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Nonconventional breastfeeding of Margarita

I prepared For breastfeeding long before the Daisy birth - read the infinite number of articles, forums, publications. I - “iskusstvennitsa“ also had in the early childhood everything, than it is only possible, - for colds and heavy bilateral pneumonia to hepatitis A and “chicken poxes“. Generally, immunity was considerably reduced. And therefore the Daisy I wanted to feed with a chest milk by all means. However I was frightened by my heredity - mother and the grandmother with milk had problems. to

I - after planned Cesarean section there passed seven days, but there was no hint on milk even. I tried to calm down and develop a breast, drank any laktatsionny teas and collecting, and about tea with milk and other folk remedies I do not even speak! And a breast at me seemingly big, and the child actively tried “to rassosat“ - alas.

could not eat

Ya - because of nerves, but there was a terrible wish for beer (and all pregnancy I wanted it though I am not a fan of beer). The most skilled midwife in office told that food anomalies arise not incidentally, and even wrote me the recipe of laktogonny cocktail with beer: 3 / 4 glasses of warm nonalcoholic beer, 1/4 concentrated milk and 1 tablespoon of a filbert, pounded in dust, everything carefully to mix and drink 3 times a day.

I I continued to mass honestly under a hot shower a breast, to drink cocktails, tea with milk, laktatsionny teas, but sometimes already fell into despair when saw how are filled in with milk of the neigbour in chamber as milk just flows away in anywhere, and my lyalka eats hospital mix. Probably, I just envied those at whom this milk ran, and they were indignant that all around sticky and wet.

One of such neigbours in chamber who are “filling in“ with milk suggested me to try its milk pump, but at first it caused in me amazement: “And what, actually, to me to decant?“ . So, for the sake of interest, attached a miracle - the mechanism to a breast (by means of the neigbour I learned to do correctly it that there was a vacuum). Milk was not, but my flat nipple became more convex, and some gut feeling prompted to me that these trainings with a milk pump will help me to extract milk, it both massage and intensive decantation at the same time.

On the same day, in the evening, by means of a milk pump to me managed to be decanted several drops of transparent liquid what is it was - nobody could explain to me - neither on milk, nor is similar to colostrum. Next day there was the same.

Ya gave to the neigbour her milk pump, and asked the husband to buy me same in the evening. It is necessary to tell, for our family it was rather impressive unplanned purchase! But my husband - the student at whom examination was appointed to the next morning, without deliberating, went at this time of night (there were about 22. 00) on drugstores to look for a milk pump. Also found, brought to me. In the morning perfectly well passed examination, and still admitted that instead of preparation, all night long studied, collected and sorted a svezhekuplenny carriage.

From this dedication to me it was very cheerful, and there was a wish to cry at the same time. And the husband laughed when he heard (being on the street, through a window!) as my milk pump works. Just there was no instruction in Russian, and I incorrectly fastened at night some detalka, from - for it the milk pump strongly creaked. The midwife came running from a corridor and asked: “Who it jumps on beds here?“, though after Cesarean section it is difficult to imagine it. The neigbour in chamber spoke with the husband by phone, her husband listened - listened, and then took an interest: “Beds creak? You what, you have sex there?“ . We long laughed all chamber - then at many stomachs ached a bit. But it pulled together us and liberated so that all of us very amicably and cheerfully lived to an extract and to leave it was very sad! And I understand already now that this happy roddomovsky atmosphere will be remembered to me well.

Then a milk pump I collected

correctly, and all day was engaged in decantation. Closer by the night I managed to decant about 5 ml. zheltovato - white liquid. It was the first real victory over my nonmilk heredity! It was farther more, by the time of an extract from maternity hospital I could already decant about 15 ml. for time. Of course, it was a little, and my lyalka was finished feeding, but I was not abandoned any more by confidence that everything will turn out. So it also occurred - within a month I managed to exclude absolutely from Margarita`s diet mix and to leave only a chest milk. However, it was necessary to decant and store milk in the refrigerator, and to each feeding to warm (from Ritul`s breast does not gorge on as milk goes poorly and the lyalka very quickly is tired). Such here we adjusted nonconventional process of breastfeeding - I decant milk, I will sterilize small bottles - nipples, I warm up a milk, and the father feeds the daughter.

Observing this picture daily, I do not cease to be surprised, it is how strongly possible to love the man who nurses and feeds your child!

For the first four months of breastfeeding I caught a cold twice, and also my husband caught a cold. But to a lyalk I fed with breast milk, and dripped it three days interferon in a nose twice a day, and then three more days - breast milk (ttt, Margosha did not ache). And the chilled painful breast treated so: at first rubbed with alcohol, then put a compress with camphor oil, and so three times during the day. Once just strongly the breast hardened - it was impossible to touch, severe pain (cold at this moment did not suffer), and I was helped by a spirit compress - for one procedure. But it is necessary to do it carefully not to burn skin - a napkin to impregnate with alcohol (not vodka), to put to the hardened breast site, from above to cover with an oilcloth and a plaid, at the first poshchipyvaniye to remove a compress and to put on a warm jacket or a shawl.

still breast milk I use

A as cosmetics - I wipe a face, a neck and hands with the milk several times a day. The effect is just tremendous! And if there is a lot of milk, then it can be parted with an egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey to a consistence of kefir and to apply for 20 - 30 minutes on hair before washing. The condition of hair considerably improves, especially during the heating period. Moreover a lot of things can be made - and a face pack with oat flakes and breast milk, and a dairy cube of ice with which wipe a face, and even “Cleopatra`s bathtub“ from the breast milk which stagnated in the refrigerator excess term. It is necessary to use the laktatsionny period of the life to the maximum - when still it is possible!

my mother admires

what devices are now, and says that my dedication can envy and that many on my place initially would feed the child with mix. And our Margarita was five months old today, from them four she eats only breast milk, and I want to feed her as at least, about one year. And it in many respects thanks to AVENT ISIS milk pump - chief “organizer“ of breastfeeding of our baby. Of course, I want that I had both a heater, and a sterilizer, and system of storage of milk, but so far I cannot just afford it.

A on remarks of girlfriends and acquaintances: “This excess!“ and “To you that, to sterilize laziness - to warm up, this minute business!“, “All these features - money for wind, to feed - that you will be only a year, I can slightly more“, etc. with confidence I answer - all this saves to the feeding mother time, and it is invaluable, it is possible superfluous to have a sleep, work a half-hour with the baby. Such help means much and is worth a lot!

to Mummies I wish to trust

in the forces, to keep calm and not to follow all advice in a row, and to trust the intuition and maternal intuition! It is not necessary to argue with the nature, only to help!