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Whether all about a bandage of

  • It is necessary to carry a bandage during pregnancy?
    • Ya I put on a bandage when I leave where - nibud, in shops or walk. I do not carry the house. In general, the thing necessary, not only against extensions, but also unloads a back.
      8. 11. 2000 15:15:12, Kiwis
    • of the Extension on carrying a bandage do not depend, only on a skin tone. In the first pregnancy I did not buy a bandage at all, to me it was good also without it, any extension did not appear. Now sometimes I carry, but only in far walks, and houses too it is not really convenient. Some it strongly facilitates life, especially at back pains.
      8. 11. 2000 14:51:19, Nastik
    • Ya began to carry it on the 25th week after the stomach hurt somehow strange and not clear from what. Now I carry every day and at home and on the street. It is very convenient to me, feeling of safety is.
      9. 11. 2000 11:29:46, Raduga
    • in the Evening on a sofa I of course without bandage, but for work or just never without it go outside. It not only helps a back and holds a stomach, but still gives such feeling of smartness, perhaps.
      9. 11. 2000 21:35:47, Tyulen to us on courses recommend not to use
    • bandazhy as he does not rescue from extensions and does not allow to develop in the normal mode to muscles, etc. of
      26. 10. 2000 14:17:37, Semerochk
    • of the Muscle of a stomach train without bandage evenly and constantly. My opinion - the bandage is harmful. Though all individually, can be really necessary for someone a bandage.
      21. 9. 2000 1:26:23, Leonida
    • the Bandage weakens muscles, but it is not carried for days. When I long went, at me very strongly began to pull a stomach, naturally, I dressed a bandage. And here on small distances or in the car, for example, I did not carry a bandage. It is wrong to say that the bandage is harmful.
      18. 7. 2000 11:8:34, Svetochk
    • Actually, it it is not obligatory to carry. On courses said to us that it makes sense to carry to women after 30 or with weak muscles of a stomach. In - the general if the need for it is felt, then it is possible and to buy...
      14. 10. 2000 22:38:56, Anna Novikova If allows
    • health - that better to refuse a bandage, muscles become stronger, but if the doctor told that strong omission of a uterus, or still that, then listen - it is serious. Sometimes doctors do not explain, carry also everything, but you try to find out - it the doctor wants, or really problems.
      21. 9. 2000 11:40:4, Anna
    • Ya precisely I know one thing: if the fruit is located not too low - you should not carry a bandage. Because to carry always (and day and night) it will not turn out and if periodically to do it, then your muscles in itself will badly work.
      18. 7. 2000 18:36:11, Anna! bought
    • Ya when there was a threat prematurely to give rise. Also informed term in many respects thanks to a bandage. And now I carry because very much the stomach sticks out (more, than in the first pregnancy), and with bandazhy it is somehow tightened. And always I put on if I know that loadings are coming - to go much, or to lift the child.
      15. 10. 2000 21:46:53, Ekhomam
    • In the first pregnancy can do without bandage, especially if there are no unpleasant feelings in a back and a stomach. I remarkably ran all first pregnancy without bandage and any extensions, back pains etc. Besides the postnatal bandage was not required (it is just connected with muscles which do not work with a bandage). Now I use a bandage, but here is how time in the bottom of a stomach after long walks it does not relieve of unpleasant feelings.
      20. 9. 2000 15:41:31, Nastya P. If to you and it is so good
    • , then it is not necessary to carry a bandage, at least such is opinion of most of my friends at whom any more not on one child. And doctors it is opinion support, the truth not everything, is those who consider that pregnancy in general can proceed only in hospital.
      9. 6. 2000 22:22:55,
  • a dorodovy bandage it is better for Yasya to buy and by what criteria to be guided upon its purchase?
    • With lacings are bandages of our mothers - grandmothers. Modern bandages are selected by the size which you carried before pregnancy, and all of them are regulated by flypapers on the necessary volume of a stomach and the necessary pressure (today is softer, tomorrow - more tightly)
      28. 11. 2000 13:50:59, Ekhomama
    • With laces I went seven years ago. As the astronaut put on. And now bought an elastic band on flypapers - it is very convenient and practical.
      28. 11. 2000 20:54:6, Funtik with elastic bands dropped down
    • for me before the childbirth. The stomach grew - the elastic band stretched, and below there was a flypaper which allowed to correct the volume of this elastic band. And with laces somehow it was not pleasant to me... This design confused me and even frightened - suddenly will go too far in a lacing?
      28. 11. 2000 13:47:22, Dasha
    • our, domestic bandages, though look terribly, strangely enough, the most effective, are on sale they in drugstores.
      15. 5. 2000 23:11:7, Evgenia
    • U me a good American bandage in the form of a belt with wide part around a waist. Adjustment by means of powerful flypapers. It is very convenient and, besides, he very accurately sits.
      28. 11. 2000 13:47:24, rozmaita me on flypapers in the form of a belt, in my opinion, was much more convenient than
    • U, than a bandage pants: gigiyenichny, it is easy to regulate and remove and it is just more nice.
      29. 11. 2000 1:34:16, Tatyana
    • U me was domestic in the form of pants with an elastic tape. The necessary size is determined by the doctor, measures and checks whether approaches.
      6. 10. 2000 16:55:26, ôs mother
    • Bought Daniel a bandage - shorts of Baltic production, but it seemed to me very inconvenient since the supporting strip is sewn too low and supports nothing.
      18. 2. 2000 14:2:49, Maria
    • Bandages pants of a certain size and those which I saw were without flypapers, i.e. adjustment is not given in. And here belts all with flypapers and is very convenient to control the size.
      28. 11. 2000 15:0:36, Helen
    • Ya tried many bandages. Stopped on shorts. But already to 32 weeks it did not become convenient to me, tried a bandage a strip - too not conveniently. Therefore it was necessary to refuse a bandage. My doctor told that selection of a bandage is purely individual piece. Consult to the doctor.
      18. 2. 2000 18:35:28,
    • Surely measure Alain in shop, it is necessary that he conveniently sat.
      15. 5. 2000 19:44:38, Lenar

  • From what term needs to carry a bandage?
    • the Bandage till 30 weeks should not be carried.
      7. 8. 2000 12:3:57, Maria Ov
    • U me 15 weeks, but as pregnancy the second that the tummy is already visible. I already carry a bandage, and to carry or not and on what term is a business of everyone.
      5. 8. 2000 19:0:39, LADA I carry
    • Ya about 23 weeks. Before it was rather heavy. After a long hotba polamyvat a waist.
      3. 8. 2000 13:31:57, Olga
    • U me 21 - I am week. Already I carry a bandage - the stomach grows before the eyes. As there was such breakthrough in growth, it is heavy to go, and with bandazhy - it is easier.
      3. 8. 2000 12:54:25, Irina I carried
    • In the first pregnancy from 32 weeks, in the second - already with 5 - go month periodically I put on.
      14. 10. 2000 10:37:57, Ekhomama carried
    • Ya from 28 weeks, and very much it helped me.
      20. 9. 2000 18:31:21, Irka
    • should Carry it from 30 - 32 weeks not earlier and if the child laid down the head down.
      18. 7. 2000 14:17:2, Maria

  • Where to buy a bandage in Moscow and how many it costs?
    • In Zdorovye firm that on Leninsky Avenue, 79, all will pick up for the size, and the price - just ridiculous - 100 rub
      of 27. 7. 2000 9:45:57, Olga Globina At the Kolomna fair the bandage of Novosibirsk production cost to
    • in the summer 240 rub
      of 28. 11. 2000 15:15:25, Ekhomam the Dorodovy bandage can be bought
    • in Zero Plus shop, (095)137 - 77 - 95
      13. 10. 2000 23:51:49, Tatyana bought
    • Ya in Babbie`s shop, Lenin pr - t of 82
      of 29. 11. 2000 15:9:20, Helen
    • Cost fluctuates depending on model, the country - the manufacturer and other factors (a trade margin of shop, for example) - from 303 rub to more than 2000.
      15. 10. 2000 13:22:39 whether Funtik
    Is necessary to
  • a postnatal bandage?
    • At decision-making needs to be considered how many kg gained for pregnancy. If no more than 12 - 14, then everything has to be pressed down. I gathered 13 with an initial weight of 54 kg. Before childbirth do not buy, it is better to solve later, on circumstances.
      27. 8. 2000 23:20:51, Lenao
    • the Stomach very well (and smoothly that too is important) cleans up if you nurse the child. At me after the first pregnancy the stomach was gathered in month for three, smoothly and evenly. Did not carry a bandage. For pregnancy gathered much - about a kilogram 20 (the child large). In three months returned to prenatal weight, and then even still grew thin.
      28. 8. 2000 9:27:27, Leonida
    • On work to me periodically should happen in one of Hugo`s countries - the Western Africa. There at local women never you will see a trailing stomach. I asked mother of three kids as she managed to keep such sports tightened tummy. She told that she after each childbirth carried a bandage. Gave the sister as an example - that after first labor did not begin to dress anything of that kind on herself - at her the stomach still hangs down (passed three years).
      27. 8. 2000 23:5:9, Katya
    • Gave rise 2 weeks ago, childbirth to the second. The tummy still suspends - I carry a postnatal bandage. It is considered that it helps also a uterus to be reduced quicker, and tightens fabrics (yet the truth felt nothing of that kind).
      27. 8. 2000 21:6:52, probably I will buy Tata to
    • Ya postnatal - after Caesarian it very much even by the way will be that a stomach to drag away and that everything grew together there as it is necessary.
      27. 8. 2000 20:4:37, Nata
    • On courses was told that the bandage is necessary for support of internals (that did not fall) since the abdominal tension after the delivery cannot make it.
      24. 4. 2000 11:45:8, Nadyusha
    • the Postnatal bandage just allows a stomach to look more - less decently in public. And really to gather in a stomach, the gymnastics and massage is much more effective.
      23. 4. 2000 22:30:49, Ludmilka is not sure by
    • I that they help, it is rather on the contrary. When you pass by a mirror in a bandage, see that you everything is OK and rejoice and when without it - you are frightened the look and tighten a belt, force to work muscles, thus really restoring the form, but is not just passive it correcting. My method based on my experience and the acquaintances having not one child - any bandages, self-massage, exercises on a press which become with the child therefore it is easy and pleasant to do them. And skin itself sits down on the place, it depends more on its congenital properties, but not on you. The tummy vanishes finally approximately by 6 months so it is not necessary to be upset if in 3 months it is still visible that you recently after the delivery.
      24. 6. 2000 15:31:12, Yasya