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The mineral waters

Use of Mineral Natural Waters allows to achieve unique results, they contain the richest composition of salts and minerals which so is not enough for our organism. Influence of mineral waters is very different and affects all bodies and systems.

And, each medicinal mineral water has the group of indications and contraindications. Many chronic diseases which are badly giving in to medicinal therapy are successfully treated in balneological resorts.

Mineralnye Vody is estimated by

on the following indicators

Mineralnye Vody is applied by

outwardly in the form of bathtubs (gas and mineral), and also inside to treatment and prevention of many .

the Main groups of mineral waters

  1. Carbonic
  2. Hydrosulphuric
  3. Ferruterous
  4. Bromic, iodic and iodine-bromine
  5. Siliceous thermal
  6. Myshyaksoderzhashchiye`s
  7. Radonic (radioactive)
  8. Boron-containing
  9. of Water, enriched with organic substance
Each of groups of mineral waters is subdivided by

into classes and subclasses based on the ratio of the main components of ionic and salt structure: anions : NSOZ bicarbonates - CO32 carbonates - SO42 sulfates - chlorides CI-., cations Sa2+ calcium, Mg2+ magnesium, Na+ sodium, K+ potassium.

Drinking mineral underground waters are subdivided by

into lechebno - table, medical and table .

Mineralnye Vody of Krasnodar Krai is characterized by a big variety and, naturally, very wide range of medical opportunities as for internal, drinking application, so for external, balneological options of use.

Mineralnye Vody for external application

of Water balneal (for external application) is characterized by availability of biologically active gases (carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, radon), specific microcomponents (bromine, iodine, silicon acid, boric acid), the level of the general mineralization and physical properties (temperature, radioactivity, reaction of the environment).


In balneology at external application of mineral waters allows dilution of brine waters to an optimum mineralization and preparation of artificial analogs of medicinal waters by the techniques approved by the Russian Ministry of Health Artificial mineral waters for balneoprotsedur can also prepare on the basis of the natural salts including containing the flavoring and other additives and substances allowed for use by the Russian Ministry of Health.


On set of the indicators mentioned above allocated seven main balneological groups of the mineral waters used for external application:

  1. carbonic
  2. hydrosulphuric
  3. radonic
  4. siliceous thermal
  5. bromic, iodic and iodine-bromine
  6. myshyaksoderzhashchy
  7. acidic waters with the high content of metals (iron, aluminum, copper)
  8. mineral waters which medical effect is defined mainly by mineralization size.

salinas (hloridno - sodium) have more expressed thermal effect, than fresh. After acceptance of such bathtub on skin there is a so-called “salt raincoat“ - the thinnest salt cover which continues to work within several hours after procedure. During acceptance of a bathtub inflow of Blood to skin considerably amplifies, intensity of exchange processes increases, oxygen absorption amplifies. Salinas cause changes of a horn layer of skin, evaporation of water from skin decreases, the thermal control which is contained in a bathtub salt changes “connects“ water, thereby moistening skin, their action is similar to action of oil bathtubs. Along with other beneficial influences (similar with influence of other bathtubs directed to strengthening of protective forces of an organism) salinas are capable to increase sensitivity of skin to action of ultraviolet rays. These can explain good intensity of suntan by the sea.

the Course of treatment of 12 - 15 bathtubs, daily, temperature is 35 - 37 °C.

Rapny bathtubs are applied by

along with hloridno - sodium and sea bathtubs. The brine of estuaries represents the concentrated sea water like a brine with impurity of biologically active agents.

of the Bathtub iodine-bromine have the weakening, soothing and protivozudny effect, normalize a tone of muscles and vessels, functions of endocrine glands (thyroid, sexual), reduce arterial pressure, have bakteriostatichesky and bactericidal effect. Under the influence of iodine-bromine bathtubs protective forces of an organism are restored.

render to

of the Bathtub in addition very strong chemical influence. Hydrogen sulfide, getting through skin, mucous and airways, gets to blood, irritates interoretseptor and causes difficult responses of an organism. At the same time the small part of the acquired hydrogen sulfide is allocated through skin and lungs.

the Bulk of sulfur is used by an organism, the part it is oxidized in sulfate and is allocated with urine. The soaked-up sulfur participates in synthesis of amino acids (cysteine, cystine and methionine), its greatest number is postponed in the restored fabrics.

At immersion in a bathtub on skin there is a reddening, lowering of arterial pressure, increase in minute volume of blood is observed, consumption by oxygen fabrics increases, ventilation of lungs amplifies. It is especially important that sulphidic bathtubs excite carotid receptors of skin which regulate activity of endocrine glands and normalize a metabolism.

of the Bathtub radonic radon and affiliated products of its disintegration contain radioactive gas. Radon waters meet under natural conditions and prepare artificially. At reception of radonic bathtubs on skin “the active raid“ is formed.“ Active raid“, and also the radon which got through skin and mucous membranes, thanking an alpha - to radiation, have therapeutic effect, and accumulation of radon and its disintegration happen mainly in skin. Under the influence of radonic bathtubs chemical activity of proteinaceous molecules changes, they have the calming effect on nervous system, eliminate irritability, fatigue, normalize a dream, reduce pain, have antiallergic effect. At immersion in a radonic bathtub the angiospasm, pobledneny skin is observed. After procedure vessels extend.

of the Bathtub gas . In the mechanism of action of gas bathtubs, along with the temperature and mechanical factors characteristic of all bathtubs, physical and chemical influence of gas is of great importance. Physical impact of gas consists in the following: vials of gas settle on skin, then disappear, irritating tactile (sensitive to a touch) receptors and making tactile massage. Along with these they make temperature massage of skin as the normal temperature of gases (12 - 25 °C at various gases) is lower, than the water temperature (34 - 36 °C) for a body of the person. Chemical action happens at inhalation and absorption of gases in blood.


In the medical purposes apply gas bathtubs: carbonic, oxygen, nitric.

Gas bathtubs are applied by

, as a rule, in complex resort treatment. Their positive impact on a human body consists of a set of factors, each of which needs to be considered at treatment and prevention of various diseases.

not less than 0,75 g/l of carbon dioxide contain

of the Bathtub. Sources of carbonic waters are available in many resorts. Besides, it is easy to prepare them artificially. Carbon dioxide arrives from a bathtub through skin even at its concentration in water of 0,1 g/l, and is emitted through respiratory organs, and skin is the main depot of carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide irritates with

thermal receptors of skin as its indifferent temperature (12 - 13 °C) is much lower than the indifferent water temperature (34 - 36 °C). The thermal effect of carbonic bathtubs is caused also by the fact that vials of gas form a thermoprotective layer which complicates direct heat exchange between water and an organism on a body.

Carbonic bathtubs stimulate with

the central nervous system, improve functions of vegetative nervous system. In 10 minutes of reception of a carbonic bathtub there comes reddening of skin. Carbon dioxide, getting through skin, causes expansion of capillaries owing to release of the substances which are actively influencing capillaries (histamine).


bathtubs at a temperature of 35 °C with the subsequent gradual decrease to 30 - 28 °C Carry out, duration of a bathtub of 5 - 15 minutes, every other day, on a course of treatment of 12 - 15 bathtubs.

of the Bathtub oxygen is contained to 30 - 40 mg/l of oxygen. They are trained artificially. Oxygen bathtubs liquidate a lack of oxygen, favorably influence a condition of nervous system, normalize arterial pressure, stimulate exchange processes, improve the general state and are well transferred.

is Carried out at a temperature of 36 - 37 °C, duration of 10 - 15 minutes, daily, on a course of treatment of 10 - 15 bathtubs.

of the Bathtub nitric have soft, specific effect. Under their influence narrowing of capillaries, especially venous course and pobledneny skin which is replaced by moderate reddening is observed. Breath goes deep, arterial pressure decreases. The nitric bathtub exerts the calming impact on the central nervous system, soothing and some antiallergic action.

of the Bathtub is carried out at a temperature of 35 - 37 °C, duration of 10 - 20 minutes, daily, on a course of treatment of 15 - 20 bathtubs. Often nitric bathtubs are applied in mix with radonic, sea.

of Dos Sharco is a shower of “shock“ type with the reduced influence zone. Usually it is applied from distance from 3 to 5 meters. Water is pumped through the branch pipe connected to the unit in which cold water mixes up with hot manually. Dos Sharco well helps to remove stress from backbone muscles, helps with treatment of diseases of internals. Dos Sharco is exclusively effective in prevention and correction of cellulitis.

the Hydromassage bathtub - with mineral sea salt quickly fills up an organism with necessary minerals and minerals. Improves a metabolism, perfectly helps at stresses, neuralgia, reduces articulate pains, takes off fatigue. The best effect of salt bathtubs is tested by skin: the become obsolete cages are replaced with new quicker, the tone and elasticity of skin raises.


of Dos Visha - the modern equipment will provide effective impact of water procedures and the maximum relaxation. You experience the massing influence of a shower, lying on a special couch; water is pumped by means of six adjustable nozzles located in such a way that impact is made on all body with contrast water supply. Dos Visha it is possible to use also for procedures of thalassotherapy.

the Underwater shower - massage and medical bathtubs :

Mineral bathtubs render to

on an organism threefold effect:

  1. Mechanical. In water gravity weakens, both muscles and skin finish, their blood supply improves. If in water gas is dissolved, but skin is mechanically influenced also by gas bubbles.
  2. Thermal. Warm water makes active blood current in vessels, improves exchange processes. The organism strenuously emits at this time energy, loses calories and removes toxins, that is there is a clarification. The effect amplifies at alternation of procedures with warm and cold water.
  3. Chemical. Biologically active ions (iodine, bromine), contain in mineral water, and the gases (carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide) dissolved in it get into the general current of blood and improve food of all fabrics.

of the Indication and contraindication to application of various bathtubs :

In Krasnodar Krai numerous fields of mineral hydrosulphuric waters are available. In Sochi they are reconnoitered in a shore of the resort of Sochi on a site from Psakhe`s river to the river of Kudepsta. The most known of them “Matsesta“. The Kudepsta field contains mineral medical hloridno - natriyevo - iodine - bromic water.

the Resort of Anapa is characterized by existence of mineral water of an average mineralization: sulfatno - gidrokarbonatno - chloride sodium, poorly alkaline, sulphidic average concentration, hydrosulphidic.

Mineral water of the resort of Gelendzhik of a high mineralization: hydrocarbonate sodium (soda), poorly alkaline, iodine - bromic, siliceous.

of Water of the resort of Yeysk of high and average degree of a mineralization: chloride sodium, neutral, iodine - bromic, boric.

Almost all mineral waters of the resort the Hot Key belong to the Psekupsky field and are characterized by the increased alkaline reaction. Therefore they contain, mainly, the connected hydrogen sulfide in the form of a hydrosulfide ion.

Labinsk mineral water of an average mineralization, chloride sodium, poorly alkaline, iodic, boric, siliceous.

Hadyzhensky mineral water of an average mineralization, chloride sodium, poorly alkaline, iodine - bromic, boric.

Hydrosulphuric bathtubs

of the Indication :

  • Coronary heart disease, stenocardia of tension of the I-II functional classes
  • Violation of processes of adaptation, bent to meteotropny reactions, at a combination to a hypertensive illness
  • of Violation of a lipoproteidny metabolism
  • the Neurasthenia, distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy of the I-II degree, an astenonevrotichesky syndrome, including at the persons working in the conditions of intoxication with heavy metals and pesticides; at the persons injured with accident on the CNPP
  • Primary arterial hypertension at children, vegetativno - dystonic it is warm - vascular disorders, a kardiomipatiya post-traumatic stressful disorder, a tsefalgiya, a syndrome of chronic fatigue, etc. psychosomatic diseases
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (mono - oligo - polyarthritis), mainly articulate form, slowly progressing current, degree of activity 1 - 2, FTS 0 - 1, a condition of vegetative dysfunction with violation of peripheral blood circulation and a condition of disadaptation
  • Mono - loliosteoartroz the I-II stages, FTS of Ml of a stage; polysegmentary osteochondrosis of a backbone
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases of women`s pelvic bodies
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases of women`s pelvic bodies in a stage of permanent remission
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases of women`s pelvic bodies in a stage of unstable remission
  • Infertility (trubno - peritonealny), a state after reconstructively - plastic surgeries on uterus appendages concerning infertility
  • Primary yaichnikovy insufficiency, violations of a menstrual cycle, genital infantility, a uterus hypoplasia the Initiation of treatment in 1 - yu a phase of a menstrual cycle)

of Contraindication :

  • of IBS, stenocardia of tension of the III-IV functional classes. Violations of a rhythm and conductivity. Insufficiency of blood circulation is higher than the I stage;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (mono - oligo - polyarthritis), sustavno - a visceral form, activity of 3 Art., hormonal dependence;
  • Chronic diseases of a liver, pancreas, stomach, kidneys, thyroid gland, disease of easy and top airways;
  • Allergic reaction to hydrogen sulfide;
  • all diseases in a sharp stage, sharp infectious zabolevaniye. Chronic diseases in a stage of an aggravation and complicated by ostrognoyny processes;
  • Menyer`s Illness with frequent attacks;
  • Mental diseases, all forms drug addiction and chronic alcoholism, epilepsy;
  • of the Illness of blood in a sharp stage of an aggravation;
  • Kakheksiya`s
  • of various origin;
  • of the Illness with frequent displays of bleeding of any etiology;
  • Pregnancy;
  • of the Disease of female genitals: giperestrogeniye, giperpolimenoreya, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, cysts and kistoma of ovaries, acute inflammation of a uterus and its appendages, fibromioma, endometriosis;
  • Chest and senile age (75 years are more senior);
higher than 50 mg/l are contraindicated to

For resorts with hydrosulphuric waters with concentration the direction of lungs sore with diseases, a pleura and bronchial asthma; diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path (stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, kalkulezny cholecystitis; pochechno - a stone illness).

Iodine-bromine bathtubs

of the Indication :

  • of the Disease it is warm - vascular system (coronary heart disease, stenocardia of tension of 1 - 11 stage, risk a cardiosclerosis (not earlier than 6 - 12 months after a heart attack),
  • of the Disease of nervous system (a neurasthenia, neurosis, distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy, radiculitis),
  • of the Disease of skin,
  • of the Disease oporno - the motive device (rheumatoid arthritis, mono - polio - osteoarthrosis),
  • Inflammatory diseases of the women`s pelvic bodies complicated by infertility including after reconstructive operations.

At women with chronic inflammatory diseases of genitals and a neurasthenia or bent to increase of function of a thyroid gland it is shown hydrosulphuric - an iodine-bromine balneoterapiya.

of Contraindication :

the General for sanatorno - resort treatment; thyrotoxicosis of the I-II Art., hypophysial obesity, gout.

Carbonic arsenous mineral waters (Chvizhepse type)

of the Indication :

  • Hypertensive illness of the I-II Art., risk 1 - 4;
  • Coronary heart disease stenocardia of tension of the I-II Art., without frustration of a rhythm and conductivity,
  • Insufficiency of blood circulation of XCH - I;
  • the Postinfarktny cardiosclerosis with prescription of a heart attack over a year;
  • of the Disease of respiratory organs,
  • the Neurasthenia, neurosises, a postinsultny hemiparesis,
  • the Inflammatory diseases of women`s pelvic bodies complicated by infertility, a climax, obesity, an easy form of diabetes.

of Contraindication :

  • of IBS,
  • Stenocardia of tension Sh - the IV functional classes, mitralny heart diseases,
  • Giperterioz,
  • of the Disease of kidneys,
  • Bad shipping of a bathtub.