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To the Crimea with the one-and-a-half-year-old kid. Part II

Part I

With the end of a summer season many cafes in Partenita were closed by

, and still there were many places where it was possible to eat tasty and rather cheap. The dinner for two cost $15-20. The special charm was that up to our departure it was possible to sit on the street, and visitors already were practically not (occupied usually were 2 - 3 little tables).

Directly in park the summer cafe “Blazer“ in which in the first evening we enjoyed noise of the sea, trills of crickets and warm Crimean air is. All ware there disposable, very tasty solyanka and fish, and the Italian pizza here advertized is made long and does not cost the spent time. Timur was very much entertained by the small fountainlets, touch lamps which are lit from one touch and live music performed by Uncle Alik group. Besides long not to wait, it was possible to leave pledge and to walk quietly near in park until the food is ready.

the Traditional Crimean dish - the shish kebab, - for which in “Blazer“ was not a season any more, we tried in Paradise cafe. Ware there usual, convenient wicker chairs with soft and warm pillows (that is important in the autumn evening), and a brazier kindled personally for us.


But most of all to us liked Podsolnukhi cafe. Both interior, and kitchen, and lovely waitress, and very sincere manager. It was the only time when we decided to sit indoors and, probably, the biggest extreme for all trip. Just this evening Timur was categorically not ready for a sit-round gathering, and there was no place to recede already. He poured out all salt under a table, continuously held a meeting, tried to pull out from - under dishes a cloth or at least to pometat knives (it it even managed once)... Hasty retiring after a meal, I thanked the manager and apologized for what was “a little shumnovato“ on what she, seeing off us, smilingly and hospitably answered: “No that you, you even recovered, surely come still!“ - if it was game, then Stanislavsky would believe.

Through the road from us, all on the same Solnechnaya Street. There in general three pancakes cost couple of dollars, and it is more than 30 types of stuffings! On tables - piles of glossy magazines so also Timur was what to occupy.

Can have dinner also in the canteen of sanatorium “Crimea“. It is necessary just to approach about 14 hours and to agree with the waitress. The complex lunch will cost 15 UAH, at the same time it is possible to choose in the menu one of three first and one their three second courses. We had so once dinner. Everything is quite edible, but, frankly speaking, a special satisfaction was not taken and began to go there any more, preferring to eat houses once again.

By the way, directly in park, besides dining rooms, restaurant and several cafes, the tasting room is. There it is possible to taste about ten Crimean wines and cognac, and then pleasant to buy on flood, - excellent addition to home cuisine.

In 5 minutes from us. Very much the company little shop “Our ryaba“, close to a supermarket and the market, pleased us - a source is fresher than some chicken meat. And in the presence of a microwave it is possible to eat at home in general. For example, 1,5 kg of chicken meat prepare in it half an hour, and from you it will only be required to put meat in a saucepan and once to switch the mode. Also everything is warmed instantly. But the main thing, in the microwave oven - the furnace is very convenient to prepare pyureshka for Timur.

the Kid ate


  • a breakfast - quick-cooking cereal with milk, bread and butter, cheese;
  • the second breakfast (on the beach) - small loafs, fruit, juice;
  • a lunch (after a day dream) - myasoovoshchny mashed potatoes of my preparation;
  • in the evening (food during walk) - baby food from a jar;
  • and later evening - something from our plates of the house or in cafe (it very much likes the baked fish, chicken meat, sweet pepper, spaghetti). Still I sometimes gave it Bilosvit cottage cheese, but, buying dairy products in small little shops, it is worth paying attention to an expiration date.
have some

about water. Well what in the Crimea runs from the crane, you should not drink and furthermore you should not give to the kid, - in it there are too much salts. On a spiral of almost new electric kettle in our rental apartment there was such layer of scale that it was impossible to use it. It was necessary to buy a bag of lemon acid, to pour out in a teapot with water and to boil few times. Initially we took the purified drinking water from the house, and then bought in a supermarket.

That else took: to a microwave - a special saucepan, a spoon and Timur`s plateau, my favourite knife for cleaning of vegetables. I regretted that I did not take a small wooden chopping board from the house, and the husband lacked a good kitchen knife. From food: olive oil, Nordic porridges, Hipp jars, juice of “Fruto Nian“, several small bottles of children`s milk. The baby food and juice are on sale in children`s shops and Partenit`s supermarket, but the choice almost any, and the prices 15 - 20% higher.


It, in general, did not strain

. Contrary to fears, I suited a postirushka only two times and that on trifles. Inconvenience only that from - for high humidity in the Crimea everything very long dries. So some Timurkina things had to be dried on the beach.


with itself: rubber gloves, children`s soap and little children`s powder; for kitchen: spongy napkin and couple of scouring sponges. It appeared, everything for washing of ware in the apartment was. There were even paper bags for garbage.

the Beach

the Beach in Partenita is, in fact, the beach of military sanatorium “Crimea“ (therefore - that on the territory of this sanatorium in any way not to do without admission). On the one hand he is limited the Bear - the mountain, and with another - the small roundish rock which is often called by the Bear cub. The coast mainly pebble though sand meets too. However, gray and with larger parts, but for construction of locks and a Kulichiki quite suitable. And wind does not sweep it and to shake off far more simply. However, stones - almost at the water, and cost wooden trestle beds on a concrete eminence under canopies, in aero sunbeds as it is called here. The small child will not go down from such eminence itself, and it strained a little. For rent it is possible to take chaise lounges and air mattresses. Along the coast enough pure toilets are a lot of. And here we did not find flourishes with fresh water. Perhaps not a season?

can carry

To pluses of the sanatorium beach not only purity, but also existence of own weather service. Information on weather appears on a loudspeaker. Not everywhere it it is, however, heard, but on the embankment, at the special stand, it is possible to esteem. Four times a day data on water temperature and air, pressure, humidity and nervousness of the sea are updated there. We were lucky, despite the beginning of October, weather was mainly beach, the sea is quite often warmer than air, +23 °, and 9 of 12 days we bathed in the mornings. In the second half of day the sun leaves for mountains and on the beach almost does not get. Perhaps, again - because fall.

as, all delights of the velvet season - people are felt a little anywhere to occupy with

On the beach a trestle bed in the first line from the sea - not a problem, the risk to burn minimum, and rather velvet sea.

Even at a minimum of vacationers the beach are tirelessly combed by dealers and, managing to outvoice noise of waves, offer a standard set: fresh berries (strawberry and raspberry), Azov shrimps, various nutlets, pies, baklava, fish.

In the Crimea we always try to go to the beach a bit earlier, and this time Timur was our “alarm clock“. At daybreak half-asleep he the last time ate mother`s milk, right there sat down a column and, looking at the next bed, playfully and tenderly called: “Pas - a pas!“, - to hide under a blanket it was useless. By the way, somehow it altered this tradition a little: ate, sat down and instead of “father“ declared: “Kaki!“ And, it appeared, did not joke. Such unprecedented consciousness in the Crimea was shown for the first time.


as Timurka likes to dive, - just comes into the small river and fearlessly falls, - I very much worried that it will have suffered much sea water. But nothing of that kind occurred. Probably, it yet not at that age to rejoice to waves, - they puzzled him more likely. Much more he liked to watch delightfully an easy storm from a pier, to potter in wet sand so that waves only sometimes concerned it, to throw stones into water and to travel independently around the beach. And bathings were short, on a mother`s or father`s initiative. And though he in water was not torn, nevertheless, floundered with great pleasure.

That was taken on the beach. Of course, a carriage - under sitting it is very convenient to load all beach things into a basket. Children`s t-shirts and shorts - dressed the kid in the first days at a bright sun; after bathing that it was warmed; at wind. Wiped Timur, turning in thin diapers, - they well absorb moisture and on the sun quickly dry. The bucket with a sovochok from the house was not taken, counted that we will buy on the place, but found hardly, not a season. Children`s Panamanians it is good to have a couple (however, they were just on sale). The sunshade was superfluous.

Flora and fauna

Going in the fall to the Crimea, we not especially counted on beach weather.

the fact that the kid will be able to breathe curative sea air was Much more important than

and to walk in remarkable park where each breath - the most real phytotherapy. And these expectations were met with interest.

can be found

In park of sanatorium “Crimea“ constantly something new, all flora growing there is so various. In it as in a botanical garden, there is both a set of coniferous breeds, and a hill with cactuses, and a bamboo bosk, and zemlyanichnik, and a pith oak, and a speyushchy persimmon, and even bushes of an ostrolist whose evergreen dress and red berries became a symbol of Catholic Christmas long ago. Park well-groomed and pure. And I felt huge pleasure, looking as Timurka collects chestnuts and cones, but not some bright garbage; as he watches ants and butterflies as he smells roses and embraces palm trees; as hides in cut bushes or it is proud paces with the multi-colored feather of a jay thrust in a knitted hat.

it is a lot of squirrels and the most different birds Here, and even a crow, in city conditions important and extremely careful birds, the resort park turned into beggars. In the territory of sanatorium there is even a small menagerie. However, through a double small grid of ducks and rabbits to make out not easy, but nevertheless it is possible to try. There lives also a young mountain nanny-goat there Kunya whom we met on a clearing once. Timur stretched it a cam with sunflower seeds and was delighted, and tender Kunya licked it in a cheek.

In the evenings we fed with

on the bank of pigeons and huge as chickens, a tea. However, how many I did not persuade Timur to throw a bagel piece, he with an outstretched arm chased birds and very much was upset that they do not understand its good intentions: stopped, published dissatisfied “Uuu...“ also made a helpless gesture.

B one of days we were going to visit a dolphinarium (nearly an every day there 2 representations: at 11:00 and at 16:00). But Timur who usually sleeps one hour and forty minutes safely sabotaged this action, having fallen asleep for about three hours. At some responsible moments quite often it happens to it. But all of us equally went to a dolphinarium and as a result did not regret. Having waited for the end of the program, paid the put 20 UAH and were photographed with one of dolphins, Timurk it even stroked. As a result it turned out that we saved 40 UAH (the price of two adult tickets), - the kid all the same would not sit out 45 minutes of representation. By the way, for a certain payment it is possible and to swim for a while with dolphins, and the dolphin therapy course is offered to children. But our son, seemingly, big liked large live small fishes in the foyer of a dolphinarium. When we already went outside, it dragged me on a ladder on the second floor and with shouts “Oh again! Oh!“ ran up to an aquarium.

In general Timur who, as well as most of boys, does not concern to early “chatterers“, in the Crimea, at last, began to say actively not separate syllables, but the whole words. It seems to me, it occurred in many respects thanks to emotional communication with the nature:“ sets“ (flowers), “Pama“ (palm tree), “investigation“ (cone), “ptik“ (birdies), “tsyak“ (tea), “seine“ (seeds).

Ayvazovskoye Rest house

Despite natural autumn emptiness, in Partenita we met a great number of the vacationer of children: is slightly more senior than both Timurkiny age-mates, and children, and absolutely crumbs which carried in baby slings. On the beach and in park there was always a children`s company, and, having got to talking with one-year-old Vova`s grandmother from Moscow area once, I learned about existence of Ayvazovskoye rest house which to us was very much advised to visit. Next day we there also went.

the Ayvazovskoye Rest house is as if and Partenit, and as if and not absolutely since it is located for the Bear cub, has an own small bay, and received the name according to the name of the settlement bearing a name of the famous artist. The territory of “Ayvazovsky“ is extensive and goes down to the sea almost from the route. Therefore we had to rise for couple of hryvnias by one of numerous buses to Partenit`s top and to leave just in front of required gate. It appeared, the excursion avtomobilchik this day did not work, and the entrance on the territory cost 7 UAH from the person. Having slightly become gloomy, all of us decided not to depart from the drawn-up plan, and entered gate...

the Path gave

to long - the predlinny ladder surrounded with cypresses, and we patiently began to go down. The benefit, Timurka in the Crimea just began to master descent and rise on steps, and therefore, in passing kicking the cone, preferred to move independently. Approximately halfway to the sea interesting observation decks were found, and soon we in general forgot about all the regrets. To the amazed look almost deserted open spaces, marvelous beauty of a lawn, tremendous beds and shops in the form of a swing opened. Behind each turn all new combinations and paints appeared, - and it in October!

Having photographed

in improbably beautiful corner of cactuses, we sat down under a huge plane tree to feed the yearned and got a bit tired kid. And directly over our heads in mighty krone there were small lamps in the form of big white opaque spheres, - it is a pity, it did not happen to see how all this shines late evening. Having passed a graceful arbor and a man-made lake, we, at last, went down to the beach which did not disappoint too, - here yes during a season! And souls with fresh water were there, both very convenient chaise lounges, and bars, and even a toilet with the European-quality repair and the conditioner working for heating!

we did not manage to become thoughtful still seriously how we will be chosen as on the embankment the small open avtomobilchik taxied! Being day off, the driver arrived for someone at a personal request and, of course, we did not miss the chance. In a car of 5 places, and it is worth being passed on it 20 UAH. (from all passengers), during a season it, apparently, carries vacationers from the beach. Minutes through 5 we were at gate in “Ayvazovskoye“ already again. Timurka who is crazy about all “bi - bi“ was delighted just with such trip.

Next day we decided to round on foot “Ayvazovskoye“ on the left side and to try to leave to sanatorium “Rock“. After half an hour of walking on the dirty poluzabrosheny road we appeared at the crossroads: on the right below - some long boring embankment, and at the left - one more entrance to “Ayvazovskoye“! Reflected not for long, and, having agreed with the kind security guard, joyfully went to walk to an ancient olive grove unprecedented hitherto. However, to tell “the olive grove“ is not to tell anything. Here, among 300 - summer trees, there was an openwork arbor, both falls, and a lake, and the artificial rivulet, and the bridge, and one more lake, and the sea of the blossoming roses which is buried in flowers, and hanging down too from branches red grenades... And again the saving avtomobilchik appeared! And when it passed by us to be developed, Timur as real voting, lifted a hand and, being perplexed, called: “E! E! whether“

Results Should saying


that there was no wish to leave Partenit terribly. We were happy possibilities of 12 days to stay unseparably three together, opportunities to prolong summer and together with Timur to rediscover the Crimea. In Partenita Timurke 1,5 years were executed, and we with the husband noted 6 - the anniversary of our meetings (you remember an “extreme“ dinner in cafe?) . And for the first time the house where everything was absolute still not really pleased. But in these habitual walls it became obvious that our son matured and returned from the Crimea absolutely another. And I was depressed upon return of everything two days while behind windows, without ceasing, poured a rain. And on the third the sun looked out, and I thought that everything is not so bad. It is necessary only a bit earlier to leave to walk and to write surely that dreams come true - can, it is useful to someone.:-)


and other Crimean photos can be seen here.

of Good luck to all who only dream of rest with the baby!!!