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Education reform: a course on a five-years period of

that in Russia there passes the education reform all know. Who argues - it is necessary to change a lot of things. But parents lack subject, useful information about the course of transformations catastrophically! They is content with rumors which most part guards...

Lots of plans

the Global plan of any action of similar level, of course, goes down from above. Also the education reform did not become an exception. The President of Russia V. V. Putin sounded its priority directions at a meeting with members of the government on September 5, 2005.


On the same day in the Kremlin the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Andrey Fursenko acted. He told what measures are entered to execute an order of the president and submitted the documents regulating reforms for the period till 2010 inclusive.

the Majority of changes will concern the highest and sredneprofessionalny sphere. Also comprehensive schools are not forgotten. The main tasks are formulated in official language so here: support of innovative educational programs, introduction of remote technologies (including by means of connection of educational institutions to the Internet), changes of structure and size of compensation of teachers, ensuring availability of the quality general education. But this general guide to action. The detailed plan of innovations in this sphere at least for the next five years is made by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. It is called the Complex of actions for realization of the priority directions of development of the educational Russian Federation system for the period till 2010.

For a school desk in five years

What number of points would not be included by the plan of reforms, one of the main problems remains quality of education. Schools in the country thousands. Whether but many of them give the level of knowledge sufficient for receipt in prestigious higher education institution? Units! And to get there it is absolutely difficult - it is necessary to pass rigid selection, test, interview with the psychologist. Even to the talented, but not received due preparation children, the way to gymnasiums and gymnasia classes is closed. What remains for most of potential entrants? Occupations with tutors or training courses.

what Education of quality can get at many schools located not in the large cities, and on the periphery, for anybody not a secret too. It that is called leaves much to be desired. And it still to put it mildly...

the Ministry of Education and Science suggests to enter urgently additional training for preschool children. It is recommended to parents of children of 5 - 6 years one year prior to the first class to write down children in preparatory groups. That is time of stay in school will increase till 12 years. The innovation will partially solve one more problem: will help to unload the curriculum. The part of load of first graders will be displaced on preparatory group, for example, studying of letters and figures.

But so far the dvennadtsatiletka remains to

in an experiment stage. Schools which already entered this system will continue to work. The general transition till 2010 will not be. Many questions hung in mid-air. For example with payment. In a number of the Moscow schools preparatory groups work long ago. Training in them costs from 500 to 3000 rubles a month, money for the capital small. And for the province? Sum, very heavy for the majority of families!

Does not know to

and how to be with advisory nature of preschool preparation. If it is not obligatory to go to such groups, then how the children who were not attending preparatory classes will cope with the program of elementary school? Or the program of the first class everything is will partially duplicate a preschool course?.

territorial subjects of the federation Need only to wait for

it is entrusted to develop project details by 2008.

the Open classroom on physical culture

Experts urge to deal also with other large-scale problem long ago - congestion of curricula. Psychologists warn: the mentality of teenagers does not maintain school loadings. Russian education academic. School students receive the huge volume of theoretical data, knowledge.

Here two exits are. The first to enter profile training in the senior classes. The second - to lower loadings, having changed state standards of the general education.

Training in a profile is supported by many. Really, why to the tenth-grader - the humanist quantum physics? Practically all private and public Moscow schools already passed to profiling: mathematical, is natural - scientific, humanitarian, linguistic etc.

officials suggest to Lower loadings by a conclusion of part of objects or hours out of curriculum limits. You want more profound knowledge? Receive on additional classes within an open classroom. Main candidates for the physicist`s elimination, biology and chemistry. They are recommended to unite in one general subject - natural sciences.

the destiny of a physical education class is not clear to

so far. One of the alternatives offered so far section training. School students choose a sport in which want to be engaged. There is an option of replacement of OFP with daily fitness training or charging.

disputes around a subject history of religions do not cease. Its inclusion in the curriculum of all comprehensive schools - the issue resolved. Business in the universal training program. Officials from education are sure that divinity lessons do not threaten children, discipline secular. The main objective to acquaint teenagers with culturological and historical features of all world religions.

Upon transition to new system of additional education should consider legal aspect. Under current laws only the general education is free. It turns out what for other occupations, open classrooms should be paid?

Natalya Ivanovna, fifth-grader`s mother : I think, excess knowledge does not happen. All of us have heard a lot about limitation of the American school students with their narrow specialization when training. There is no wish that our children passed this way. And many parents are not ready to pay money for lessons of chemistry, physics.

New educational standards of the general education have to be developed by

by 2008. Some more years are required on completion of projects, for adaptation to innovations of public opinion. The Ministry of Education and Science gets off with general phrases so far: additional education has to come to other level, to become attractive and not laid on for parents and pupils!. Whether it will be possible to officials not in words, and in practice to reach break for the next years? Will show only time.

Road to new!

Certainly, innovations will demand serious financial investments. Still catastrophically it is not enough budgetary funds. The president promises: in the next two years structure of the budget on education to change. The most part of money will be allocated for prime needs - acquisition of modern laboratory equipment, the software, Internet access, modernization of educational classes, training of teachers, release of textbooks and many other things.

the President and the Minister of Education emphasize

: support, including material, schools - innovators business of the state importance.

Not all are uniform

Of course, also the destiny of the Unified state examination concerns. Many schools and higher education institutions join experiment. But before general transition to USE, seemingly, it is still far. The position of Lomonosov Moscow State University is known: the test does not show a picture of all-round development of the entrant, does not allow to estimate his creative and analytical skills.

the Federal service on supervision in education is unshakable

: shortly all higher education institutions will be obliged to consider results of USE.

the Minister of Education of the country A. Fursenko tried to soften with

a categoriality of this position. According to him, USE - not the only option of entering a higher education institution. Institutes and universities can take students and alternative methods. The part of higher education institutions offers entrants the choice already now: to pass examinations on the place, or to report results to USE.

the Evidence of USE will not replace a creative competition. The examinations checking creative abilities will traditionally take place.

Not less important point not up to the end thought over schemes of privacy. One of the purposes of the unified state examination fight against corruption. It is considered that test results an objective indicator. Whether so it?

this year graduates passed the Unified State Examination much better, than in the past. Too good marks guarded supervisory authorities which stated - cases of a fake of test results became frequent. However, it is simple to fight against forgeries: the real estimates are hammered into the general base. It is enough to higher education institution to verify electronic data with the number of points presented to a selection committee.

the Main problem an opportunity for money to buy the correct answers to the test. The Internet dazzles with offers such. Cost of one test of 120 dollars. Money is transferred in the non-cash way: through a web - attract or bank. It is almost impossible to contact the supplier of electronic services.


developed also barter: at forums and the websites school students hang out announcements: There are results of Unified State Examination in mathematics. I change for answers on geography etc.

officials promise to finish similar violations in the next two years. By means of increase of privacy and rigid control of those who have access to tests on work.

Poor rich teachers

the Main problem in the sphere of secondary education shortage of teachers. Every year pedagogical higher education institutions let out thousands of experts. And here to work units come to school from - for low wages. As we know, pay teachers for the number of the fulfilled hours. To receive more, they are forced to gather many lessons, plus the cool management. Quality of teaching suffers from it: simply there is not enough time to prepare properly for occupations.

Hourly payment is recognized as inefficient. During 2006 all schools of the Russian Federation will pass to new system. Earnings of the teacher will consist of a salary, plus additional motivation of class teachers. If now countrywide receive 110 - 250 rubles for the cool management, in a year this sum considerably will increase. It is in addition planned to enter annual encouragement of 100 thousand rubles for 10 thousand the best teachers of Russia.

the Notebook of parents Answers


the head a press - services of Department of Education of Moscow A. V. Gavrilov

- At school where my children study, teachers can put the two for the notebooks left at home, reprimand for the wrong cover. Whether it is lawful?
- the Teacher has at all no right to do reprimand to the pupil. It is possible to state the discontent. Procedure is regulated only by normal relationship in a class. If there is no notebook, most likely, there is also no performed homework. In this case the teacher can put the two.