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Winter already not far off. And sledge, as they say, should be prepared in the summer. But we want to tell you not about the sledge and an other sports equipment, and about a winter kidswear.

Agree, each parent is concerned by questions: “Will not freeze?“ or “Will not sweat?“ Depending on extent of training of the parent, of course. Everyone will find the suitable solution for the child: one will be wrapped up as cabbage, another will be supplied with an easy attire from modern warm material.

But the majority looks for golden mean. That both warmly, and it is convenient, and it is practical. Under our weather conditions when in the winter a frost under 30 - 40 °, strong humidity, is better to have several clothes. But there are also such clothes which will approach almost on all cases.

Now in shops the new brand of winter clothes - of “GUSTI“ , Canada appeared. Very nice by sight. Bright fashionable colors, a qualitative embroidery at each model. And still of GUSTI offers an integrated approach to winter clothes: trousers, a cap, a scarf and mittens are applied to a jacket. In total in one color scale. It is not necessary to work and look for, and it is saving of precious parental time!

Why of Gusti suits

on all cases in the winter?

Because it is warm and convenient clothes. It can be carried anywhere: both in school, and on sports walk. It will keep heat to - 35 ° thanks to modern materials: fabric of top of 100% nylon or 100% polyester not blown and waterproof, with special impregnation and from within (a polyurethane dusting of 1000 mm), and outside (silicone impregnation).

the Filler - 100% polyester fiber, thicker on a breast and a back easier in sleeves and trouser-legs - so the body remains in heat, but it is convenient to move! The clothes do not constrain movements at all, and this the most important for children. In the fresh air it is necessary to move, then oxygen is acquired better, and it influences the correct development of the child.

Some children show hyperactivity. Also “foamy“ come from walk. Parents know - it is fraught with cold. Of course, it is better not to dress the child too warmly if you know about his “jet“ temperament. But how to guess?

Producers of Gusti took care also of it: in jackets the lining is made of special fleece Coolquick . This material was developed especially for athletes who experience enormous strain during the active movement. Material absorbs moisture thanks to a special interlacing of threads. And also it is capable “to exhaust“ from within, but not to pass moisture outside.

Such fleece is present at all models for the smallest, from 0 to 2.

When the kid sleeps in a carriage in the fresh air or walks, it is important that the body remained dry. In such overalls to it it will be long warm, and there is no need to put on down a warm sweater. It is required only at the most bitter colds.

For children jackets with an easy lining are more senior to eat: it is easy to erase them in the car and they quickly dry.“ The slob“ it will be brought to a pure and dry state for one evening. Will go pure to school or a garden in the morning. Conveniently!

But from it they are not colder to

than jackets with fleece! Because the jacket and overalls are supplied the mass of the details protecting from wind and cold. Inside the jacket has “skirt“ on an elastic band. The lightning is closed by a level, and wind does not get through it. Cuffs are regulated on a wrist. Sports models have lightning in sleeves just as at mountain skiers!

In many models except a usual scarf still the special scarf - a collar is: it is made of CoolQuick fleece , is put on under a jacket and densely adjoins to a neck. The throat is closed and it is convenient to child to move the head (that is often complicated when the scarf is densely tied over a jacket, and all should turn the case when it is necessary to make out something on the parties).

the Back and a breast of panties - overalls high, well closes a body - additional protection against cold. At the big sizes (from 7 years and above) it comes unfastened. Knees and back part from double material, which density 10 times more the main fabric, 400 den. Such material is capable to sustain high loadings, is strong and durable. Knees will be as it should be!

Below trouser-legs have a cuff on an elastic band. Even at active run on deep snowdrifts it does not get down! And that it was easy to put on independently a boot on a trouser-leg, there is a lightning!

of Special attention are deserved by mittens: they are ideally suited to a jacket that in itself is pleasant. The palm is made of strong synthetic material, resembles a skin No. 1 superficially. It is possible to ride on ice no problem! it will not be erased. The mitten can be put on over a sleeve - snow will not get inside! For kids mittens from soft fleece are provided.

of GUSTI took care of all children: kids will sleep with pleasure in envelopes with amusing bears, girls to sport in jackets of “maiden“ coloring and with florets, boys - to look sports and tightened.

I to all of them it will be comfortable. Canadians found that golden mean.

There now, your child is dressed from legs to the head! It is happy - it is precisely! And you have less than efforts with search of a suitable cap, plus confidence that acquired of GUSTI will live up to spring and will create good mood!

* * *

Now we can offer

clothes of this brand and wholesale and retail.

Address of shop : m. Water stadium, Shopping Center Perseus dlya detey, 2nd floor, pavilion No. 147. The shop works from 10:00 till 20:00 without lunch and days off.
the Internet - shop : www. all4kids. ru, bodies. 095 641 - 21 - 24/25
Representation in Russia : 095 792 - 34 - 47/48/49 pn - pt with 9: till 18:00

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