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Nature, children and we: the general pleasure of

That our children what “pictures“ will remain in their memory will take with themselves in adulthood? In many respects it depends on adults, on what we will manage to teach to them what example we will set.


Use the last solar days and spend day off in nature. If your acquaintances have children approximately of the same age, as well as your kid, invite them with yourself. Day off can turn out very cheerful, and together it will be easier to organize it. Besides, your child will have the circle of friends.

Participate all!

think over

In advance, than you will be engaged (games, competitions, relays, performances), choose the place, stock up with products, a lunch on a grass - an integral part of such sortie. It is absolutely optional to spend a great lot of time and money. Show resourcefulness and use already available objects: the simple sports equipment will be suitable for games (hoops, balls, jump ropes, serso etc.) for performances take favourite toys. Mother and the father who turned into storytellers and wizards, the child will see other eyes, and it will be big opening for the kid. And it is still healthy when the child and parents - one team, and you together participate in competitions, relays and then together you win prizes. For example, all company is divided into two teams. Rings and other objects are scattered on some square. Adults and children have to bring together quickly them in a bag (bag) of the team. Whose team will collect more objects, that also will be a winner. To delights of kids there will be no limit!

In the wood

As it is exciting to p to wander, rustling with the fallen-down foliage, gathering the remained nuts and mushrooms, watching changes in the nature. It is possible to make onions and arrows of flexible branches and to compete for a rank of the most accurate archer. Or to gather cones and to throw them in the purpose or in some capacity or just in a tree trunk.



That the child got acquainted with a plot better, a day before action read aloud the fairy tale which you will show during the holiday.

If you chose by

a picturesque corner, you will suit fairy tales where action develops outdoors: about animals, birds, insects. By the way, you can easily think up a plot and! For example, about a little swallow whom birds, butterflies and dragonflies learned to fly, or about known for all a muravyishka to which different insects helped to get home. In such performance the toy birdie will sit down on a branch of the real tree, a toy dragonfly - on the real flower, and toy the muravyishka will run among a high grass. Such fairy tale will turn out very real, in it even the paper birdie will be able to fly up. It is rather simple to show a performance: adults cast in advance and recite them or at sight, holding the toy representing the hero in hand. It is good if the hero addresses for the hint or the help children, then they will feel the involvement in history. “Good“ wins the fairy tale thanks to their help. Well the fairy tale “Teremok“ outdoors will be suitable for a performance, all suitable heroes - a mouse, a hare, a fox, a wolf, a bear, a frog, a fly and a mosquito gather there. Teremok it is very simple to make: pull a rope between trees or bushes and fix on it by clothespegs pieces of fabric. The tent and even your car can become Teremk. Words of this fairy tale are familiar to all, and to jump as hare and a frog, to run as a mouse, to be stolen as chanterelle and a top, to go a vperevalochka as a bear, or to fly as the mosquito or a fly, will be able any kid.

Pleasant surprises

Small gifts, in advance and with soul prepared and solemnly or with an invention handed at the end of action, certainly, will please kids. They need to be deserved, and it is possible and to look. Take, for example, a long rope and, winding it around trees, arrange a labyrinth. Children have to go along this string and at the end of a labyrinth to find a sack with surprises - candies, fruit, new toys. And if you decided to hide surprises in a grass or on trees, then it is possible to play pathfinders - and on identification marks to reach the purpose. Salute, fireworks, start of a kite can become the culmination of day off.

A if you manage to take out from the secluded town a linking of the “flying“ balls with the decorated cardboard birdies attached to their strings, butterflies and ladybugs and will allow children to release them to fly to “the fantastic country“, then will make a good deed - the kid will understand that everyone has the right to live freely.

That on a magic tablecloth?

Stock up with

with enough drinks (juice, compote, water without gas) and products as good appetite outdoors is provided. What can be more tasty than the baked potato or fish soup made in the fresh air! Do not forget napkins and soap, and the disposable plastic tableware will facilitate life. If in the planned day the rain went - be not upset: action can be spent at home - on slightly changed or even according to the same scenario.

For long memory

prepare for

the camera or a video camera In advance to imprint cheerful minutes of pleasant communication, and also beauty of the nature. It will be very pleasant to remember how spent time with a family and in a circle of friends: here we play with the father in soccer, and here mother - the storyteller, and here we eat baked potato at a fire with friends...

Of well spent day off will be reminded not only by photos, but also collected beautiful stones, cones, cockleshells, the dried flowers. Besides, all this can be used also for hand-made articles. Having accepted your lessons, children will transfer ability to rejoice to happy moments to adulthood, will appreciate the family.




Hare - a poprygayka
Having spread out hoops on the earth, it is necessary to jump in turn from one in another.

we Build the tunnel
Several adults lift hoops and hold them at some distance. So “tunnel“ through which it is possible to pass turns out, having bent, or to creep on all fours.

the Owl and mice
of the Pan (disposable plates) turned upside down turn in “mink“ for mice which the Owl will catch. In the afternoon she sleeps, and little mice run and peep, but as soon as the Owl wakes up, little mice have to hide in the minks, i.e. jump on pans. Whom the Owl managed to grab, that to become an Owl now.