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Breastfeeding: pluses and minuses of

Dear mummies, future and taken place! I would like to share with you the personal experience of breastfeeding.

Of course, each conscientious and responsible mummy during pregnancy will shovel the mountain of books, articles and will follow the examples and advice to adjust breastfeeding. I want to tell you to what conclusions I came, combining theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

First is a psychological spirit on the fact that at you milk will be obligatory, and you will feed so much how many solve. Do not allow other thoughts to overcome yourself.

Second - in the period of a lactation of milk can become less or, even worse, it can “be gone“ (at me, for example, in 3 months milk began to decrease gradually) if in time not to take measures.“ Measures“ for everyone are selected individually. The doctor will recommend someone a complex of procedures, to someone will be to drink the teas raising a lactation enough. To me was to adjust good nutrition enough. Thanks to these factors I nursed the daughter 1 years and 3 months.

Now 1,5 years and I want to tell

to my strange girl that in breastfeeding I see many pluses.

Main, my baby never supported this period. It means that she received good immunity. Thanks to breast milk, my girl had no problems with intestinal flora. The analysis on dysbacteriosis which we did in 3 months was good.

Further, only think, breastfeeding is so convenient and saves so much time: numerous small bottles, nipples, a heater, a sterilizer are not necessary. And what is the time leaves on dissolving dairy mix! It first to you can seem what prepared a small bottle and any problems And when the child eats not according to the schedule, and on demand? Also consider, the child is not able to wait! And when feeding by a breast everything is always ready also the necessary temperature at any time. One more advantage of breastfeeding - convenience on a trip. It is not necessary to drag with itself all these accessories.

I would carry To minuses, probably, that first I had to be decanted as the baby did not eat all milk. But I stored the decanted milk in the freezer on a case of my illness or if it is necessary to leave.

One more not really pleasant moment is a diet which needs to be observed as with mother`s milk everything is transferred to the child. Well, unless you for the sake of your small miracle will not be able to limit yourself in sweets, exotic fruit and vegetables, alcohol for some period?!

Dear mothers, I call you, are not lazy, nurse the kid! My many acquaintances refuse breastfeeding in 3 - 5 months because it bothered them. How it is so possible to treat the kid and to deprive of him valuable, the most necessary at the moment? To the child more tasty both lyubimy and your milk, but not children`s mix is more native. If it could, he would beg you not to deprive of it such delicacy.

it I know

Ya from own experience. There was a moment when I could not nurse the daughter from - for colds. And she just did not want to take a pacifier with a small bottle though there was my pasteurized milk.

Dear mummies, I hope that my supervision did not seem to you too banal. I will be very glad if my experience of breastfeeding leads you to the correct decision.