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Diathesis at the child!

According to WHO statistics (World Health Organization), more than 70% of children have diathesis. Very sharply the problem of diathesis is shown for age group of several weeks to 3 - x years. In Russia more than two and a half million kids of this age. The reasons of diathesis is both dysbacterioses, and improper feeding, and allergic reactions to some types of products, and unsuccessful ecology of the cities much. Results of all these influences approximately same: emergence of irritations on a face, a body, hands and legs, a severe itch, raschesa, uneasy behavior, a bad dream. It is excessive to say how many disorders and sleepless nights it delivers to parents.


Unfortunately, did not know until recently any effective and at the same time safe remedies of improvement of an organism of kids at diathesis.


With use of the latest developments bio - and cryogenic technologies the Russian scientists received a preparation, ideally balanced on structure and ratios of bioactive components, on the basis of biomass of svezhevyrashchenny microseaweed Spirulina Platensis. In the course of receiving a preparation biomass is not exposed to thermal, chemical, beam sterilization, keeping to the last molecule unique, unique in any other plants or products structure of bioactive components: vitamins - A, D, V12, K, V1, V2, V3, V6, a beta carotene; macro and minerals - iron, selenium, chrome, zinc, calcium, copper, phosphorus, etc.; more than 18 amino acids, including irreplaceable; proteins, etc.

Are also lipidic fraction, including vitamin F (saturated and polynonsaturated fatty acids - linoleic, linolenovy, scale - linolenovy). These acids are not synthesized in a human body, and their deficiency can become the reason of oncological diseases, easing of immunity, presenilation and various dermatitopodobny skin pathologies.

Results of use of this active beginning in children`s cream “Diathesis - STOP“ surpassed by

all expectations. At diathesis, dermatitis, eczemas, urticaria and other similar pathologies of allergic character the result of impact of cream on skin reminds actions of hormonal preparations though cream does not contain a uniform molecule of any hormones. Unlike hormonal ointments cream has long action and does not cause unpleasant side effects. The mechanism of improving effect of this new cream is simple: thanks to the balanced structure cream helps to restore normal exchange processes in cells of skin, eliminating an itch, irritations, rashes.

When using such nutritious substratum of a cell of the person completely consume it, not “zashlakovyvayas“. Besides, this substratum is sufficient for food of cages, i.e. for normal functioning they do not need any additional substances.

All this says

that the received preparation is ideal means of improvement of children`s skin. All necessary nutrients move to cells of skin, passing blood system. It means that food of cages does not depend on a condition of blood system (angiospasms, their narrowing). The cage in this case much is to a lesser extent dependent on receipt to it the harmful substances getting to an organism with food, air or being waste product of pathogenic microorganisms.

Diathesis - STOP Cream possesses the following properties: removes an itch and inflammations at diathesis, a dermatosis, the small tortoiseshell, an intertrigo, a potnitsa; removes an itch after stings of mosquitoes that is especially actual in the summer when kids take out on the nature for the city (to enough spread the place of a sting with this cream, and in a few minutes the itch will pass), calms skin and much quicker, than any other means, removes consequences solar (and not only solar) skin burns.

So far in the world is not present

how many - nibud close analogs of this production - all production is protected by patents of Russia. Careful information search did not reveal something similar and abroad.

Clinical efficiency is proved to
by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation!

it is Successfully tested in Moscow Scientifically - Research institute of pediatrics and children`s surgery. It is recommended by

to p for children aged from two weeks and above.


this cream we are sure that we will help with much to our little men and we will significantly facilitate life of their parents.

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