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Rest with treatment in the south of Russia. Part 2

Part I


Gelendzhik over the past few years changed to the best. Embankments are perfectly issued, in the city there are a lot of well-planned vacation spots - among them there is a cafe, aquaparks, ropeways, a dolphinarium, an amusement park “Admiral Vrungel“. In the summer there is no lack of visitors. But the city specializes not only in summer beach holiday. Traditionally here diseases warmly - vascular system, respiratory organs, the central and peripheral nervous system, oporno - the motive device treat.

the Sanatorium “Red Talka“ (category of numbers “three stars“) is located

in the center of Gelendzhik, on the embankment. It represents 9 - the floor sleeping case on 500 people connected by warm transition to the building lechebno - the improving center.

Specialization of a health resort - treatment of diseases of respiratory organs (not tubercular nature), oporno - the motive device, endocrine system, neurosises, is warm - vascular, surdologichesky, gynecologic and urological diseases. There are bathing offices, the equipment for carrying out the most different medical procedures (UVCh, an electrophoresis, laser therapy, a magnetotherapy, SMT, a diadinamoterapiya, electrodirt, an ozotokeritolecheniye, a speleoterapiya, ingalation, etc.) . Soon in sanatorium own generator of radon for carrying out medical procedures of a radonoterapiya will appear.

In sanatorium treat also children - in the hall of physiotherapy exercises we saw occupations with the school students having scoliosis and violations of a bearing. The only teenage gynecologist in Gelendzhik conducts reception. It is necessary to notice that the children`s recreation camp located in the neighbourhood is a part of sanatorium.

As was told to us by Eduard Mazherin, the deputy director of “Red Talka“ for medical part, the special attention in sanatorium is paid to treatment of man`s infertility. As the proof its office was decorated with photos of several recognizable actors of middle and advanced age, with a smile embracing our new acquaintance at steps of sanatorium.

In the settlement the Kabardian on the seashore located the luxurious resort Hope complex (defines itself as five-stars). It works in three directions - SPA and improvement, business - and the congress - tourism, family rest. Service here, of course, at height - in the big protected territory restaurants and bars, a disco, sports grounds and yachts - club etc. are located. There are conditions for leisure not only adults, but also children (children`s towns, outdoor pools with hills).

Sanatorium - the dispensary of the general profile is part of the Hope complex. For improvement of patients mud and balneological procedures, physical therapy, different types of massage and remedial gymnastics, laser therapy, acupuncture, etc. are used. The medical base of sanatorium has the most various diagnostic equipment.

As for SPA - the center, here we with surprise learned that the words “cover clients with chocolate“ have not only figurative, but also literal sense. At least, the corresponding service appears in the price list.

the Resort Hope complex does not participate in the Open South program, the prices of accommodation there and in the winter very and very high. Of course, it makes sense to those who is able to afford rest in expensive hotels to go from there - for service. And medical care of the same quality can be received also for smaller money in those large sanatoria of the Black Sea coast about which it is told in this article.

In the center of Gelenzhdik, two steps away from the embankment the sanatorium “Lomonosov“ is. Specialization of sanatorium - a blood circulatory system disease, kostno - muscular system, gynecologic diseases, diseases of the urinogenital sphere, respiratory organs. In physiotherapeutic offices of “Lomonosov“ for treatment of patients use sea water of the Black Sea and therapeutic mud of the Kyzyltashsky estuary (among other is 4 - x chamber bathtubs for procedures from a galvanogryazyama). To inhalations and an irrigation of gums apply mineral water of local sources.

the Journalists from our group who stopped for the night in “Lomonosov“ were satisfied with numbers and service. The most brave risked to be influenced by a wrapping dirt.

Sanatorium “Blue wave“ (Diamonds of Russia) where we stopped for one night, it is good to p to consider it was not possible. However, which - that was remembered. In - the first, the rubber bedroom-slippers of the 45th size standing in number when I entered there. After the previous multistars hotels came to my mind that it is traditional “slippers with a logo of hotel“. Then to my look unmade beds, an empty bottle from - under shampoo and dirty cups appeared. “The room is not cleaned“, - I guessed. Found the maid and asked how to me to be.“ Go to some other number“, - she kindly advised me.


In - the second, me liked Lenin. The small plaster Lenin standing under a window. There was a storm at night, trees bent, quite terrible show. And only staunch Lenin stretching a finger towards bright future resisted to elements. The show was very instructive.

the Hot Key

the City the Hot Key is located

in the northern Foothills of Caucasus in 45 km to the South from Krasnodar and in 60 km from the coast of the Black Sea. The city is in the valley of the river Psekups and from three parties is surrounded with the Caucasus Mountains. In its vicinities the mineral water of eight types possessing a wide range of medicinal properties is got. Therefore the resort the Hot key is considered both balneal, and drinking.

the City is small

, its resort part looks well-planned and cozy. It is how possible to judge after short survey, it more suits those who prefer to noisy resort life a slow quiet rest.

the Main sanatoria of the city - “Foothills of Caucasus“, “the Hot Key“ and “Emerald“ - are connected by the avenue on which it is possible to walk, admiring tops of mountains. The resort park conducts vacationers to the operating chapel of the Iversky Mother of God cut directly in the rock to Dantov to the gorge decorated with a bas-relief of the great poet. One more local sight - the rock the Cockerel, its fancifully cut up top really reminds a cock crest.

Unfortunately, from - for a busy schedule we did not manage to reach there, and we had to be content with contemplation of photos of these beauty. Our route consisted in movements from one sanatorium to another. That to me it was most of all remembered from what was seen with own eyes - it is a decline. The sky over mountains was tremendous red color, I seldom had to see something similar.

Sanatorium “Foothills of Caucasus“ - the winner of a set of domestic and international awards, including a gold medal of Napoleon in 2003 (Paris), for high quality lechebno - improving services. One of the main remedies are thermal mineral waters here: hydrosulphuric, hloridno - gidrokarbonatno - kaltsiyevo - sodium.

In sanatorium the widest range of diseases - digestive organs, respiratory organs (not tubercular character), nervous system, oporno - the motive device, endocrine system treat, it is warm - vascular, skin, gynecologic and urological diseases, among other and radiation sickness. Work on programs of improvement “A healthy backbone“, “Beauty and health“, “Pure breath“, “Antistress“, “Rehabilitation of patients“ is conducted.

the Sanatorium “Hot key“ applies similar medical methods. Its feature - children`s office (7 - 15 years), office of mother and child.

the Sanatorium “Emerald“ is small

, it is calculated on only 70 places. But service in it very high level, and approach to guests individual (“We know each our guest by name“, - the director of sanatorium Ivan Fedorovsky told us). Interiors “Emerald“ which we did not expect to see in the small city in any way - magnificent halls, the phytobar, a billiard room made impression on us.

Despite seclusion of sanatorium, medical base at it very representative. In “Emerald“ diseases of digestive organs, support and the movements, nervous system, skin, eyes, the ENT SPECIALIST - bodies, urinogenital and endocrine system treat. We saw the most modern medical equipment, SPA - a capsule, water - and mud baths. Though, speaking frankly, it was most interesting to the journalists who were tired towards evening to examine not devices, and to bank with medical bloodsuckers in a girudoterapiya office.

Tuapsinsky District

Tuapsinsky District is on a joint of two climatic zones. From Anapa to Tuapse - climate Mediterranean: hot, dry summer, winter cold, with frosts. To the south Tuapse (coast and the foothills) passes climate in subtropical - damp, warm, without snow and a frost. Sanatoria of Tuapsinsky District specialize in treatment of diseases of respiratory organs, is warm - vascular system, nervous system and zheludochno - an intestinal path.

the Boarding house with treatment “Yugra“ on 400 places is located

at the height of 50 - 60 meters above sea level and surrounded with the wood. The medical base of boarding house allows to treat diseases oporno - motive, is warm - vascular systems, the top airways, a metabolic disorder.

during excursion across “Yugra“ to us were shown by the bowling (three paths) equipped for fans of active recreation, a gym, billiard halls, the pool etc. The pleasant impression was made by the well-groomed territory. Inhabited cases will be spaced from the coastline approximately on 200 m, but the beach at boarding house, closed, to it the protected path which is almost isolated from the outside world conducts. It is no wonder that I felt there absolutely quietly when one walked on the seashore at eleven o`clock in the evening.

the Improving Yamal complex (Zapsibgazprom) is in 15 km from Tuapse, it includes two inhabited cases of various category, one of which four-stars.


“Yamal“ modern lechebno - diagnostic base. The main medical specialization of a complex - an illness oporno - the motive device, respiratory organs, the sphere of gynecology and nervous system. The complex is calculated on simultaneous treatment of 300 people. Here is lechebno - diagnostic office, physiotherapeutic office (a balneary, a galokamer, ingalyatoriya), the center of correction of weight, cosmetology and SPA - salons, a massage office. it is interesting to p to note

that many guests of sanatorium come passing special programs of weight loss there. These programs join days of starvation according to individual schemes (it is allowed to drink only freshly cooked fruit and vegetable juice which moves here), sports occupations, massage etc. Generally, all as in the special western centers where the Hollywood movie stars grow thin.

the Boarding house is by the sea, but on rather steep slope of the mountain, at the height about 100 m. Sight of “Yamal“ - own beach to which it is possible to go down on 72 - the meter panoramic elevator. For those who do not want to use the elevator, and prefer to strengthen heart walking, on a mountain slope the serpentine laid special walking paths - terrenkura. We very much liked the indoor pool of “Yamal“ - the best of seen by us, the real sports pool.

If I chose

of Sochi by

where to go in the winter, being guided only by climate, I would prefer Sochi. Unlike Anapa and Gelendzhik, here already subtropics: it is warm and damp. In Sochi only three a season: hot summer, soft fall, and then at once spring. Not casually this district best of all is suitable for year-round rest and treatment. Average air temperature in Sochi in October + 15,9 °C, in November + 11,8 °C, in December + 10,4 °C, in January + 8,2 °C and in February + 8,8 °C.

of Sochi in consciousness of Russians - the traditional capital of summer holiday and entertainments. But from the point of view of doctors, the main property of the resort are its unique natural resources. Recently the administration plans to develop specialization of the city as drinking resort. According to heads of Matsesta holding, mineral waters of Sochi do not concede on the medicinal properties to the best mineral waters of the world.

during our excursion we got acquainted with sanatoria of Lazarevskoye and Matsesta, the areas which are a part of Sochi.



- the resort tourist Odyssey complex on 300 people is luxurious (belonged to Gazprom earlier) sanatorium of the general profile, he is engaged in prevention and rehabilitation of adults and children with 3 - summer age. The main inhabited case very extended - in it about 2 km of corridors. There are also cottages, everyone - on 6 places, for lonely rest. They say that lodgers can have a rest in “Odyssey“, without meeting with each other at all.


- the diagnostic office occupies 2 floors of the building. In it there is a lot of various the modern equipment. Program of prevention of respiratory diseases. Program of correction of weight.

Before the building of a complex very well-groomed and extensive (more than three hectares) the park is. In it among greens it is possible to see sports grounds, a tennis court, a playground and even the Orthodox church constructed in Old Russian style. In the territory there are also closed and outdoor pools, a gym. Not to depend on the centralized cutoffs of water, in “Odyssey“ own heatstation, power substation and water-pressure constructions function.

our group sincerely envied lodgers of “Odyssey“ because to the moment of our stay in Lazarevskoye hot water in the city was absent 2 or 3 weeks. A shower from a teapot - not the most pleasant pastime on vacation...

the Improving center “Yug“ (“Astrakhangazprom“) is in the settlement Council - Kvadzhe of Lazarevsky District of Sochi. The sanatorium includes as three cases (comfort level - approximately “four stars“), and eight cottages for separate accommodation. In total “South“ can accept about 300 people at the same time. Separate lechebno - the diagnostic case is equipped with modern medical devices, is water - and mud baths. A gym, a sauna and the indoor pool with sea water - indispensable attributes of any resort institution respecting itself.

socialism Island

made the strangest impression for all trip sanatorium “Starfish“ in the center of Lazarevskoye where we stopped for 2 nights on our group of journalists. There were many unclear things. Since the fact that to me with my colleague, the sweetest TV reporter, it was offered to sleep in one bed. (On our happiness, it had hospitable relatives in Lazarevskoye.) And finishing with that, as in ours, and in next “luxury“ cords of food of bedside desk lamps essentially did not reach sockets. To esteem before going to bed, probably, it was necessary to move a huge double bed to the middle of the room.

With other benefits of a civilization turned out funny too:
- Tell please, you have a hair dryer?
- That? you have no
- the hair dryer?
- What?
- Where you have a hair dryer??
- In shop!

the Food in the dining room was such... as if to tell it... nostalgic. As in kindergarten. When you speak: “I will not be“, and speak to you:“ Do not eat up baked pudding yet, from - for a table you will not leave“. And so gloomy waitresses as tutors in a garden. Well, we are people still the young people wishing and to ponastalgirovat. And here the pensioners who had a rest in “Starfish“ along with us did not want to feel like the punished children at all.

Here that was told to me by one very worthy lady. “My name is Anna Vasilyevna, I am a disabled person of the second group from Bryansk, I am 56 years old. I go to different sanatoria the fourth year in a row, but not to time did not meet it. To people in “Starfish“ to be engaged there is nothing, there are no pool and the hall for actions. There is no hot water nearly a month, but nobody warned vacationers in advance though shutdown was known in advance. Medical base not that weak, and almost any. I do not know how it is possible to humiliate so people as it is done by local doctors. One of employees told us: “I thought, I am employed to work in sanatorium, and here some hospice“.

One more episode. Five people stand waiting for the elevator to go down to an exit. Along a corridor there is an administrator and from a distance shouts: “Where six together you get into the elevator? I just repaired the elevator!“, and forward us goes to the elevator. On shy: “Sorry, but us five, and we are your guests“, - in reply: “And me it is necessary forward, I work here“.

the Elevator goes down, we leave, and we hear shout of other administrator from - for a corner, about a reception:“ What, again in the elevator vvosmery went?!“. It is short to answer this question almost also difficult, as Carlson`s question: “You ceased to drink cognac in the mornings, Froken Bock?“ .


Many vacationers come to Sochi not behind the warm sea at all as it was possible to assume, and behind health: their purpose - Matsesta, field of hydrosulphuric sources. The name “Matsesta“ (“fire-water“) speaks for itself. When the person takes a bath with this water, his skin right there reddens, there is a feeling of easy burning. Water is extracted from wells from 60 to 2000 m in depth, does not mix up with anything - neither with sea, nor with fresh water, only slightly - is slightly warmed up.

Matsesta bathtubs are unique

, more than hundred years doctors with their help cure patients of many bone, articulate, skin, gynecologic, nervous and the ENT SPECIALIST of diseases. The majority of the Sochi sanatoria carry on procedures of the guests in the Matsesta clinic. Only condition: treatment by Matsesta contraindicated at diseases of a liver, kidneys, tuberculosis and new growths.

the Resort Matsesta is a holding into which 5 balnearies enter. Four of them are located directly at the place of an exit of hydrosulphuric waters to a surface. Besides six sanatoria - “Wave“, “Metallurgist“, “Svetlana“, “Kudepsta“, “Moscow“, “of Maurice Thorez“ are a part of holding.

“Only in one of bathing buildings - 94 bathtubs, each procedure last 20 minutes. Therefore visitors go a continuous stream, bring them by buses from the Sochi sanatoria. In day treatment is received by 1300 - 1400 patients“ - Anna Markina, the senior nurse says.

Krom of hydrosulphuric bathtubs in Matsesta treat iodine - bromic bathtubs (fields are in the Region of Kudepsta) and drinking mineral water. In a complex the pump room with medicinal table mineral water of a grade “Plastoon“ is built.

to patients offer

In addition to bathtubs treatment by Adler silt mud.

As we already mentioned

above, the sanatorium “Wave“ calculated on 300 places is a part of Matsesta holding. Enter medical base water - and mud baths, office of physical therapy.

“Wave“ - one of four oldest health resorts in Sochi built in Khosta in style of a Stalin empire style. Its construction began in 1937 according to the personal order of Stalin and continued with breaks to 60kh of the XX century. It is interesting that the architectural complex of sanatorium had to repeat the Big palace from Peterhof. Even cascade fountains were conceived, but this plan did not manage to be carried out. Instead of Samson with a lion the last years 60 years the territory of sanatorium decorate … trophy sculptures from the Dresden art gallery. Speak, the author of sculptural group “Nezhnost“ August Rodin, but how you will check it?


Of course, in Sochi for vacationers provided a set of excursions. Though time we had a little, us which - that was managed to be looked. We enjoyed very much a trip on Thirty three falls: on the road we spent unforgettable minutes, jumping up in a GAZ truck body - 66, storming the bed of the mountain river. Of course, as any guests of the coast, we did not avoid excursion to several dolmens in mountains.

we came back To Moscow, taking away a huge number of various and bright impressions.

in conclusion, we will formulate conclusions from our trip.

  1. In a sense, domestic sanatoria are a pig in a poke. You will not see own eyes yet, you will not understand on what level of comfort and service it is necessary to count. With magnificent “oil and gas“ health resorts socialist mastodons peacefully coexist with a shower in the form of a hole in a floor and dances under Verka Serdyuchka at a porch of the inhabited case. Fortunately, the last to us met in significantly smaller quantities, but nevertheless …
  2. Off-season - that time when sanatoria are not overloaded by vacationers, doctors and procedural sisters are more free for reception. Depending on health, it is possible to choose the resort, mountain or sea, with medicinal waters or dirt, suitable you on medical indications. At the same time empty seats are everywhere.
  3. Yes, it is possible to go to the South of Russia behind treatment: there is also quite good (and somewhere and just excellent) a medical base, and the qualified medical staff, and a unique environment.
  4. Of course, sanatoria are not in vacuum. Resorts in which health resorts are located look much better today, than five more - ten years ago. They are rather pure, safe and quiet. It is possible to come to rest and treatment together with children.

Unfortunately, our forces and time were limited, and we managed to visit no more than two tens sanatoria for a week of a trip. Nevertheless, we hope that our story will help you to make a choice if you want to be engaged in the health, without waiting for approach of the next summer.

Strengthen health in off-season, receive a cheerfulness charge, and then you will have enough forces to arrive on the South... in the summer.

We thank for the organization of a trip Department of complex development of resorts and tourism of Krasnodar Krai and Informinvest agency.