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Everything that the summer resident of

needs to know Autumn clear-out before winter cold weather

the Country crop is reaped. Wind, the turned yellow and fallen down foliage, the bared stalks of the being pleasing eye of flowers remind until recently that pleasures of summer came to an end and it is time to prepare a flower bed and a garden for winter.

we Prepare for


in the Fall the good summer resident feels like the attentive doctor - the diagnostician, and sometimes and the surgeon. It is good to remove all plants, branches, the fallen fruits bearing strong indications of defeat by wreckers, and also their separate nests and layings of eggs to the maximum. Sanitary cutting and a kronirovaniye of fruit-trees, besides removal of the dry and infected branches, stimulates their growth and fructification.

Be on the lookout with the frigostable weeds stretching the stalks and leaves as though there will be no snow. Send them to waste, but only not in a compost pit - there is a probability to meet them in the spring in tenfold scale.

A what to do with bulk of organic chemistry, there is a lot of available in an autumn garden - the remote branches which fell and the decayed fruits, leaves, the dried plants, a grass?

some reasons to divide these remains into parts Are. Obviously struck, it is reliable to throw out outside a site, or to burn. It is better to send the main part to a compost pit.

Part of a site under beds, obviously, needs to be dug over. This ancient garden procedure reduces risk of a soil erosion and will help to detain in the spring moisture. Beds dig over on shovel bayonet depth, without touching a tops of vegetable of plants and the other vegetable remains, without breaking and without leveling lumps. Pay attention that fallen leaves - too dense shelter for the soil complicating an exchange of moisture and air and them it is good not to leave as its natural shelter. It is possible to burn, but it is more logical to dig over or send to a compost pit.

kept young trees


the Ready compost extracted from the compost pits or heaps released for fresh material is used for shelter (mulchirovaniye) of the soil around trees and beds. This procedure allows to protect roots of plants from sharp temperature drops. The needles are very good for this purpose - and “breathe“, and a heat insulator good, and it is easy to remove. When the winter strikes, it will be possible to connect one more simple and effective defender - snow.

A here that is not recommended for shelter of roots, so is the straw, shaving and sawdust attracting mice. For the same reason you should not leave near fruit-trees of a thicket of untidy plants where mice could locate. If on a site there are young apple-trees or plums which bark coarsened insufficiently, it is necessary to solve a problem of protection them from mice, rats and hares.

for this purpose roofing felt, roofing material impose

on a trunk prior to the beginning of the first branches in 3 - 4 turns, deepening a little to the soil and tying with a twine. With the same purpose trunks tie with a wormwood, fir twigs (needles down). And one more available well-known way - whitewashing of trunks and processing by bordeaux liquid.

do not forget to water a garden for the winter!


it will be correct to carry out in October plentiful watering of trees and bushes. In the fall strengthening of root system continues, and saturation of plants moisture will play the positive role in the winter when the soil begins to freeze slightly and the movement of juice will stop, wind and the sun will continue to dry up branches slowly. If the season was not rainy, and it it also was given in Moscow, then to one watering on one adult apple-tree or a pear goes to 40 buckets of water, on plum or cherry to 20, and currants grew and wait for some raspberry on 5 buckets on square meter. Right there carry out also top dressing of plants by fertilizers according to the corresponding standards.

After irrigation works are finished with

Before departure to the city, it is necessary to merge by all means water from barrels, tanks, hoses and pipes, otherwise will break off them when freezing. It is necessary to track that giving was not absolutely hermetically corked for the winter also. Total absence of ventilation will lead to the fact that the damp atmosphere and the greenhouse effect created by it will create too magnificent conditions for reproduction of a fungus (first of all wooden designs and details will be struck). Well in that case existence of a special ventilating window in elevated part of the base.

Needs to preserve that it would be desirable to see in an invariable look the tools in the spring - cleared, oiled lubricating and put in the dry place.

the Cool and damp season - good time for change of plants and their reproduction by division of old bushes. It is possible to make new disembarkation of a sorrel, a rhubarb, a tarragon in the fall. Plant garlic. And at approach of a steady cold snap land such frost-resistant crops as carrots, beet, onions, a garden radish.