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About a tseliakiya for beginners of

“A modern illness, there is nothing terrible in it, invented to themselves... Here our ancestors lived, did not grieve, and all of you consider as patients of!“


“Yes, to us made such diagnosis, and nothing... not worse than others... now here recovered, both we eat bread, and sandwiches...“

How many times in the last two years I heard such words about a tseliakiya! And how many times I was surprised to the point of view - there are no microbes, “patamuchto“ I do not see them!

I Want to tell several words to those homebrew doctors who do not trust doctors because those like to find at healthy people of a sore. In - the first, nobody likes to be ill. Because also does not like to recognize himself as the patient, that is, ailing, incapacitated, helpless. In - the second, having communicated to parents of patients and not really children, I ceased to be surprised in general to something.

B - the third, the tseliakiya was not diagnosed for our ancestors, but in the 19th century in England the doctor (I do not remember a name) described at the patients similar symptoms - exhaustion, the blown-up stomach, a foamy plentiful chair, bone and stomach pains. His many patients died, on survived it tested various diets - that was made by their diet only of oysters and mussels, excluded from it oats. During the Great Patriotic War cases were also described that at patients in whose diet from - for hunger and deficiency of products there was no bread the general state and health improved.

So, the tseliakiya is a hereditary congenital lack of the enzyme digesting protein gluten. We take for example diabetes - absence or small amount of enzyme, the digesting sugar. Lactoknowing insufficiency - lack of the enzyme splitting dairy sugar. About these diseases all heard, and there is no doubt in their existence.

Gluten at people with its insufficiency strikes with

fibers of a small intestine why the digested food is soaked up in blood not completely. In particular absorption of fats suffers. In a chair pieces of food and foam appear. Not split gluten poisons an organism that is shown differently. But under eyes all patients have a weakness, the general intoxication, fatigue, circles. What will be if not to keep to a diet - the child badly grows, thin, he has a vspuchenny stomach, bone pains, hair can drop out, spoils teeth, it will lag behind in physical and even intellectual development peers, it is bad to study at school, to be ill constantly. Force and intensity of these manifestations depend on how his organism strongly reacts to gluten. Someone will eat crouton - and nothing, and it will unsettle someone for a month.

diagnoses a tseliakiya by blood test on agliatinovy antibodies.

my personal examples - my eldest son has not really strong reaction to gluten, that is the eaten doubtful corn flakes its chair do not worsen. However reaction of the husband to the slightest traces of gluten always very rough that is shown by a foamy chair, the general deterioration in health, drowsiness, weakness, slackness and so forth. The father of my husband did not believe in existence of a modern illness, to the doctor refused to go a diet, does not wish to keep. As a result in more than 50 years it has an appearance of the decrepit old man who cannot hold down one job. All the life it worked at primitive works with big breaks for sitting of the house. The feeling sick and weakness did not allow it to lead full life. However, latently understanding that his feeling sick obuslovenno its food, in youth it tested on itself(himself) all diets, beginning from a syroyadeniye and finishing with separate food.

Why people live with a tseliakiya all life and do not complain? Yes because the feeling sick was in their life always and is not something unusual. Because in a different way they never felt. Because they do not know how can be in a different way.

Besides actually tseliakiya the allergy to gluten which is called an allergy to cream of wheat and white loaf is. It is indeed not a tseliakiya, with age at children comes.

what can be eaten and that it is impossible for people with intolerance of gluten to you will be told by the doctor. And here is how in a supermarket to distinguish the forbidden product from resolved, I can prompt.


First of all, attentively we read structure of a product. The words “thickener“, “stabilizer“, “polysaccharides“, “starch“, “malt extract“ have to guard you, starch and its derivatives is behind all these words. What starch is in a product - corn, potato - resolved at a tseliakiya, or, most likely, wheat, we do not know. Because many or almost all products prepared on import technology comprise thickeners and stabilizers. Most often it is dairy products, yogurts, curd cakes, milk desserts, corn flakes, any mayonnaise. Even dried fruits contain starch traces in the form of preservative in packing. And also forcemeat contains starch in packing, cheap grain can be littered with oats grains.

That it is possible to eat - practically all dairy products and flakes made on old Soviet technology. Yes, those terrible and ordinary-looking bags which we ignore, making the choice towards bright packing. The structure of a product is simpler, the it is less in it than additives including probability to eat gluten.

we choose by

From chocolate chocolate of factory of Krupskaya, but not import bars, ice cream - from the First cold-storage facility, milk of Piskarevsky plant, sausage and sausage only of the superior quality, without above-mentioned additives. By the way, do not frighten the seller by a question of starch in sausage - you, most likely, just will not understand!:-)


Also allowed buckwheat, corn and rice small loafs from whole grain, fish canned food where in structure are specified “fish, salt, oil“ and everything, tinned peas, corn, haricot, the frozen vegetables.

Ya I do not apply for truth in the words, but these products do not cause in my family of reaction. Whether you will be able to use them, it is possible to learn only a trial and error method.