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To the Crimea with the one-and-a-half-year-old kid. Part I

the Detailed story about how we tried to make the first family rest with the child the healthiest, pleasant and easy.



was born p at the very beginning of April, and I precisely knew that at the sea we will not get to this summer. Looking as quickly the kid grows, there was a wish to believe that in a year family travel will become possible. This thought very much warmed. And with arrival of new spring of dream of the sea gained almost persuasive character in my brain tired with monotony.

On the one hand, there was a mad wish to escape, and with another, appear, decide we on it, there will be not a rest, and one continuous extreme. Plus various fears of what can happen to the child by the sea: diseases, solar burns, poisonings, sudden teeth, adaptation... Yes what to tell you. Especially as our son outdoors at all never spent the night. The husband was especially skeptic. If I was puzzled most of all by lack on vacation of the washing machine, then he could not imagine anything, since our trip in the train at all.

For the summer parents of the husband gave us the old car for departures from Timurkaya to the country. Also you know, considerably felt better me. The nature, the small river, with delight the diving kid, the friendly family companies, easy suntan and mass of new impressions. We looked forward to every weekend, in advance thinking out with whom and where we will go. Thoughts of the sea already not especially disturbed, afflicted only the fact that such wonderful summer comes to an end...

in the Fall, with the first cold snap at the beginning of September our father brought home some virus with a temperature and cough, and we amicably had it. Timurka never coughed before, and the real attacks which were not giving plainly began here is, to sleep. Our doctor even suspected whooping cough. And though in ten days everything safely passed, very much recommended not to relax, and to go with the child to the Crimea, there, where there is a little people, and better, of course, for a month. So in our souls doubt grain was seeded again. Hardly recovered, grown thin Timur, fall... and to the Crimea??

In few weeks, filled with different urgent matters, I forgot and to think of the Crimea. But one fine day the husband, having returned from work, announced suddenly: “So, if we go to the Crimea, then it is necessary to leave tomorrow, at most - the day after tomorrow. You will decide, I at work will tear tomorrow claws. To 15 - go October it is necessary to return, and that at us the new office is opened“. Here so bolt from the blue! There was such feeling that the extreme already began. But I all - decided...

Why Partenit

Thus, questions “when to go?“ and “on how many?“ did not stand any more. (There was, however, still an option of partially joint rest, i.e., we with the kid month in the Crimea, and the father arrivals. But this idea was not pleasant to all of us.) It was clear and “on what to go?“, - on the old woman - the car which we during the summer capitally tinkered. It was necessary only to think up “where?“ .

We were in the Crimea more than once, but it was necessary to choose the place which would be ideally suited for the one-and-a-half-year-old kid. Thought over Katsiveli and Yevpatoria. My mother advised Partenit in whom she was last year, just in the middle of the fall. And it is valid, we agreed that this place has the mass of advantages. In - the first, it not such crowded, as, say, Alushta or Yalta. In - the second, the coastal part of Partenit represents the plain, so, it is not necessary to clear daily the bar with a carriage and the kid. In - the third, there huge park of military sanatorium “Crimea“ in which it will be possible to walk with Timur even if weather will not be taken. In the territory of this sanatorium there is even a dolphinarium. Eventually, in Partenita we were not yet. So why is also not present?

we Pack things

Process of collecting things became for me, perhaps, the most difficult part of the conceived enterprise. From need to expect everything and to forget nothing simply the head broke up. Hardly persuaded the husband to participate at least in drawing up the list of all necessary. The album leaf which is used up by small handwriting with more than 150 points turned out! The collecting begun with the morning plunged the apartment into utter chaos. Partly thanks to efforts of Timur who continually tried to introduce in planned the amendments or on the course carried out audit of contents of boxes and cases. The mess ended only in the evening when, having shown the door to men on walk, I all - could finish conceived, and, feverishly thinking that else lost sight of, having grown weak, failed on a sofa.

it Turned out p that with the advent of the third family member even if still absolutely small, there is also a third huge bag hammered to the full. And still a carriage, absolutely not marching large-size pot and the microwave oven which is decided to be taken the place in the car was. Forgotten there were only favourite shorts of the husband. I just did not know, to pack them, or he will want to put on them to the road. Here also laid out on a foreground...

is more detailed than

about everything that was taken, is farther in the text.

the Road

Departure was is planned for 4 o`clock in the morning on September 29. I since evening laid the kid in a shirt, socks and panties that at daybreak it is accurate to transfer to the car. In a car Timur began to worry a little, but, having received a mother`s breast, right there again fell asleep. The husband printed out the description of all route which is coming us found in the Internet in advance, and in the direction of travel I was for the navigator: declared that waits for us ahead, marked an arrival time to different settlements and, just in case, location of gas stations of multinational corporation.

landscapes became more cheerful than

As approaching the Crimea also solnechny. Very much pleased an eye Sivash and Chongar: on both sides of the road - water; on shallows and on the region of the coast sparkling, as snow, salt; growing on saline soils it is bright - a red grass; great variety of birds, - beauty! In Chongare, the entry into the Crimea, has the well-known fish market at which it is difficult not to stop, - in the resort area there is neither such fish variety, nor such low prices. In general, 515 km to the destination were a little tiresome, but quite tolerable. Timur, having twice had a sleep, felt in general excellently. In front of Simferopol entertained itself: tickled to itself a nose a cane whisk and giggled, than amused and slightly encouraged the sleepy father.

That took with themselves in the car. Except food, drink, warm things and a children`s blanket, very much were useful: a small pillow to mother under a back; a thin diaper from which the improvised curtain from the sun hitting into a window turned out; cookies and apples for having a snack to Timur; favourite toys of the kid (book, handle, machine); big thermos which we use as the refrigerator - we put in it ice cubes houses, and then if necessary we place food which needs to be kept on the way. It is worth holding near at hand also children`s Panamanian, couple of pampers and wet towel wipes. And here the plaid was not useful to us.

the Settlement

Planning a trip, we initially made a choice for private well-planned housing. The Crimean boarding houses and sanatoria - pleasure expensive and, personally for us, doubtful. Neither hot water on hours, nor fresh stolovsky food in the fixed time and the fixed portions, bedside tables with accession numbers fit into idea, our with the husband, of rest. And Timurka is small for a public catering, and I wanted to have an opportunity to cook to it that food to which he got used at home.

I again praise to the Internet! To a trip the husband found the good website devoted to Partenit with specific proposals on housing. Contacted the agent and previously agreed about a meeting. As we also assumed, after early rise and a long way, in the unfamiliar place and with the small child, enthusiasm it was not necessary to look for housing independently any. Therefore the husband just dialed familiar number, and in 15 minutes we were installed to the one-room apartment on the central Solnechnaya Street (the name - that what!) . The agent cheap issued to us the admission on the territory of military sanatorium and walked with us to the sea, in passing telling where what can be bought and where it is possible to go.

the Apartment in 7 minutes from the sea, with European-quality repair, the conditioner and uninterrupted hot and cold water cost us $15 a day. At this time quite really to rent one-room apartment and for $10, however, I can tell nothing about conditions. Ours was on the first floor that in the presence of a carriage quite suited us. Repair was recent and quite decent. What else pleased, considering that to have a rest we arrived with the small child: a plastic window with an anti-mosquito grid (in the Crimea a lot of living creatures, winged and creeping, and considering the first floor...) ; ware from unbreakable glass; a bergofovsky pan with a double bottom; floors from a laminate and lack of carpets; a porolonovy mop with the handle for an extraction, - it it is very convenient to clean puddles:-). We set up an ironing table on a case at once not to create an emergency situation, and the TV already was attached to a wall highly from a floor. On the first floor of a view from the window any - the tree and the rock, - but late evening and at night to us was even a little heard the sea...

was Struck by parking: days - 15 hryvnias (nearly $3), - it is 4 times more expensive, than in our million city!


What is adaptation, we so plainly also did not understand. Perhaps rescued that the kid still on breastfeeding or perhaps 500 km - not it and long distance.

I Remember

, in the very first day for which we managed not only to reach to the Crimea and to unpack things, but also to descend on the beach, in cafe and to take a walk, we sat with the husband terribly sleepy and tired and with surprise observed how the child splashing energy tirelessly drags the turned plastic stools on a floor. It seemed, to it there will be no end. I then still thought, maybe, it also is some special form of adaptation? But at 8 in the evening Timur as though switched off, so quickly and suddenly he fell asleep. (Houses he usually 10 does not lay down earlier.) The most interesting, the same repeated and next day. In the afternoon he fell asleep in 12 as soon as we came from the beach and bathed him under a shower, in the evening - having hardly returned from walk, i.e. in 8. And it never had a mode.

can carry To the only manifestation of adaptation, probably, the fact that in the first 3 - 4 days Timur strenuously sucked a breast - on 5 - 6 times in a night. There was such impression that with milk it obtains some special information on where got and how here to behave. I for some reason very much was afraid the day before yesterday, and thought that if it passes quietly, then further already precisely nothing bad happens to the kid. And nothing was, neither for the third day, nor on the fifth, nor on the tenth.

All the time we tried to carry out

as much as possible on air. Timur perfectly ate and moved much, and I was not abandoned for a long time by feeling of a miracle when I saw how favourite small legs vigorously pace on shady avenues of the Crimean park. .

That took: all home first-aid kit to the maximum plus phone of our doctor. Fortunately, except iodine with which smeared to me scratch once nothing was useful.