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Carefully, charlatans! What

only announcements are not glued on columns by the people wishing to earn! And the most popular begin words: “I WILL TRAIN YOUR CHILD...“ Further in small print traditional text: “... to self-defense art, oriental martial arts, tekvondo, aikido, karate...“ Etc.

What the parents who believed “stolbovy promotion“ and gave the child in a charge of some self-appointed “sensei“ risk? The chairman of judicial committee of National federation of karate of Russia Sergey SOKOLOVSKY tells about it:

- According to the law, only the people who got the higher pedagogical education or ended special courses have the right to train children and teenagers in martial arts (it is obligatory at institutes of physical culture). Unfortunately, not all laws at us in the country are observed. The national federation of karate of Russia is created including in every possible way to promote true professionals and to protect children from charlatans - impostors.

- On what signs can distinguish the first from the second?

- the Real master never forces training. At least a year will be required in order that the child mastered a basic course of karate and was ready to fights with peers. The pseudo-sensei, following a grabbing instinct, at once throws children into a sparring, forces to crumble boards and bricks. At the karatekas trained according to such allegedly accelerated program on fists huge cones grow. Parents and people around are in delusion: say, “the filled bones“ are the most sure sign of the strong fighter. Actually it far not so. Just shock surfaces of a hand were not in due time prepared for contact exercises with firm objects - from here and deformation of hand joints which can turn back further rheumatism, arthritises... Real masters have hands in appearance always ordinary, there are no cones also in mention. And the pupils (before allowing them to fight with a concrete wall) they force to be wrung out long and persistently from a floor on fists, strengthening joints.


A in general if you want to be convinced, how qualified that trainer to whom you trust your son or the daughter, check whether he knows the main precepts of masters - founders of our type of martial art. In brief these precepts are formulated so: training begins bow and comes to an end with bow. There is no first attack. Karate - protection of justice. Recognize at first yourself, and then others. The misfortune comes from inaction. Karate is similar to hot water - if you do not warm up it, it cools down. Constantly think out new.