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The child refused a breast. Part II

Part I

of the Cause of failure “from the child“

  1. of Anatomic features of the child

    the Reason . A short bridle of language which does not allow the child to suck normally.

    Treatment . Perhaps, surgical treatment is required. Talk to the stomatologist.

  2. Illness of the child

    Reason . The milkwoman - glance in a mouth to the baby. If in language, gums, cheeks there are white specks, then, most likely, it is candidiasis - the milkwoman of newborns. Just very sick to take the kid something in a mouth.

    Treatment .

    1. Consultation of the pediatrician.
    2. One teaspoon of baking soda on a glass of water. In this liquid to moisten bintik, reeled up on a clean finger and to wipe a mouth of the kid.
    3. to Give to the child couple of drinks of water after feeding - to rinse a mouth from milk.
    4. to wash with
    5. for the period of treatment before feeding a breast with soap.
    6. to Sterilize all toys, to wash a bed, to carefully wash hands after personal hygiene. The same can be at stomatitis and measles.

    Reason . Cold, dry crusts in a nose - the clogged nose does not allow to breathe during feeding.

    Treatment .

    1. Before feeding to dig in physiological solution in a nose and to suck away slime an aspirator until the nose is not cleared. But at all not to clean a nose Q-tips or wadded tamponchik - fibers can remain in a nose and irritate it.
    2. Air in the room has to be damp, cool (to 20 degrees) and pure - dry hot air dries up slime and the situation becomes just catastrophic. Even if the kid has no cold.

    Reason . Gripes - the child sucks, suddenly throws a breast, is wrinkled, painfully and sharply screams, writhes, draws in knees to a stomach, breaks wind.

    Treatment .

    1. whether correctly the kid takes a nipple, whether swallows of air during feeding.
    2. you Feed with
    3. the kid so that his naked tummy leaned against your naked body - heat helps an otkhozhdeniye of gases, put it a stomach on the warmed diapers.
    4. In 15 min. prior to feeding spread the kid on a stomach - the body weight and heat help an otkhozhdeniye of gases.
    5. by
    6. Then make massage of a tummy - stroke it clockwise. Talk about it to the pediatrician and the nurse.
    7. Track
    8. the food - cabbage, fresh apples and juice, black bread, bean, gripes of the kid can provoke rice.

    Example . At my familiar colic at the daughter were when mother ate... potato. It was necessary till 6 months it is not. And then at the baby everything was adjusted.

    Reason . Wounds in a mouth.

    Treatment . To consult to the doctor. Perhaps, to use a preparation which is used at a teething.

    the Example (from the book of the pediatrician) . On reception the woman complains that the child does not take a breast. Listened spellbound, and to a gum the scale from a kernel which dropped out of a canary cage stuck. The scale was taken out, and the child greedy grabbed a breast.

    Reason . Other diseases of the child.

    Treatment . I hope, having read other councils, you will find also what will help you.

    Reason . Hospital - look for in the section of psychological problems.

  3. One of the most popular causes of failure from a breast - a small bottle silt a baby`s dummy

    the Reason . If the child is given food or water from a small bottle, then he can refuse a breast here for what reasons. In - the first, from a small bottle it is much easier to suck, than from a breast if a breast hard. And babies, as well as all people - are scary lazy. And look for where to work less, and to receive more. Therefore as soon as the kid finds out what can be eaten, practically without straining, he also declares:“ It I do not want, I want“.

    In - the second, a breast the child sucks generally language, and a small bottle and a baby`s dummy - straining cheeks. If the child receives alternately a breast and a small bottle, then can “mix“ that how to suck. As a result - refusal of a breast.

    B - the third: if from a small bottle to give mix, then the amount of milk at mother will decrease on so many how many mixes were eaten by the child (see there is no milk).


    1. to Throw out a small bottle. In a refuse chute.
    2. All that was told right at the beginning, in the main actions.
    3. All feedings up (squashes, kefirs, soups etc.) to give only from a spoon or a cup.
    4. to Give to drink water, the decanted milk, mix from a cup, a glass, a spoon, the syringe without needle, through a cocktail tubule, but not from a small bottle. It is convenient to give to drink from coffee cups with the unbent edges and from soft medical glasses - they can be squeezed conveniently. The main thing that the child did not choke. And in general it is not necessary to give to drink to the healthy child on GV at normal body temperature and air. It is necessary to offer, and to give to drink violently - no.

    Example 1 . The wife of my brother began to give to drink to the kid tea from gripes from a small bottle. In a month it is ringing: “Shouts, wants to eat, spins, the breast does not take, the grandmother is going to run behind mix“. I all - persuaded her to calm down and advised a small bottle to clean and do all main actions. In two days everything was adjusted. In two weeks it is ringing again:“ Again refuses a breast. Did not give a small bottle“ it Turned out that so far it went to shop, the loving grandmother gave to drink the grandson sweet tea from the small bottle found in a case. This time fights for GV continued three days.

    Example 2 . The girlfriend shows the child (summer, a terrible heat). The girl has strong indications of dehydration: dry lips and the language, a fontanel which fell the dent from pressing by a finger on a hip is leveled very slowly. Began to give to drink. It was succeeded to pour in a little water a spoon and the syringe without needle. It is more - in any way. But it became easier for the child. So they also left with firm intention to call an ambulance if it is not possible to give to drink the baby. Houses they tried all ware: tea and coffee cups, shot glasses, soft medical glasses - it is ineffectual. But, as soon as gave water in a thick glass tumbler, the baby stuck to it and did not let out, did not drink a half yet.

    1. needs to be finished feeding mix? Try the way described by me in the section there is no milk, feed through the tubule which is carried out to a breast nipple.
    2. If not to do without small bottle or a baby`s dummy, take an anatomic small bottle with a pacifier of the smallest size, irrespective of age of the child. The smallest nipples so sometimes are also called:“ from 0 to 3 months, and also for children on breastfeeding“.

    A here doctor Komarovsky considers that there is no problem with small bottles if to make everything: to buy the Soviet pacifier in a drugstore and not to puncture a hole with the heated needle, and to break through it that the small crack turned out. Turning such pacifier in a mouth of the child it is possible to regulate milk “pressure“. The main thing that it was heavier to child to suck a bottle, than a breast.

    Example 3 . I am 3 months old. I refuse a mother`s breast. I am carried on doctors and are going to cut a bridle. And here the surgeon saw just huge baby`s dummy at me in a mouth. “Mummy, where you will find a nipple of such size?! Immediately buy a small baby`s dummy!“ . I was nursed till 1 year until at mother the decree ended.

the Psychological reasons

Already nobody denies that our consciousness influences ours (and not only) health (“all diseases from nerves“). Often the person cannot recover, without knowing that unconscious problems are an etiology. Just it is necessary to find out what prevents personally you to feed the kid safely. Perhaps, having read headings, you will tell:“ These are not my problems“. You do not hurry. Read everything. Even if it is not your troubles, then, perhaps, having remembered read, you will be able to help the acquaintances?

Mother does not want to feed with
  1. of

    the Reason . Consciously or unconsciously, but mother does not want to feed. She is tired by feedings. Mother tries to reduce time of feedings, to increase intervals between them, begins to enter early a feeding up, often gives to drink water when the child cries, the kid is more often in a bed or in a carriage, than on hands. Feeding on demand is almost not real for such mother. The reasons can be different: the unwanted child, the child from the unloved man, oppresses changes of a habitual rhythm of life, fatigue from continuous contact with the kid. I want to stop on the last.

    the Young mother exhausted with crying, sleepless nights etc. wants to be alone sometimes. But occasionally it gets pathological forms. It is better for fir-tree to ask these mothers, it will become clear that their either did not nurse, or fed very little, and they got used to be more in a bed, than at mother on hands. There is also since childhood this impossibility to be mother - a kangaroo. The child feels all this, and, following the secret order of mother, throws a breast. Especially as also other reasons described by me earlier join.

    Treatment .

    Everything will right there be adjusted by
    1. if mother realizes the problem and, perhaps, its reasons.
    2. If mother delivers to
    3. herself to the place of the child. It lies in a bed. Let in the most beautiful with the best toys, but without mother. “Nobody will approach, will smile. And mother`s heart? It it is not heard. There is no mother`s a smell. Only children`s oil smells. And if I have no mother any more? She threw me?“ . Present that you were thrown by the darling...

    Or in a different way: how many you would like to live? 70 years? 80? Take sewing centimeter and measure so many centimeters how many you would like to live. This your life. The life occupied with the growing, the study, the work, the entertainments, the love... And now find the present age and measure one centimeter - the year ahead. What it small, imperceptible, in comparison with 80 years of life! So really it is impossible to allocate from all these years of cares of itself of darling one tiny centimeter for the child?! You can do it! Love the kid, and everything at you will turn out!

  2. Mother did not want the child during pregnancy

    Treatment . See the previous point.

  3. “Nemolochnaya“ family

    Reason .“ In our family anybody had no milk “, “ nobody long fed“.

    Treatment . See 1 point.

  4. of the Hindrance during feeding

    the Reason . Mother during feeding watches TV, reads, speaks by phone, communicates with friends - relatives and forgets that milk is not gathered in a breast from feeding to feeding, and is developed during the feeding. In order that milk went, the brain has to send the corresponding signal to a breast. Remember: you heard children`s crying, thought of the child and the breast right there bulked up, milk began to flow...

    A if during feeding you watch TV, then... well tell why to that aunt from series your breast milk? Here the brain also does not send a breast signal. It turns out that the kid exhausted those several gram that collected, sucks - sucks a breast, it seems hour sucked, and all the same hungry remained. Also fell asleep for fatigue. And in half an hour woke up and again cries... And speak to mother: you definitely have no milk! Further you know.

    Treatment . When you feed - you feed. You look at the child. Think of it.

    Reason . People, noise, conversation, the movement even of the hungriest kid will be distracted from a breast, by one of the primary activities of the child - the doctrine. Here it also collects information.

    Treatment . To feed in the certain room where there are no people, noise, the TV, radio... be alone with the child. You can turn on the quiet melodious music. Be closed in a bathroom or in kitchen, eventually!

  5. Change of a situation

    Reason . In life of the newborn child there are many changes at once: childbirth and with them the air, gravitation, big bright spaces blinding light, loud sounds. Therefore when the child gets used to the bed, the room, the apartment, a day regimen, relatives, it is clear to endure its unwillingness new changes. And moving to the new apartment, change of the mode, a trip on a visit, noisy guests at you, etc. belong to these changes. And if in such situation the child begins to refuse a breast, any grandmother will tell:“ Guests maleficiated“.

    Treatment .

    1. Create the quietest situation.
    2. Surround the child with favourite things.
    3. All main actions.
    4. If your child so sharply reacts to changes, refuse any changes for some time.
    5. If needs to leave, take the family for the kid objects: odeyalko, a toy, the lamp, soft sides from a bed...

    Example . My one acquaintances always carried with themselves a piece of wall-paper which pasted over the nursery. They hung out it in the train, over a berth of the kid on a visit...

  6. Hospital

    Reason . It is that case when at once there are several negative factors at once: change of a situation, an illness of the child, nervousness of mother, unpleasant medical manipulations, sometimes - feeding through a small bottle.

    Treatment . Main actions. At you everything will turn out!

  7. Psychological shock

    Reason . Some mentally injuring situation can lead to refusal of a breast. For example, departure of mother for a while.

    Treatment .

    1. Main actions.
    2. Whenever possible cancel all long trips.
    3. If it is impossible for
    4. - prepare the child: let it remain with the one who will look after it, mother on a trip more so far.
    5. Having returned, you will have to pay to the child five times more attention, than before departure.

    Example . My friend needed to leave twice for several days. The first trip 8 - the monthly daughter transferred quietly. And in the second departure the girl constantly cried, called mother, did not sleep. When mother returned, the baby refused to approach, go to her on hands etc.

  8. Crisis of 3 months

    the Reason . The awkward age is not only the beginning of puberty of teenagers. Age crises we endure all life. And one of the first is a crisis 3 - x months. At this age attentive parents notice sharp surge in interest of the child in surrounding. But any awkward age is not only positive acquisitions, but also... Well, you remember yourself in 14 years.

    Treatment . Main actions more attention. Pay attention that, most likely, there is still some reason which did not disturb the child earlier.

  9. Nervousness of mother

    Reason . Mother and the child are very strongly connected. Therefore mother can feel, something with the kid not as it should be. Also and the child well feels that something happens to mother. Especially, if to consider that with mother`s milk to the child mother`s hormones of fear etc.

    Treatment get .

    1. Calm down.
    2. Main actions.
  10. Malefice

    Reason . Change of a situation, nervousness of mother, the child gets sick, but so far it is not noticeable and... and, maybe, really, something like that is?

    Treatment .

    1. Look for the prosaic reasons.
    2. Main actions.
    3. you Descend in church.

As you can see, the reasons for which the child can refuse a breast much. And, of course, I listed not everything from them. It is not necessary to expect every time at all that, for example, from - for trips to the grandmother the child will throw GV. Most likely, its all this trip will only entertain. But, if suddenly you have a problem, you will know what needs to be done first of all.

I Wish you quiet and joyful Breastfeeding! the Appendix 1 Massage of a breast

It is desirable for p to do



before feeding and it is obligatory before decantation.

“Massage of a breast is simple

. First of all, pay attention that fabric of gland has to be identical density. If you groped consolidation sites, then in these parts massage has to be more intensive. Support by one hand a breast from below, and four fingers (except big) other hand roundabouts mass a breast, being displaced from edges to a nipple. That hand that from below, too should not stay idle - equipment similar.

in the presence of consolidations to place emphasis not on increase in force, and on lengthening of time of massage.

Massage always precedes decantation. It is very useful to carry out short massage before feeding. By the way, if it seems to you that you have milk, and the child does not get it (quite often and happens), interrupt feeding, massage a breast and continue“.

From E. Komarovsky`s book “Health of the child and common sense of his relatives“.

Ask the pediatrician or the nurse to show you technology of massage. Also do not forget to wash up before massage hands with soap. Do massage without effort, without stretching skin, and stroking and warming up a breast. So, “that it became pleasant“ as the nurse spoke to me.

the Appendix 2


the Compress on a breast

For the night to do to

compresses on a breast: the gauze moistened in the divorced vodka is imposed on a breast so that the nipple remained open. From above - polyethylene, too with a hole in the middle (but so what the damp gauze would not look out anywhere), then cotton wool, a brassiere, a towel. Before feeding rinse a breast without soap. In the morning the breast will be soft! The main sign of correctly imposed compress: in the morning under polyethylene it is still damp and is warm. Not chilly!