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Hall or lobby? What the house begins with...

First, and then and the last impressions about each apartment are permanently connected with a lobby therefore it is hardly worth underestimating its value, reducing it to purely utilitarian - to undress, remove footwear and to go further. In - the first, the functional solution of a hall has paramount importance for convenience of life of a family. In - the second, its registration makes considerable impact both on owners of the apartment, and on their guests whom they in it welcome and see off. But most often the problem is that the small space reserved usually for a lobby does not correspond to value of this room and therefore to its equipment it is necessary to treat with special attention.

The more the merrier

In the functional relation a problem of a lobby - to isolate the apartment from external environment, to connect separate groups of rooms and to serve wardrobe where put on, is taken off and leave outerwear, umbrellas etc. In a lobby often there are mezzanines or the built-in case for storage not only outerwear, but also suitcases, bags, sports accessories (skis, skates), etc.


At any such abundance of tasks of storage of things, considering the equipment of a lobby, first of all it is necessary to establish lines of the movement (in kitchen, to rooms etc.) and free spaces where it is possible to place furniture. In this case it extremely is necessary, in view of small room space.

Without windows, without doors...

One more problem of a hall - lack of natural lighting - a window. Therefore in a lobby the thing put not on the place complicates the movement more, than anywhere. Today there is quite good exit - the so-called built-in case - a compartment which from a floor to a ceiling consists of different shelves and boxes, but not each apartment has such hall in which it is possible to squeeze such case, even made by the individual order. Being guided by these reasons, in a lobby it is necessary to place furniture, only absolutely necessary from the functional point of view, - a hanger, a box for footwear, a mirror, the device for umbrellas.

It is desirable for

that all possible elements of the equipment were attached to a wall: it facilitates care of a floor, not zatesnenny furniture, a hall where enter from the street, - the dirtiest place in the apartment needing more frequent cleaning which itself should not complicate. As it was already told, in a lobby both owners, and their guests take off and leave outerwear, using wall or established in niches and in the built-in cases of a hanger. In the presence of a wall hanger it is necessary to protect clothes from contact with a wall - if not to make it, the wall will get soon, will look dirty and slovenly, regardless of painting or wall-paper. For this purpose the wall can be revetted with a tree, to pull on it a piece of matter, to upholster with skin or well dressed gunny. All these materials have not only practical, but also esthetic effect. In view of the fact that the planes of walls in a lobby are small, it is possible to advise to issue as appropriate all that wall on which there is a hanger.

hanger Secrets

the hanger can present to

a complete element or consist of several elements intended for separate things. But also in one, and in another cases they are hung at the height of 150 - 165 cm from a floor. Besides, it is possible to arrange still the lower number of hangers in order that children could hang up the clothes. Niches, not really deep (to 30 cm) and deep (to 50 cm) which for the constructive reasons sometimes are available in a lobby, are very convenient for hangers. In less deep niches of a hanger arrange the same as on an equal wall. Their advantage consists that only the back part of a niche is revetted, and the clothes hanging in it are not touched passing on a lobby. In deep niches at the same facing the clothes hang on a coat hanger which, in turn, is suspended to the bar located parallel to or perpendicular to a wall and, therefore, are not rumpled. The deep niche can be issued as the built-in case with the sliding doors where, except those clothes which are worn at present remain as well seasonal things. In both types of niches it is possible to place, without being afraid to interfere with the movement, a trunk or open regiments for footwear, the device for umbrellas, a shelf on which it is possible to put a bag or something another, putting on or taking off outerwear.

In mirror reflection

Other basic element of a lobby is a mirror which, on the one hand, gives the chance to everyone, entering the apartment or coming out it, to make toilet, and with another - is a decorative element. Besides, the mirror of the big sizes visually as if increases the room.

the Mirror has to be established to

in such place that it was possible to approach it freely, and then to depart and see itself in all growth. For this purpose before it it is necessary to leave at least 100 - 200 cm of the space which is not occupied and not coinciding with lines of the movement.

It is very convenient to

when the mirror is established near a hanger, and under it or sideways there is any shelf or a box which is closed up in a wall on which it is possible to put bags, gloves, hats, etc., and inside to hold clothes brushes.

It is necessary for

that the mirror held strictly vertical position as any deviation from a vertical distorts the image. From a floor to the top side of a mirror there have to be not less than 170 cm, and to lower - no more than 30 cm. Height of a mirror in which it is possible to see himself in all growth has to equal 140 cm, to knees - 120 cm, to a belt - 60 cm, only the head - 40 cm. Width of a mirror depends on the place on which it is established of its form and the general registration of a lobby. But the mirror has to be already 30 - 40 cm

forget about details!


Besides, in a lobby it is necessary to provide also the place for a pereobuvaniye. For this purpose it is possible to issue a special box for footwear so that it served at the same time and a seat. If the question is resolved with footwear differently, it is necessary to put in the suitable place a stool or a chair, alternative to which - a small padded stool which will serve as also decorative element.

to Beat small space of a hall and to make it original artificial lighting will help. Except the central lamp in which there have to be more than one bulb it is necessary to think over illumination of separate elements - surely mirrors (it is only necessary to remember that light should not be directed from - for backs looking in a mirror, differently except a dark silhouette he will see nothing, Perhaps there, it will be a sconce at a telephone little table or at a shelf for trifles.

Of course, a hall not a drawing room, you will not swing here - neither in direct, nor in figurative meanings, but it is simple to find an original detail at present variety of the choice - original delivery under umbrellas, an unusual horn for footwear in a visible place - and your apartment as theater, will begin with a hanger.