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Errors of youth

Fluent English, the “red“ diploma of the most elite higher education institution and the influential father do not guarantee that the newly-baked expert will not commit follies at employment. What typical mistakes of yesterday`s graduates?

Having interrogated representatives of HR - departments of the large companies and recruitment agencies, having analysed data of researches of labor market for 2003-2005 (the materials “ANCHOR“, Graduate, E - xecutive, by Kelly Services CIS are used), we made a peculiar arch of widespread punctures young (and not only young people) experts. Of course, they are related not to all beginning careerists, and shortcomings of high school preparation are the reason of “youth errors“ often. But - having ears yes will hear. Also will draw conclusions.

you will be responsible

For the summary

how many times went on to the world that grants on sculpture of the correct summary (CV, from armor. curriculum vitae - “the life course“) thousands and that not poorly to study a couple before starting writing. But - uselessly. Unsophisticated applicants still “please“ personnel officers with the following mistakes:

Unpleasant emotions is caused by also mass mailing of the summary - having received same CV several times, the employer understands that the candidate has no job search strategy, to it laziness even to make the list of the organizations which “are made already happy“ with his biography.

Talk to it

the Second circle of hell, a litmus piece of paper of true intentions and abilities - interview. At this stage yesterday`s graduates show:


Besides, specialists in HR are guarded by too zealous desire to receive the place - up to a consent to the underestimated salary. It makes impression that the person is extremely not confident in own forces.

If youth was able...

Often future Jackie Uelsha and Billa Geytsa:

One more shortcoming of young specialists - inability to answer distinctly a question:“ In what area you would like to work and why?“ The answer “So far I look for myself and I consider offers in the field of marketing, PR and HR“ is admissible only in case the student looks for the place for temporary training. But any employer interested in the constant employee will not take the person who in three months will leave “to look for himself“ in other sphere.

What it is good?

here the list of qualities and abilities which pacify and please with

A potential bosses: