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As to me increased hair of

increasing hair, there were I long (about half a year). I did not manage to decide on IT in any way. Procedure not from cheap, plus it was “just terrible“. Only news that at the mass of the Hollywood celebrities the increased hair, allowed me to gather and do over itself similar experiment. I polazit on the Internet and found that master (salon) whose website convinced me that “it is necessary to me“. Registered in reception. Prior to the day of X there were 3 days.

Day of X

Having risen for an hour before “procedure“, we have breakfast with the husband and went to salon. The husband was released from salon on “hour 4 - 5“ and went to have a rest, and we began with coloring of “native“ hair. I had “roots“ which we remarkably otmelirovat. Then actually process also began. New hair were surprisingly soft and thin. To me such also ordered since. my “native“ hair by nature very thin, and standard hair on me would look very alienly (personally saw standard hair - beautiful, good, but for my “down on the head“ are thickish).

the Next 3 or 4 hours I carried out

in a chair. The master took a lock behind a lock of my hair and “welded“ on them the increased locks. At the same time you do not feel any feelings: take a lock, insert the plastic applicator, clamp a lock, opruskat. Not painfully, does not smell of fake hair. In any way, generally.

you Sit and you wait. And here IT, the master speaks, is ready.

Main not to faint because it is VERY wild to see himself with long hair. To tell VERY MUCH, to tell nothing it. I sit, I recover. Ahead still a hairstyle since my native hair absolutely short, it is also necessary to smooth differences somehow. I am heated by thought, maybe, after a hairstyle it will become better.

we Are cut by

standing since. sitting inconveniently, hair very long (to a bottom, at we wash growth 175). All hairstyle of minutes 15. I look in a mirror - better, but it is all the same unusual. Very unusually. It is so unusual that nearly I forget a jacket in salon - I run to the husband.

First that was told by the husband, was: “Oh!“. We go home. And it seems and nothing, it seems is even normal. Constantly I look in a mirror, I see that the husband examines me - to it too very unusually.

until the end of day I do not come unstuck from a mirror. By the evening weak optimism settles that “it seems well, even VERY MUCH“, but closer by the night it vanishes since my new shape of my husband on feats does not inspire. To wait for boom! Perhaps after night “hair will settle, will mix up, and it will become good“.

Day the first after building

I Wake up. What is it? And same hair, I increased yesterday. Normally, we live. We go to a mirror. “Aaaaaa!!!“

Who it there in a mirror? From above there are hair, from below not the. Crumpled, not too crumpled, but it is not strong. On a shade a difference: “OH!!!“.

The husband approaches, speaks: “Oh, today you perfectly look! Absolutely naturally“. I think: “The main thing not to shout, not to worry, we breathe quietly!“.

I Collect by

all electrohairbrushes which are available in existence, hair curlers, hair dryers, etc. Hour I am at war with hair. I leave a bathroom. The husband reports again that I remarkably look. Scoffs, probably, or encourages. It becomes shorter, easier not. Ripens to go to make a plan nafig all this disgrace. The husband convinces to wait week, and I will not be able week, I go crazy. We come to work.

First of kommentriya (man`s): “Vesyolenko as!“.

Second of kommentraiya: “Oh, show. As it is cool. As well it is also not noticeable at all. It is possible to touch?“.

the Majority of the subsequent comments begins

with a question:“ How it?“, statements proceed that looks “as the“ and comes to an end with desire to touch. Men look with interest, but neither to comment, nor do not decide to discuss. Everything is limited: “Oh! New hairdress?“.

Desire “immediately to remove

“ recedes. Time goes, I cannot work, I sit, I create illusion of rough activity, I wait for a lunch (it terribly to seem at once to a lot of familiar people with such “news“ on the head) Oyy - yoyoyo!!!


suit colleagues sitting close by Again, again discuss that is good, but here whether to cut, whether to change color, “but it is all the same very good, it is not necessary to remove“. Again the desire “rises to REMOVE!“

to Sege, I dig the Internet on a subject where it is cheaper to remove. I do not want to write the master. Why the person to offend, maybe, to me and the truth well, just mentality at me weak.

Inside constantly I calculate

that it is better to try to cut - to paint “these“ (2500 - 4000 rubles) or at once nafig to remove (2500 - 3000 rubles), or to paint and cut, and then if shock does not pass, to remove (5000 - 7000 rubles) . I wait for a lunch.

all watch

During a lunch. Feeling as in a zoo on that side of a lattice. I come from a lunch, I call to the place where can remove. It turns out cheap (cheaper, than everywhere), but actively advise me to endure week. They say that with probability of 99% at me this psychological. Here councils of all coincide, and I decide to postpone I will eat a hair and to go to shop for purchase of hairpins and other pleasures.

there Passed week

As it is healthy, to be long-haired. Directly physically you feel how it are pleasant to all by passing. In total - men as children, come to such delight. To me as to the person who sharply found long hair, it became visible at once as far as they add appeal in the opinion of an opposite sex.

my small (1 year 8 months) the son began to call

me “pussycat“. In his lips it is the highest praise since cats in his opinion - the most beautiful beings. So, probably, men have a passion to long hair at some unconscious level.

it became very convenient to p to Set hair. I ceased to be afraid of them. I wash, than I want, I use usual balm, I brush as I want. At the beginning it seemed that “all will be visible to all“, and it turned out that I can do a tail, “radish“, and any inconceivable “fintiflyukha“ by means of hairpins on the head. Bought couple of hairpins, several elastic bands, hairpins. And in the mornings it became simpler, it is not necessary to stack anything, wound something on the head and ran. Shampoo, however, began to leave much more, but.... beauty demands the victims. I received the best compliment from the young lady who for a long time did not see me:“ Here what you are a good fellow that grew hair. It is so best of all for you“.

Very much wants to share feelings with the one who will decide to go on my feet. Elect the master. In Moscow hair on “new“ hot technologies can be increased for 300 - 700 dollars. It is possible even for $150, if it works, and you want to get for a model role for training. You do not look at the price. Choose the one who personally will cause trust in you. In salon it was more convenient to me since the master in coloring and the master in building, as a rule, is 2 different person and the choice in salon more.

Should not increase hair if they are shorter, than at me. And mine, of course, very best minimum. It seems to me that if my “native“ hair before building were such length that they can be collected in a bunch (let small) - it would be even better. Now I constantly feel that length of the family “on the verge“ to cover the increased hair.


it is not sure that I will increase hair constantly. In total - and places of connections are felt when you dip a hand deeply into a head of hear and there is a subconscious fear that “somebody will see“. However, what will see also what in it terrible, not clearly since in a junction hair just look as a bound together lock. But the main thing, I wanted to grow the. Here I resemble with increased, the will grow up, and I will go the beauty. However, probably, all - it is necessary to increase already the long hair, but it is not so strong, and just locks 50 for additional volume. Well, it will be already another story altogether.