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The child refused a breast. This article I write part I

to help those mummies at whom children refused a breast. But more - in order that such problems did not arise at all others.

the Child is hungry

. He looks for a breast. But as soon as mother offers it, the kid turns away, curved, makes a start, and all this is followed by hysterical shouts of the baby and mother... I endured similar and I know how refusal of the child and attempt to return breastfeeding are heavy for mother. whether


needs GV to the grown-up child?

Nobody argues that a mother`s milk - the best food for the kid. Argue only on that how many the kid has to be put to a breast to grow physically and mentally healthy.

Earlier, in Soviet period, the kid was tried to be transferred to artificial feeding as soon as possible because the Soviet woman has to work, but not run home to feed the child. Here also we read in books from grandmother`s bookcases now: “In 6 months feeding by a breast continues only facultatively, depending on instructions of the pediatrician...“.

Now norm feeding about one year is considered though the excommunication seldom passes in this age without children`s hysterics and requirements of a sisa. But not therefore whether that early? The maternal breast is not only food (the one-year-old child quite gorges on “adult food“), and and mother`s love, and still protection against diseases and fears, stresses and pain... Here also holds 12 - 14 - 24 - 30 - the monthly kid a mother`s breast, as a world basis, something firm, reliable. That is why to me it is ridiculous to p to hear

how mothers sometimes speak: “And mine in 5 months refused a breast - it was not necessary for it any more...“ . How it is possible?! Let`s reject psychology. Let`s return to physiology. The person is an animal (do not gasp and do not sigh: clever, cunning, but animal - not a plant:-). Animals live in the nature. They do not receive decretive money, they do not go to shop behind jars with mashed potatoes, they do not separate cubs from a breast until until those are able to take food and to gorge on it. How it can make 5 - the monthly baby? And here to the one-and-a-half-year-old kid quite on forces to climb on a table and to eat all potato from father`s soup, so far that ran off to the TV.

Such different children

It is fine, we will consider that I finished you, and you resolved to feed dithat about one year, and even to 2 - 3. We pass to the most important - causes of failure of the child from a breast and ways of overcoming of difficulties. I conditionally divided them into two groups: physical and psychological. Why it is conditional? Yes because it is sometimes difficult to define to what group of problems this belongs. Especially as, as a rule, refusal happens for several reasons at once. But at first I would like to write a little about features of children.

our children, as well as all adults, already since the birth have different temperament. You proshibt one nothing, look at the world philosophically, surely suck a mother`s breast, and after that sleep tight. And others... shout, crying - someone not so looked, a shouting - mother speaks louder usual, shuddered - something fell. One if something is impossible, continue attempts again and again, and others, hardly business will not be taken, all throw and sit down to cry. Quiet and nervous, persistent and lazy suckers, sleepyheads and bodryachka, strong and weakened. Such different kids... It is clear, as breastfeeding at such kids will develop differently. So, having read about that, “what can be“ be not frightened - not necessarily, something from listed will entail refusal of GV.

Should be known also that refusal can be short-term and resistant. Short-term:“ Mother unusually smells. I will not suck“. And once mother bathes, everything is adjusted. But here if it constantly repeats, refusal can become resistant, and then to return full-fledged GV, it will be necessary to make much more efforts.

What to do if the child wants to eat, but the breast does not want to take?

Here the main actions

  1. to Calm down - communication between mother and the kid is very strong. Mother is nervous - the kid is nervous even more.
  2. to Try to define a cause of failure and whenever possible to eliminate it.
  3. to Distract from daily cares. Let the apartment will stand couple of days untidy, and the husband will eat pelmeni.
  4. you go to bed together with the kid. It is very desirable that there was a contact of skin to skin - undress. Calm the child, you speak with him by a quiet voice, sing lullabies, offer a breast. Sometimes the awake children do not want to take a breast, but sleeping or half-asleep - well suck. Use it. Remain in a bed several days until everything is adjusted. Try not to leave the kid for a minute. Explain to relatives as it is important, let you will be helped - bring in bed food and drink, do not rustle and do not distract you. The main thing in return of the child to a breast - your confidence that it is necessary for you and the child.

I do not run behind mix and a small bottle at once - you will kill with it a possibility of further GV. Be not afraid that the child almost eats day nothing - the kid with a normal weight will quietly sustain 1 - 2 day without food. Especially as even refusing, the child nevertheless on slightly - slightly sucks. And there - needs must when the devil drives, it is necessary to take it a breast. As my mother proved, having kept me, 3 - x monthly 3 days on short rations. And I am farther as pretty sucked a breast about one year. So the main thing - endurance. It is the fact that it is necessary to do at any serious refusal of a breast, and further additional actions which change depending on the reasons which entailed refusal.

A now actually reasons and ways of their elimination.

the Physical reasons

  1. of the Wrong applying to a breast .

    Reason . The child does not take an areola, and sucks only a nipple - milk does not arrive, and the child is upset.

    Treatment .

    1. to take the child on hands until he calms down;
    2. to grease a nipple and an areola with milk, to slightly squeeze an areola fingers that it was easier for child to capture her, to offer the kid;
    3. to watch that the child would not “slip“ to a nipple.
  2. the Child cannot take the crowded breast

    Treatment . Before feeding to decant a little milk so what the areola would become soft.

  3. the Pulled-in, flat, small nipple


    1. to Many women such nipples do not prevent to feed with
    2. children. Think: if in the nature children of women with such breast died of hunger, then, according to genetics, such breast anybody would already have no many million years. Over time, at regular feeding, the nipple takes a normal form.
    3. If did not turn out, you feed with overlays for feedings.
    4. Can try to extend a nipple. However, it was better for these to begin to be engaged before childbirth. Make the simple mechanism: at the disposable syringe of 5 ml you take out the piston, a knife you cut off that part of the syringe where the needle is inserted what the tubule would turn out. You insert the piston into the cut-off end. The free end (where an emphasis for fingers) you put to a nipple and you pull the piston so that the nipple was pulled in in the syringe. Leave for some time. At regular trainings of pacifiers it will be extended.
  4. Different breasts

    Reason . It is easy to suck one breast, and another for any reasons it is difficult. There can be a refusal of this breast.


    1. to Try to get rid of the reason.
    2. not to stop feeding by this breast, to palm off it in any occasion (the first when feeding, sleepy, hungry, in good mood...) .
    3. One breast of the child can bring up too.

    Example . Somewhere met that the child refuses the right breast because during feeding to him the native sound of heart beat is not heard... No comment.

  5. Hard breast

    Reason . The women for the first time nursing, can have very narrow canals along which milk goes to a nipple. So that the child should make many efforts to exhaust though how many - nibud milk. The child sucks some time, but is not heard what he would swallow of. Releases, shouts, again there is enough breast and again shouts. The kid does not gain weight, sleeps badly, it is less wet diapers, than 8 in days. The breast is not emptied or emptied slightly. The main signs are a full breast at mother and lack of a set of weight of the child.


    1. to Talk to the consultant for breastfeeding.
    2. to Calm down! When the woman is nervous, contracts still stronger. Relax.
    3. to do to
    4. Before feeding the light weakening massage of a thorax (a back, in front - on edges), mammary glands - that they became softer (look for massage in the Appendix).
    5. For the same is a hot shower on a thorax and mammary glands before feeding or it is just possible to try to feed, lying in a heat bath.
    6. “Return feeding“ - a pose: the kid lies on a bed, mother bends over the child, leaning on hands and gives the hanging-down breast to the child - so milk flows by means of gravity.
    7. When the kid involves milk, it is possible to mass slightly a breast, “adjusting“ milk from edge of a breast to a nipple (do not forget that the mammary gland begins even under the arm and from above almost at once under a clavicle).
    8. For a softening of a breast can impose the warm beaten-off leaves of cabbage or semi-spirit compresses (look for in the Appendix).
    9. As the breast works with
    10. by the principle “demand - the offer“, and at this problem the kid can exhaust, for example, 20 grams instead of 50, tomorrow this milk and there will be 20 grams... I would advise to try to dotsezhivat milk after feeding, to rastsezhivat a breast. Over time channels extend and milk goes easier, and it would be desirable that there is a lot of it.
    11. to Give to
    12. this milk not from a small bottle.
    13. to Wait for
    14. that the child slightly will grow up, will become stronger and it will be easier for it to suck. And to the following child in general - without problems.

    Example . It is my problem. For this reason I so in detail write about it. My experience can be read in the article “Two Histories of One Mother“.

  6. Fat milk

    Reason . Milk in a breast of the woman is divided into two look: at first forward milk, waterier, but filled with vitamins and minerals flows, it is easy to suck it, and here the second, back milk fatter, dense and to exhaust it, it is necessary to make effort. Some lazy or weak children do not want or cannot make it.



    1. Make massage of a breast (look for massage in the Appendix).
    2. When the kid involves milk, it is possible to mass slightly a breast, “adjusting“ milk from edge of a breast to a nipple (do not forget that the mammary gland begins even under the arm and from above almost at once under a clavicle).
    3. Check every time if there are doubts: the child asked the second breast because in this milk or just because it became heavy to suck reached a limit. Some lazy children exhaust only forward milk from two breasts, eating the necessary volume of food, but at the same time do not gain weight, in forward milk there are not enough fat and protein. Do not follow the tastes of an idler. If for one feeding the kid sucked both breasts, then begin the following with that breast which he sucked the last.

    Reason . Milk can sometimes be very fat of - for improper feeding of mother - a surplus of fats (fat meat, fat milk, cottage cheese, is a lot of firm cheese, oil, nuts).

    Treatment . Adjust the food.

    Reason . Milk can become in the dense summer, during a heat from - for a lack of moisture which comes out with then.

    Treatment . Do not forget to drink more, than at normal air temperature.

  7. Tasteless milk

    Reason . At the newborn child in language in hundreds times more flavoring nipples, than at the person. And taste of milk changes depending on food of mother. And such products as onions, garlic, a cauliflower, spices, spicy food, a radish can not be pleasant to your kid. Some medicines and medicinal herbs possess the same property.


    1. is not what is not loved by your child.
    2. not to take medicine without appointment of the doctor At all, and several times to remind him:“ I nurse“, and after attentive to read the instruction whether it is possible to use it feeding because drugs can spoil not only taste of milk, but also to be injurious to health of your child.

    Example . My daughter, in my opinion, on the contrary liked “garlick“ milk. Tastes differ.

  8. the Stranger began to smell
  9. the Reason . Made experiment: hardly been born children were given at choice several worn t-shirts. And they unmistakably learned that that mother carried! Newborn babies look for a breast on a smell and better sleep, covered with mother`s clothes. Therefore often do not take others breast. And if mother was sprinkled a little by spirits, a deodorant or for other reason smells not of herself, then the kid can “not recognize“ her.

    Treatment . To bathe with children`s soap and further not to mask unpleasant smells, and just more often to take a shower. To put on clean or other clothes.

  10. Monthly, pregnancy

    Reason . During periods, and sometimes and to them, and also during pregnancy taste of milk spoils.

    Treatment . Suffer until monthly come to an end, there everything will be adjusted. Over time children usually get used.

  11. of Feeding on hours

    the Reason . Some children at mother`s insistance quietly pass to feedings in 3 - 3,5 hours. But there are children who are born with too small stomach. People feel satiety when their stomach is filled with food. So at such children the feeling of saturation arises when they eat, for example, 60 ml of milk, instead of 120 put on age. It is clear, that this small quantity will be acquired quicker and the child will want to eat the put 3 hours much earlier. But many parents consider that the child is capricious and, “showing hardness“, listen to children`s cries, the necessary time will not approach yet.


    It is clear that the shouted kid will not be able normally to suck or in general will refuse to do it. But even if will begin to eat, then will be able to eat no more than 60 grams again. At the end of the month in policlinic it will turn out that the child does not gain weight or gathers too little. Right there will remember continuous shouts and mother will be told that she does not have milk. Further - a small bottle, mixed, and further completely artificial feeding. And it besides that mother has enough milk!

    Treatment . It is unambiguous to feed not on time, and upon the demand of the child. Over time the stomach at the child stretches, and intervals between feedings increase.

    Example . My daughter released the first three months a breast at most for half an hour. With it on hands I got skilled at to do a lot of things on economy (the son then was 3 years old, and me in the afternoon nobody helped). After 3 months the situation cardinally changed: I forced the daughter to take the crowded breast. It gathered then on kilogram a month.

  12. Reduction of time of feeding

    Reason . Sometimes advise not only to feed on time, but also to hold the kid at a breast no more than 15 - 30 minutes. But weak or sluggish children do not manage to exhaust the necessary quantity of food during this time. Also difficultly to make it by it with a hard breast or to summon milk at mother who distracts. Signs are such as well as in the previous case.

    Treatment . To hold the kid at a breast it is so much how many he will want. The maternity hospital said to us that the newborn baby (about one month) who sucks a breast less than an hour causes suspicions of whether it is healthy. Be guided on the child.

  13. does not have milk

    the Reason . Feeding on time - read the previous point. By itself when the child constantly exhausts not enough milk, soon it in a breast there is the same small amount.


    1. to Feed with

      on demand, and even more often - each 1,5 - 2 hours;

    2. to be filtered by
    3. After feeding “to a last straw“
    4. to Give this milk not from a small bottle.

    Reason . Laktatsionny crisis, hungry crisis. A breast - not the silly woman just like that to do milk. And once she decides to check and whether it is necessary in general, or and so will manage. And milk vanishes. The hungry child shouts. Takes a breast, not for long sucks and again shouts. And the breast looks at your reaction. If showed weak point and gave a small bottle, without disturbing a breast, then milk does not appear.

    Treatment . The same, as at any refusal - look for right at the beginning the main actions. The breast sees that it is necessary - the child sucks all the time - and in 2 - 3 days milk appears. And it is frequent even more, than was!

    Reason . The psychological reasons (mother does not want to feed, hindrances during feeding)

    Treatment . Look for further.

    Reason . And why actually you decided that you have no milk? Check: weigh the child of times a week, controlling a weight increase. Count several days how many once a day your kid pisat. Normal there have to be not less than 8 wet diapers a day (provided that the child does not receive water or additional food, differently the result will not be reliable).


    1. Read the previous and following items - can, the reason in something another?
    2. Eliminate with
    3. it.
    4. to Feed with
    5. on demand and even more often - each 1,5 - 2 hours.
    6. to be filtered by
    7. After feeding “to a last straw“.
    8. to Give to
    9. this milk not from a small bottle.
    10. to be sure that milk will return.

    Example . The girlfriend entrusted the young employee of my mother for several days the one-year-old daughter - she needed to leave on affairs. There she tragicly died, and the newly made nurse had to look after the girl more than a month. From - for experiences about destiny of the little orphan, this (never the pregnant woman who was even) girls had milk! It besides that it did not put it to a breast! So really you love the children less?!

    Reason . If there is no milk or it is not enough, and there is a wish to nurse very much.

    Treatment . It is possible to use idea from William and Marta Serz`s book (William & Martha Sears - it is a pediatrician, she is a mother). They had several children and several receptions. And two they took babies. The foster mother very much wanted to feed them and thought up such design: gather milk or mix in the biggest syringe what you will find. Instead of a needle insert a thin flexible tubule (for example, from system for blood transfusion and liquids - droppers. By itself - from new, not used). The tubule is fixed on a breast so what its free end would be on a nipple and the child would take a nipple together with a tubule. You watch the kid and when he does the sosatelny movement, inject the syringe a little milk to the child into a mouth. Having trained a little, you learn how many it is necessary to inject. By itself, it is better to prepare so many syringes how many it is necessary to give food to the kid.