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Rest with treatment in the south of Russia. Part 1

Winter rest by the sea - favourite motive of domestic motion picture art: palm trees in snow, melancholy and an inevitable meeting of “two loneliness“. Sentimental and ironic “From life of vacationers“ and “Winter evening in Gagra“, drama “Assa“ - the movies which entered into gold fund of our cinema.

Not very long ago the permit to the South was a sad compromise of the desirable with valid in the winter. The system of distribution of the social benefits worked under difficult laws, an opportunity to visit the sea could be presented to the most unsuccessful season, and the chance could not be missed. The permit was given - it is necessary to go.

In this situation a main type of leisure of vacationers were charging on the beach under a bayan, drinking of local wine and an anticipation of arrival of new group of health-resort visitors. As in that scene from the movie “From Life of Vacationers“: three missing men in the field-glass consider the women who just arrived by motor ship.“ Quite sad case“ - the hero Mr. Burkova renders a verdict, taking away the field-glass from eyes. The company continues to despond.

Now the sea is always available to

- please! Unfortunately, not all to a pocket summer round in Sochi. And the trip to the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus is not only the sun and the beach. For our many compatriots it is a unique opportunity to have a rest and undergo treatment, to breathe curative air and to accept water and mud procedures, to get rid of chronic diseases or to minimize their manifestations.

In a consolation that who could not arrive to the sea in the summer we will share one conclusion of physicians. According to researches of the Sochi Scientific Research Center of balneology and physical therapy, spring and autumn months are recognized optimum for resort treatment. The matter is that not all for health reasons suit stay in a zone of humid subtropics of the Black Sea coast in hot summer months (July, August). Besides in the fall and in the spring weather is rather favorable, and there is no flow of vacationers. Hot summer months are suitable for acceptance of sea and solar bathtubs more, and it is not recommended to combine them with medical procedures from - for big loads of an organism.

One more good news - this year already for the second time works with

the Open South program. Within this program from October 15, 2005 to May 15, 2006 rest in any of sixty sanatoria of the South of Russia costs 700 rubles a day - accommodation, food and treatment. It is 2 - 3 times lower than that price which needed to be paid vacationers in the summer for the same set of services.

Before start of the Open South program in October, 2005 the small group of journalists went to investigate health resorts of Krasnodar Krai. Interested us where and as our compatriot who was tired in a year can restore the health. We spent in total 25 hours in buses, having traveled on mountain serpentines over all Black Sea coast of the Caucasus from Anapa to Sochi, crossed ridge of the Caucasus Mountains twice to visit the resort removed from the sea the Hot Key. We examined about 20 sanatoria ready to work in off-season. What did we learn?


Anapa - the most solar resort on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Here most of all than (280) serene days in a year. In consciousness of the Russian this city - first of all the children`s resort. Many of those who read these lines at least once in the childhood spent vacation at summer camps of this southern city. However in the last several years image of Anapa changed a little: now the city is more focused on family rest, on sanatorium service. What for health it is possible to benefit, having a rest in Anapa in off-season when sea bathings and solar bathtubs are inaccessible?

In - the first, in the city and its vicinities many diseases of respiratory organs are treated by air. It is called “curative cocktail“ because in it three types of air are mixed: mountain (the Caucasus Mountains nearby begin), sea and steppe. There are all conditions for treatment of diseases warmly - vascular system and nervous system. It is very good to come to Anapa in the winter that who suffers from bronchial asthma and diseases of a thyroid gland. During winter storm sea water mixes up with silt, and the air saturated with iodine has the most salutary effect on an organism.

In - the second, “Semigorskaya“ mineral water has medical effect at diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path.

I in - the third, in each health resort of the Anapa district it is possible to receive medical treatment for dirt of the Kyzyltashsky estuary and a volcano from Taman Peninsula. Volcanic dirt is rich with hydrogen sulfide, iodine and pine forest, applies them to treatment of diseases of nervous system, skin, radiculitises and polyarthritises. It is considered that they do not concede on the curative properties to the well-known dirt of the Dead Sea.

“As the person who did a bit of traveling much - I was both in Bulgaria, and in Greece, and in Arab Emirates, - I can tell that I did not meet such treatment anywhere“ - Anatoly Pakhomov, the acting mayor of Anapa says. - “At best in hotels there is a medical equipment, as in policlinic. It is also in each our sanatorium now. But we have also unique therapeutic muds“.

By the way, about a mud volcano. You will be in Anapa - do not miss bus excursion to Taman Peninsula, admire this miracle of the nature. In the summer vacationers flounder in a crater with pleasure, we were limited to an okunaniye of palms in curative dirt. Walk on the coast of the Sea of Azov. If in the same day, having returned to Anapa, you manage to descend to the Black Sea, you will be able to tell friends then:“ And I in one day visited two seas“.

More than 80 sanatoria and boarding houses of Anapa receive guests in winter time. Among them there are health resorts with the best medical base in Anapa - “Diluch“, “Anapa“ and “Russian“. The most versatile and authoritative of them - “DiLUCh“ (). It is the largest lechebno - an improving complex of the South of Russia, 70 doctors of 34 specialties work here, in a year they accept about 15 thousand patients, appointing about 1300 types of treatment.

After we examined all 9 floors of the medical case of sanatorium “DiLUCh“, we were ready to believe that here all diseases known to science treat. For the lack of the place to list specific medical programs and medical services I will not be, about them it is possible to read on the Website of sanatorium. But I think that many parents, as well as me, first of all the Beloved Child program developed for improvement of often ill children will interest. I will add what is here, as well as in other sanatoria of Anapa, many diseases treat iodine - bromic bathtubs (with use of the equipment of firm Baden - Baden) and sulfatno - silt mud.

B “DiLUChe“ the lechebno - the cosmetology center and SPA - salon which offer the medical cosmetology programs “Problem Skin“ (duration - 14 or 21 day), “Ideal forms“, “Antitsellyulit“, “Young mother“ (7, 14 or 21 day) etc. is. Programs are rather intensive, patients receive 4 - 5 procedures daily.

of the Lady which seek to watch well themselves such programs of beauty as “Velvet skin“, “Antistress“, “Tired legs“, “can try to visit SPA - lifting“, “SPA - anti-cellulitis“, “SPA - deep moisturizing“ (from 3 to 5 procedures a day).

the Sanatorium “Anapa“ is located

in 70 meters from the sea. 4 sleeping cases with 2 - x and 3 - x local numbers are its part. 900 places. Cost low - during a high season of 1300 r for accommodation, treatment and food in 2kh - local standard number with all conveniences. <>

In sanatorium adults and children with 4 - x are accepted years by p table border= “0“ of cellspacing= “5“ of cellpadding= “5“ align= “center“. He specializes in treatment of diseases of respiratory organs, the ENT SPECIALIST - bodies, nervous system, oporno - the motive device, kostno - muscular system, skin, cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, etc.

Vacationers in “Anapa“ in a warm season will be able to appreciate a complex of outdoor and indoor pools with mineral water. Outdoor pools are especially good: small, 60 cm in depth (for children from 3 to 7 years); teenage (7 - 14 years); big pool; the small pool for a gidrokinezoteapiya (underwater “volcano“). In the last two pools hydromasseurs are established - there is an emission of water with different vibration influencing body muscles - from sural to cervical. Nozzles for water supply under pressure of 2 atmospheres are located on walls of pools at different height - from the bottom to 1,5 meters.

Procedure of bathing under these streams not only is very pleasant to

, it replaces medical massage and pearl bathtubs. We still managed to find good weather at the beginning of October and to bathe - what it was pleasure!

In sanatorium the hall for physiotherapy exercises is, there take place individual and group occupations. Separate improving programs are developed for “respiratory“ groups (for patients with bronchial asthma), groups of posture correction, etc.

the Main remedy behind which go to sanatorium - silt sulphidic mud from the Kyzyltashsky estuary. It is applied at diseases of respiratory organs, oporno - the motive device, osteochondrosis, arthroses, arthritises, dermatitis, nervous diseases, injuries and spinal fractures.

the Sanatorium “Russian“ is counted by

on 1000 places. It accepts, generally parents with children, and also groups of children for sanatorno - resort treatment. Here treat, mainly, diseases of respiratory organs of not tubercular character, oporno - the motive device, and also neurologic, skin and gynecologic diseases. In sanatorium natural remedies, specific to Anapa, - dirt, a bathtub from iodine - bromic water are widely used. (In more detail about balneotherapy it is possible to read here).

“Russian“ - the only sanatorium in the city which has the sea water intake (the pipe goes to the sea on the whole 3 km) that allows physicians to release all water procedures on sea water. Two open and two indoor pools are also filled with sea water. It allows guests of sanatorium to take sea baths all the year round. Cost moderate - during a high season of 1300 rubles for accommodation, treatment and food in 2kh - local standard number with all conveniences. In off-season the price falls approximately twice (see the Open South program).

the Theatre of wine traditions shows to

In club of sanatorium “Russian“ the representations. All audience takes part in tasting of the best grades of local wines. However, it is necessary to be ready in advance to the fact that your glass will be filled by seven times, and not everyone in these conditions will manage to keep sober mind and clarity of perception.

of “In vino veritas“, with it it is difficult to argue after the Greek mystery with libations. But less known continuation of this aphorism - “in aqua sanitas“, “health in water“ - urges us to continue a way to the following balnearies.

Sanatorium or SPA - the Akvamarin hotel (“Russian Railways“) opened in the settlement of Vityazevo only in 2005.


As much knows to , SPA rashifrovyvatsya as “Sanitas per aqua“ - “health through water“. These words reached us since Ancient Rome where for treatment of illnesses used thermal sources and bathtubs. SPA - procedures are directed to improvement and a relaxation of all organism in general. Influencing through skin, SPA - components intensify processes of a metabolism, improve blood circulation, bring toxins and slags out of an organism and improve the general health. After procedures skin becomes soft and elastic, the person feels fresh also young.

Guests of “Aquamarine“ can complete the course SPA - procedures with use of mineral waters, dirt, climate - and phytotreatments, with use of two SPA - capsules. In sanatorium there is also a gym opened and the closed pools. In the last we with pleasure swam in the mornings.

was pleasant to note

that at each visit of the pool to us pure towels were given. In numbers there were dressing gowns and disposable slippers, a teapot, the hair dryer, toilet accessories, including a sponge on which shower gel was applied in advance:. On all our company also very good impression was made by meals at the hotel. On service level the hotel “pulls“ on full-fledged 4 stars. Frankly speaking, as required would return to “Aquamarine“ with pleasure.


It is interesting that on all coast we met hotels which determined the level as “4“, “5“ and even “from 3 to 7 stars“ - the statement from which at us mouths revealed from surprise. At the same time service could be absolutely different. The matter is that expert confirmation of categories in these hotels was not carried out. So be attentive, “pig in a poke“ can get to you.

Over the central city beach of Anapa the new building four-stars “Park - hotel“ towers. The hotel has no medical base, but it quite is suitable for comfortable accommodation.

the Only minus which we managed to notice - directly the windows of apartments coming to the sea is a disco. And flew down in windows - usual, not noise-insulating.“ We are going to solve this problem“ - the manager of hotel told us. However how it will occur soon, nobody knows.

Nearby, in the downtown, the sanatorium “Moth“ is. Once here children had a rest, now there can arrive everyone, undergo treatment curative dirt and bathtubs. The medical base of sanatorium is at the most modern level. Practically along with our arrival (October, 2005) the new medical case of “Moth“ began to work.

Late evening, having been tired of flight and survey of sanatoria of Anapa, we glanced in night club “Sabotage“, an institution fashionable among local and the visitor of youth. The club was pleasant to us: the building is absolutely new, specially designed under club, with all acoustic “frills“. Service is very decent. On the first tier - a dance floor and bar, on the second - restaurant and di`s panel - Jay. We spent a couple of hours behind cocktails, in a familiar way indulgently looking from a balcony at the dancing youth.

Having returned to “Aquamarine“ late at night, we left for a short dream, and early in the morning were already ready to continuation of our round.