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Youth for money: for and against

Time is ruthless to all - every year leaves the print on a face. But already there is no need to look for the recipe of magical drink or to put soul in exchange for eternal youth. Cosmetologists and plastic surgeons promise to relieve us of time traces. However the vast majority of women so never also addresses esthetic medicine. Why? From - for dangers of complications or from - for high prices? Learn the truth about return of youth and solve.

Cellular technologies

Mechanism: Ageing of skin - process difficult and still up to the end not studied. It is considered that at the heart of it - deterioration in functions of fibroblast. These cages in many respects are responsible for elasticity of skin and healthy complexion. With age ability to division at these cages decreases and consequently, appearance of skin worsens. By means of cellular technologies it is possible to increase artificially quantity of fibroplast in skin - at the expense of stem cells which can give rise to cells of any fabrics or bodies. Autotransplantation - a method quite expensive. And the effect of procedure comes in 6 - 8 weeks, but, according to some plastic surgeons, the effect has to last all life.

to Whom should be done to

? to the Women wishing to get rid of mimic and age wrinkles. Introduction of stem cells - suitable option for elderly women (at whom activity of own cages is reduced), but through three - four months procedure it is necessary to repeat.

of Complication: Introduction and a prizhivleniye of stem cells - process new and, unfortunately, low-studied. Their use in world practice does not exceed 10 years. Therefore precisely it is impossible to predict consequences of similar operation. Today many scientists consider that ability of stem cells to unlimited division can lead to formation of any tumors including malignant.

Price: from $10000

Surgical methods

the Mechanism: Where you would not do tightening, the method looks approximately equally. Under the general anesthesia the surgeon does several cuts and then delays fat and takes away “excess“ skin. The traditional technology of tightening (ritidektomiya) is constantly modified. Now in clinics also do tightening myshechno - a fastsialny complex of the person - it allows to prolong effect of operation. Many clinics do also an endoscopic face lifting, but, as a rule, only in a forehead. In this case on border between a forehead and hairy part of the head about five small openings and already by means of the endoscope become and special tools skin of a forehead exfoliates, and then is in a special way tightened. In spite of the fact that this operation is performed as if from within, this method has nuances too. Usually during this operation to exfoliate not only face skin (as usual), but also all hairy part of the head. Anyway, you have to be ready to spend at least a couple of days in a hospital, and then about two weeks to change bandages. But, on the other hand, the surgical method is considered the most effective in fight for youth today.

to Whom should be done to

? That at whom the face contour (worsened from - for age, sharp change of weight or the postponed mechanical and mental injuries) who suffers from sagging of skin, wrinkles and lowered a century, “the fallen eyebrows“.

of Complication: From complications external - on the place of cuts can remain large brightly - the painted scars (keloidny hems), otsloyenny skin at the edges of a section can become lifeless (more often at the smokers sick with diabetes). Quite often after operation the hematoma - if it small is formed, it is exhausted by means of the syringe. In more difficult cases it is necessary to do repeated operation. If the muscular system of the person is tightened, there is a risk to injure a facial nerve and then a face can be paralyzed (temporarily or even forever). Also there is a danger that the person will be too “drawn“. At operation on lower eyelids there can be “doubling“ in eyes (which does not give in to treatment), eyes can sink down, be rounded, stretch.

Price: from $800 to $5000


the Mechanism: Through small punctures into the top layer of skin enter special threads (they can be made from 24 - karat gold or special synthetic material). By means of a usual surgical needle under face skin to be entered the thread which length, about 5 cm. The essence of a method is that gold or synthetic threads irritate the fabrics adjoining to them therefore blood supply and the general condition of skin improves.

to Whom should be done to

? the Companies propagandizing this method advise to do it to all at whom on a face aging signs were designated. But many doctors do not consider this method effective.

of Complication: Hematomas. If skin thin - threads can appear through, and any more it is impossible to fight against it in any way.

Price: from $100 for one thread.


Mechanism: by means of the thin syringe into the top layers of skin enters the special mix intensifying exchange processes in skin - vitamins, minerals and amino acids. For each problem this mix is selected individually. Action from a mesotherapy lasts about a week, then procedure needs to be repeated. Doctors recommend to take a course from 10 - 15 sessions at once.

to Whom should be done to

? the Mesotherapy can be directed to absolutely different problems - acne rash, wrinkles and the lowered skin tone, hems, hypostases, baldness and even cellulitis. The mesotherapy is recommended in case face and body operations are contraindicated (or in them there is no need yet). But in general, some doctors are inclined to call efficiency of this procedure into question.

of Complication: Oslozheneny is not present. After injections there can temporarily be bruises. But if you have stones in a gall bladder, you should not resort to a mesotherapy.

Price: from $300 and above


the Mechanism: peeling of layers of skin - top, as in case of a dermabraziya or laser polishing, and deep, as in case of a deep peeling Happens. Also polishing stimulates skin - it becomes more elastic and smooth. You can choose laser polishing (and, the erbium laser is considered more sparing, and CO2 - the laser more effective), an ultrasonic peeling, microdermabrasion (when the smallest particles under pressure “shoot“ at skin) or a peeling by means of fruit acids (can be superficial, median and deep). Sometimes a dermabraziya appoint addition to other types of a peeling. Superficial polishing can be done every two weeks, a median peeling - with a break in several months. The deep peeling usually becomes only once and on all the life. Procedure is very traumatic and demands the room in a hospital. But and effect it is possible to put safely in one row with surgical tightening. Even deep wrinkles are smoothed.

to Whom should be done to

? That who on a face has hems, traces from eels, and also wrinkles which create effect of “baked apple“ on a face.

of Complication: After procedure the person swells and becomes covered by a crust (and, after a deep chemical peeling the thick crust covers all face and descends approximately in 12 days. Then the person some time (depending on depth of polishing and specific features) keeps pink color. On skin there can be pigmentary spots or, on the contrary, depigmentation sites. The greatest danger to the person after a peeling is constituted by the sun. Be ready that use of sunblock cream will become for you a necessity.

Price: from $1500 to $8000


the Mechanism: Gels happen resolving and not resolving. In a basis and that and other gel - hyaluronic acid. Gel is entered a thin needle into the center of skin, under wrinkles and substance acts as if as the “pillow“ supporting skin. Such gel is used also for increase in volume of lips. Procedure occupies no more than half an hour, and the result is swept up at once. The effect lasts 6 - 12 months.

to Whom should be done to

? That who in mouth corners, around a nose, an eye and on a nose bridge has wrinkles and who wants to get rid of them considerably and quickly.

of Complication: Small hypostasis at once after gel introduction, in several hours it descends, formation of small hematomas is possible.

Price: from $350 and above

butulizm Toxin

the Mechanism: preparations boteks and disport belong Here. Toxin of botulism of type A is entered into a muscle (most often, in the field of mimic wrinkles) and as if lulls the nervous terminations in it, muscles completely relax and become motionless, as a result, skin is smoothed, and new wrinkles are not formed. The preparation begins to work on 2 - y day after procedure, the maximum effect comes for 6 - 7 day and 6 - 8 months proceed. It is considered also that Botox has a positive side effect - after its introduction headaches practically disappear and the risk of developing of neurologic diseases decreases.

to Whom should be done to

? That who complains of wrinkles around eyes, on a nose bridge, on a forehead and around lips.

of Complication: the next muscles can Sometimes fall - for example if you did an injection in a forehead, the contour of eyes can deteriorate or change a shape of eyebrows.

Price: from $100 - $300

Bleaching of teeth

the Mechanism: the Dazzling smile is capable to rejuvenate a face at once. But years of smoking, consumption of tea and coffee, a trauma etc. change color of teeth. Change can be superficial or deep. Superficial is eliminated by means of professional hygienic cleaning, and internal diskolorit it is possible to try to eliminate by means of bleaching. The bleaching gel (with hydrogen peroxide) or is put at several o`clock in a kappa (the plastic cover made on molds of your teeth), or is affected by the laser (he acts as the reaction catalyst). First option longer: the course lasts 3 weeks, plus - time for production of a kappa. Procedure of laser bleaching lasts about an hour, but is twice more expensive. The bleaching gel can be applied also in house conditions, but independently it is not possible to apply gel exactly on the lower teeth almost to anybody. Result - unevenly bleached teeth.

to Whom should be done to

? That who has strong enamel (there are no cracks), healthy gums, are not present an allergy and seals on foreteeth.

of Complication: enamel Can become thinner, sensitivity of tooth to hot and cold sometimes increases, tooth becomes less steady against injuries and caries.

Price: from $300 for a kappa and from $500 for laser bleaching.