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Training in a sexual character of

Separate training remains to one of the most controversial issues of modern education. Our correspondents understood arguments of pros and cons.

in Russia have not enough Today schools with separate training. For example, boys and girls at confessional schools are divided - it is a tribute of the tradition connected with religious beliefs. Other options - cadet cases where take only boys, and women`s schools of sisters of mercy. In them division is explained by future profession of graduates. In the middle of 90 - x secular schools (gymnasiums, institutions for young ladies) - such experimental platforms for introduction of original pedagogical techniques were added to them.

of the World - two, the childhood - one

In the Komi Republic of schools with separate training more than 400, to Stavropol Territory - about 100. In their Moscow still a little they are also called experimental - owing to lack of an accurate technique of teaching.

the technique of separate training at the Moscow school No. 760 was developed recently. Here “same-sex“ classes only six - from the first on the sixth.“ At first it was necessary to save up analytical base and only then to begin this experiment. But now we receive pure result“, - the principal Vladimir Garmash says.

- As you came up with idea of separate training?
- In Russia a difficult demographic situation, is catastrophically reduced population. The institute of a family and marriage at us is almost lost: from four marriages within a year three break up. Therefore we decided to address experience of the previous generations, before the beginning of the 20th century in Russia there were no similar problems.

the Man and the woman are the two different worlds. They have by the nature different tasks and appointment. The mission of the man - to be a soldier, the hunter, from the point of view of today - the good, careful father. The mission of the woman - to be mother. The standard model of education existing now at the majority of schools is an average scheme. The mixed training levels understanding of the mission at the growing person. Earlier in Russia man`s and female occupations never mixed up, even games were different. There are man`s games forming the man, there are games forming the woman, there are general games forming them joint actions.

- By what principle you divide the pupils?
- As at any “separate“ school, we have classes of boys and girls. Classes of boys are classes of pilots, frontier guards, seamen. It is not military school, but all boys are acquainted with military business. We have a ceremony of dedication of boys in athletes of the Russian land. All first graders take on February 23 the oath and swear that girls - their future happiness.

- What tasks you set for yourself, organizing separate training with such “ideological“ background?
- Psychosomatics at boys and girls very different. The child is brought into the first class in seven years, by this time girls in the development are ahead of boys by one and a half - two years. The teacher begins to hold up as an example the one who is more successful, that is girls. At boys the complex of “not success“ is developed. It turns out that girls “kill“ boys initially. Here a source of the habit of the man which is shown later to hide behind a female back. When the class “man`s“, to the boy is much simpler to find an individual approach, all our “fighters“ in something are similar. For example, boys would not like any repetition. The brain of the boy does not perceive repetitions and “is automatically switched off“.

- In what shortcomings of separate training?
- In complexity of realization of idea. The modern world declares the values contradicting patriarchal. But now to them slowly come back.

By the way, in America within the presidential program are allocated by money under idea of separate training - though earlier it was forbidden by the Constitution.

Lessons separately!

At usual Moscow regional school No. 1115 separate training practices in the senior classes. Classes are divided on profiles: voyenno - sports at boys and the psychologist - pedagogical at girls. At school there were already seven “separate“ releases. The main idea of creation of unusual classes - social. Teachers want to interest in new idea of children from the unsuccessful area - to weaken influence of the street.

Boys are engaged in

in voyenno - patriotic clubs, go on excavation. And many girls after school come to pedagogical.

is Told by the teacher of geometry Galina Ezokhova:“ Before starting realization of idea of separate training, we discussed this question with parents. Both teachers, and parents are happy with idea and results. Earlier our seniors paid each other too much attention - and not only on changes. In separate classes they are more built at lessons. In “same-sex“ collective it is easier for children to answer at a board, they not so are confused - we found out it thanks to poll. To the girl, if she has an underestimated self-assessment if she badly adapts in collective, it is unambiguous better in a “female“ class“. “It is not boring for p to study

without girls?“ - we asked the graduate of this school Sasha Sergeyev. Answers: “With them it is heavier to study, teachers of attention give them more, praise more. In a “man`s“ class is quieter. You feel like the equal and full-fledged member of collective“.

A as the situation on “a female half“ is?“ We already got used to study separately, it is natural to us, - Alya and Ira, schoolgirls of the eleventh class of school No. 1257 tell. - Girls have no complexes, and at boys is. They got used to communicate in the circle, and girls are not always clear to them “.“ Of course, in women`s collective there are both whims, and the competition, - Alya adds, - but I all - am glad that studied in a maiden class. I want to become the economist, and in this sphere women generally work. I understand different types of women now, I know how whom it is better to approach. After a “female“ class in any ladies` collective it is easy to me to adapt!“ it is simpler to p to teach

of Whom - boys or girls? Rosalia Chalimova, the teacher of physics of school No. 1257, assures that adaptation of the teacher takes place in a class of girls quicker, in a class of boys more time is necessary:“ It is easier to teach girls because they are more executive, quieter. But it is more interesting to me to teach boys, I have a special science, “man`s“. Boys have an analytical mentality, they are born researchers. Besides, boys everything is the man, and girls - the woman has to learn. You should not forget also that separate training is an innovation. No methodical and theoretical base exists here. We are pioneers. Willingly we impart experience with teachers of other schools, but still it is not enough“.

It is valid, the methodology of separate education is in Russia in embryo. But some base everything is is acquired.“ I am absolutely sure that separate education is the step which is bringing closer us to individual, creative education of the child, - the doctor of pedagogical sciences, the psychologist Victor Guruzhapov says. - Therefore the methodology of separate training is directed to the maximum individualization of educational process. Boys and girls perceive the world differently. Therefore educational process has to be built in the different mode and with different loadings“.

As at them?

Abroad at a superiority in strength of the mixed schools enough men`s and women`s schools and colleges exist. They bring up not one decade elite of the western society. All these educational institutions private. Among them there are religious schools with very strict orders, unattractive for the Russian school students, but similar educational institutions quite often give very good education. The majority of “same-sex“ schools secular, without religious pressure though practically everywhere pupils visit morning service. In Great Britain, for example, there are 115 schools of separate type. It should be noted that the first private schools appeared here in the Middle Ages and were only separate, and only for boys, were called public (public schools) as trained future “people of public career“: statesmen, lawyers etc.

Results of the English and American researches on a subject at what schools progress - in mixed or separate is better, - differ. Schools of separate training traditionally head ratings (in a rating of the British private schools, according to Times, the first places are held only by them), however it does not mean at all that there long parental turns were built.

the Researches conducted in the USA show that at boys progress is higher at “joint“ schools, however the interrogated girls - Americans consider that separate training promotes their achievements in study more. Results of the British researches approve the return: on average over the country boys lag behind girls on progress, however at schools of separate training study not worse or even better than an opposite sex.

Knows that at separate schools of the girl participate in classwork more actively, they develop higher self-assessment, further they are more successful in career. However remains unproven that their progress in separate objects in this case is better! Progress improves more likely owing to more compact educational groups. And in general, there is an opinion that schools of separate training just owing to “elitism“ receive obviously the best pupils. One more contradiction - concerning competitive spirit which arises between boys and girls at schools of coeducation. One consider it as the unhealthy phenomenon. Others are sure: the healthy competition “between floors“ has to lead to the best results.

In Britain many believe that only schools of separate training bring up real ladies and gentlemen. Unfortunately, not all Russian children whose parents seek to give them such classical British education can become them. According to Natalya Stasenko, the specialist of the London educational agency BRIT Education & travel, most of parents, making the decision to send the child to the British private school, do not think at all of whether the child will study at school of joint or separate training. Meanwhile for many children the “same-sex“ school can become the real prison.

Olga Makhovskaya, employee of Institute of psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences :“ Separate training gives to young people experience of an ascesis, refusal. In the conditions of society of total consumption it becomes more and more valuable skill of a survival. At separate religious education children are not threatened by early sex, pregnancy, drugs. But weakness of separate education is its discrepancy to inquiries of modern life which is under construction in style a unisex.

the Tendency to promoting of separate education coincides with restoration of patriarchal norms of relationship. I am afraid that religious orthodoxes, National - patriotically adjusted politicians and simply “strong statesmen“ coincide in desires here. Russia - one of the countries where official recognition of gender equality contradicts the sexist, patriarchal attitude towards the woman.

Boys and girls really differ in

on the psychophysis. Boys suffer from a so-called hyperkinetic syndrome (absent-mindedness of attention, hypererethism and mobility) generally. At them the motivation to systematic training is lower, but they show phenomenal abilities in specialized areas. As for girls - separate education (and at us, and abroad) focuses them on a traditional female role, drives into a framework of three “To“ (kitchen, the kinder, Kirchen), forms idea of the opportunities and desires limited to a floor. A family - yes, shopping - yes, kitchen - yes. There is no pit-. And it is absolutely unprofitable to the modern woman.

the Main problem of modern Russian school - the fact that at schools women work generally. Men - teachers only 7%. As a result from the very beginning the hidden mechanism of female solidarity between women - teachers and girls - honors pupils begins to work. Also encourage really little girls. For the rolled-up woman - the teacher forced to maintain the raised loadings, mobile boys become an additional irritant. As the specialist in comparative education, I assure: the maintenance of Russian education is comparable to the good European. “