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You are too busy to be happy... or healthy?

the Stress seem an integral part of modern life, and it can have destructive impact on us. And though it is almost impossible to avoid it, it can be controlled, important only to know how exactly.

If you is asked whether you that you answered are healthy? We hope that at once would sound firm “yes“. But what you would tell, knowing the definition of good health given by World Health Organization which says what “health“ means not just absence of diseases, and “a positive emotional and physical state“? Possibly, you would reflect before answering. And not only you one. The truth should look in eyes - only the few from us can remember when they felt well and physically last time, and emotionally, and daily employment behind which we simply do not notice how we feel is the main reason for it.

But employment in itself is not a problem, experts in a stress say. Employment is good if you do favorite thing giving you generally pleasure. Problems begin when we to such an extent plunge into “service“ of the life, earning money and buying all necessary for our convenience that absolutely we forget that we really appreciate. We forget, for example, that we love the family and friends that we love the work that we have some pleasant hobbies and a set of pleasant cases in which we like to be engaged. The first sign of imperceptible entry of a stress into our life is the feeling that day passed without any pleasure: in communication with difficult persons, in the solution of complex challenges.

to Notice

that life lost balance, it is not so simple: you, maybe, also do not feel a stress, but it does not mean at all that life full of alarms and cares will not be reflected in your state sooner or later. According to researches of psychologists, every third person suffers from a so-called “aysbergovy stress“. It seems to people that they do not experience unpleasant emotions, however their analyses show the increased level of the hormones connected with a stress - cortisol and DGEA (digidroepiandrosterona). Experts claim that the stress is one of the most artful factors in medicine. It is almost imperceptible, but it influences all organism even if it seems to you that you quite cope with it. Many consider that they have no stress because do not feel bad yet, but actually it is worth paying attention to how employment and cares affect your emotional state, and even to the most imperceptible changes in the future not to have problems, including with health.

As soon as possible to improve the state

Theoretically is not difficult to control a stress at all. The main thing - the nobility as the organism reacts to it. In stressful situations the organism starts the mechanism helping us to cope with danger. At a meeting with something frightening the organism produces adrenaline which in turn causes increase of noradrenaline and cortisol. All three hormones together increase thinking speed, deliver energy to your muscles and direct all resources of an organism there where in it there is a need. Thanks to this process we manage to cope with danger. But not less important part of reaction of an organism to a stress is the relaxation stage. After hunting for a mammoth or a bear our far ancestors had properly a rest. And we also need rest, rest and a good dream that the organism could be restored after impact of hormones of a stress on internals.

However today we most often relax by means of alcohol, cigarettes or coffee (and all this also stimulates release of hormones of a stress) or, what is even worse, at once we rush to other stressful situation. From - for it our organism just bathes in stress hormones - and then all problems begin. Hormones in our organism work in thin balance and when three main “stressful“ hormones are released, they influence the level of other hormones, especially the insulin (regulating sugar level in blood and which is responsible for a power exchange) and the serotonin (influencing mood and a dream). When the level of these hormones is in the changed state for a long time, your health suffers (see Influence of a stress on an organism).

So to learn to be disconnected from a stress and to force your organism to work on, but not against you, it is necessary to remember the simple rule. It is impossible to be in a condition of excitement and relaxation at the same time. If the body tries to have a rest, and you worry that you could at this time or had to do something very important, then your organism cannot understand, he (and it is at the same time restored) has a rest or works (and copes with complex challenges). If to you it is still difficult to p to be disconnected by

from problems, then try such receptions:

Be exempted by That it became easier than

at once...

Adrenaline is produced by

it is to solve a problem rather. However in the 21st century the important factors helping to cope with difficulties appear not always instantly. If you do not manage to make quickly the decision, you have two options:


As the stress acts on you?

the Stage 1

the Stage 2

the Stage 3

If signs of a stage 1 and 2 are similar

to yours, then follow advice in the text of article. If you are at the third stage, consult to your doctor and think of how it is possible to change yours a way of life and food to reduce a stress.

you are busy with

and from it are unfortunate?

the Stage 1

  • you quite often think that life managed with you unfairly.
  • you feel hostility in relation to absolutely strangers, for example to won in a lottery or to those to whom is better than yours.
  • you often repeat words “has to“, it “is necessary“, “is obliged“.
  • you continually lose to
  • in thoughts your debate with neighbors or with colleagues.

the Stage 2

  • you have sense of guilt from - for the fact that are dissatisfied with life. to you it is difficult for li to force to begin
  • any
  • you constantly feel tired.
  • you are not sure by
  • of yourself.
the Stage 3

If your symptoms coincide with signs of the first stage, then councils on the following page will help to cope with them to you - a little pleasure will change your life to the best. At the second and third stage tension seriously affects your mood and can even bring to a depression. Councils how to cope with more serious stages of a stress, you will find in books on this subject. If you are not able to cope with a problem, then, perhaps, your neuropathologist will direct you to consultation to the psychologist. In similar cases well proved kognitivno - behavioral therapy which helps to get rid of tension and its consequences much more effectively than antidepressants. And unlike the traditional psychoanalysis investigating the past of the personality she focuses efforts on change of your behavior and the relation in life in the present.

Influence of a stress on your organism

This short management will help you to distinguish and get rid of stress symptoms.

you suffer from

from migraine

When you are in a condition of a stress, the organism emits adrenaline. It treats chemical group of “amines“, and the people inclined to migraine are especially sensitive with substances of this group.

How to avoid: to people, Inclined to migraine, doctors recommend to avoid other “amine“ - the tiramin which is contained in caffeine, chocolate, cheese and red wine. Jamming and washing down a stress with these products, you are exposed to risk of the next attack of migraine.

U you raised a blood pressure


the Long emotional pressure raises a blood pressure which in turn increases risk of heart attack. The stress also increases the level of the harmful cholesterol leading to obstruction of vessels that can also bring in heart attack or a stroke.

How to avoid: Reduce consumption of salt and eat more vegetables and fruit. You descend to the therapist if your pressure exceeds 140/85 (it to you any nurse will measure in policlinic).

you constantly feel fatigue

the Stress influences production of the hormones regulating a dream including serotonin and melatonin. And at the people having sleeplessness the increased level of exciting hormone of cortisol is observed.

How to avoid: Take a hot bath before going to bed. After a bathtub body temperature falls that causes drowsiness. And also be engaged in nothing in a bed, except a dream and sex (any official papers, any TV).

you often are ill

Reacting to a stress (that is including the mechanism of protection against danger), your organism will use all functions which are less important for a survival, including function protection against viruses and bacteria at present. If you test constant tension, the immune system chooses protection against danger, but not from diseases, and you catch each virus walking at this time.

How to avoid: Within two weeks accept ekhinatseyu and vitamins C zinc. Also eat more fruit and vegetables.

you cannot conceive the child

to Some irritable women is difficult to become pregnant. There is a theory that in an organism of the woman who is in a stressful state more oxytocin, helping to cope with a stress is developed. This hormone has the effect braking fertility.

How to avoid: If you unsuccessfully try to become pregnant already more than half a year, descend to the doctor. Possibly, he will advise to reduce working hours. As a last resort it is possible to resort to the help of hypnosis or to practice yoga, it helps to reduce tension.

you became inclined

to completeness

the Stress influences production of the insulin regulating a power exchange. Experts believe that the stress can be the factor leading to “the insulin resistance“ which leads to completeness.

How to avoid: pass to healthy food and reduce consumption of the carbohydrates causing serious fluctuations in production of insulin that is try not to eat rolls, white loaf, cookies and macaroni.

your skin too dry or is inclined

to acne rashes

Tension forces your organism to use resources, taking away them from such not so important for a survival in dangerous situations of bodies as skin and hair. Besides, in an organism of the woman who is in a stressful state the bigger amount of testosterone which also plays a role in emergence of an acne is made.

How to avoid: If skin too dry, then is enough to spend on drink a rate of multivitamins. To get rid of an acne, it is necessary to descend to the doctor.

U you a problem with digestion

Adrenaline slows down digestion therefore the food passes on intestines longer, leading to locks. And noradrenaline, on the contrary, relaxes intestines that leads to diarrhea. For this reason at a syndrome of the angry intestines tied with a stress, such inconsistent symptoms.

How to avoid: Every day drink bioactive kefir or eat yogurt to allow useful bacteria to breed in intestines - they neutralize harmful effect of hormones of a stress on a gastrointestinal tract.