy was and never refused, only when the tummy hurt (somewhere in 2 - 3 months) could povypendrivatsya a little, but then all the same ate. Yes he is greedy also now, can suck in turn breasts until everything eats.

When to the little son was four months old, from us in the city took away gas. And I had less milk. I had a little more usual to eat. And milk became enough again. However, I recovered a little, but weight returned somewhere in a half-year.

Till 1 year my child was practically only on breastfeeding. Well, there juice, mashed potatoes, fruit, of course, were. But he ate usual food rather badly. Gradually, hoped one breast more. I never bought dry mixes. Cooked all.

you Present to

how it is convenient - breastfeeding! (The food always is, always nearby, lukewarm where went. And at night I do not even represent how it is possible to rise and go to heat food while the kid shouts. Perhaps I am an idler? But it seems to me that breastfeeding is better. And for the baby it is very useful!)

we decided to begin it to disaccustom with

In year and four months to a breast as in one and a half I planned to come to work. For a start decided to disaccustom to suck in the afternoon. For this purpose since morning fed houses, apparently, with buckwheat (he at me loves), and then went to my mother. There already she well fed him with Russian cabbage soup. And if he remembered about a breast, then all tried to distract him. As a result he received a breast only hours at eight in the evening what he was immensely glad to. By this time, of course, the breast at me was overflowed though I also tried to drink liquids as little as possible. Next day time moved to ten. During the day, when Pavlik began to ask a breast, I said to him that mother has no milk yet and will be later in the evening. He understood me. For the third day we with a breast already were only put to bed. Well and gave at night when woke up. For the third day the breast already so was not overflowed. And then in general milk began to arrive only by the evening. So we passed to night feedings.

As to put to bed at night to us more did not manage p in any way, except as with a breast (in the afternoon we fell asleep in a carriage on the street), I came to work and and I continue to feed. By the way, does not disturb one another.

Now to us 1 year and 9,5 months. I have already not enough milk, but still is. Pavlik already understands all. And sometimes at night he even agrees to fall asleep without breast. But not always. On mood. So gradually we, probably, will be able to keep within also without mother soon. The main thing that this process proceeded as much as possible softly for the child. I think that we manage it. I hope that someone needs our experience.