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My participation in the Marathon of the World of

(MMMM - 2005, on September 11, 2005, 10 km)

Davny - long ago, till the birth of my oldest daughter, I read in newspapers that we in Moscow will have now a marathon too. Yes not some, but such in which all who will want can take part. It was MMMM (the Moscow International Marathon of the World). Then there was a desire to participate in this action. But somehow everything was a lack of time.

Therefore when at the forum IRC (Internet Running Club - the Internet - club of fans of run) I was called to take part in this running, I decided that time to fulfill the long wish came. At least to ten but to run. It is necessary to tell that at first I planned nothing of that kind therefore gathered on conducted - DOC (day off campaign) with the Russian cycling club. On Saturday. And MMMM - next day, on Sunday. At first began to doubt - but whether it will be heavy, such loadings two days running. But then decided that with endurance at me everything is all right, different groups of muscles therefore nothing will be involved as - nibud we will break.

in the Morning on Sunday the rain though the day before there was a fine day went. We cool swept, having passed about 70 km. Despite a nasty weather, in the morning on Sunday I went to jog of the dream. Not without effort found for IRC - nicknames in a prestarting second-hand market and turmoil. Got a starting number. Changed clothes and handed over in a left-luggage office together with things the handkerchief and packing of glucose which are carefully laid up for such a case. I found it already on start. By the way, was nearly late for start - while handed over things, then answered call of the nature... Well, on start rushed at a trot, after some aunty in an orange topic.

On Vasilevsky Descent. Played an orchestra. Atmosphere of general emotional lift.... At last! I did it! I too here! Fine! START. The crowd of the people flocked through the bridge. And I with all. Oho, perhaps, it is not necessary to me so quickly. And here someone lost glucose - just the same packing as I handed over with things in a left-luggage office. I brake and select. And, running behind nearly stumble about me. I run for that aunty in an orange topic. The rain came to an end. Yes, something I somehow quickly ran from start. I dump speed, all the same in prize-winners to me does not threaten to be. Main participation. I decide to run at the speed. All the same hard. It affects yesterday`s PVD. The quote from “Woe from Wit“ is remembered:“ But to mix two of these crafts there is a darkness of hunters, I not from their number“. And I mix. And in a row.

the Route passes

along the embankment Moscow - the rivers. We run a skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment. There has to be a turn in the opposite direction soon - and on the finish at hotel Russia. When turn? I am overtaken, but it already all the same. To reach the finish. Here and turn to hotel Russia. Hard. Hotel it is already visible, but it for some reason does not come nearer as though someone removes it. Behind some uncle runs and loudly encourages all, crying out any nonsense.

Here, at last, the finish seemed to

. The crowd of unfamiliar cranks shouts finishing “give - give“. Became angry, even from where - that forces on the last breakthrough undertook. I run a finish line, I look at an electronic clock - my time hour and about 10 min. Right there I forget. I look at the sky. There black points fly. I think that it at me before eyes. Yes, yesterday`s 70 km were not in vain. On the finish give a package from sponsors. In it a water bottle, cake, the handle and some booklets. Hoping that it will become easier, I raise hands up (the winner of running, yo - mine is direct) and I understand that if now I stop, then it will be even worse. Having trotted still a little bit, I begin to squat. From outside, probably, I look strange. But the main thing - to recover.


Right there, directly on a lawn, spread out tourist rugs - skins. Some people suggest to make massage everything finishing. Directly in clothes, lying in the rain. At first I refuse, then I agree. In process it becomes clear that it is sayentolog - dianetics. Yes, and immoderately active sectarians got through here.

I Collect by

free balls as a gift to the younger daughter and I go to change clothes. Tired, but happy. Disguise looks quite exotically too. In a huge cinema hall of “Zaryadye“ all change clothes alternately, men and women. Without paying any attention on people around. Having already changed clothes, I notice what part of an amphitheater is fenced off by fabric and on it it is written “women“. That is, especially ingenious and especially bashful, probably, changed clothes there. Well, I, seemingly, neither to those, nor do not treat others...

It is good that participated in MMMM. Though the cycle campaign did not allow to derive pleasure from competitions, but what to do - so turned out.

All - the main thing - participation!