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“Aquamarine“ - a new pearl of Anapa

Is such special type of holiday - “rest with children“ is called. Practical all parents were influenced by it. But impressions remained different with all. At someone holiday turned into the real hard labor. And for someone it became one of the most pleasant family memories.

you Want to bring with yourself lots of fine impressions and confidence that it is necessary to have a rest only together with the child? Go to Anapa. This lovely pure coastal town by right is considered not the first decade the most suitable vacation spot of parents with children.

Anapa can brag of the whole bouquet of various advantages which decorate family rest. This and most clean sea on all Black Sea coast (that is defined both by policy of the city authorities, and very successful arrangement of the resort). It and cozy sandy beaches, the multikilometer fairy tale the coasts stretched lengthways. It and perfectly developed infrastructure: Anapa is ready to offer you the mass of places where it is possible to go with the child to satisfy his young inquisitiveness and to have a good time most. Besides the condition of beaches is very much watched closely by public health services of Anapa so it is possible not to worry about hygiene. And sea depth near Anapa increases so gradually that the alarm chill does not disturb parental heart at all - there are no doubts that the successor pleskatsya in perfect security.

Besides, Anapa is famous for fine weather. The local weather gods guarantee at least 280 sunny days in a year. In the summer air temperature fluctuates from 25 to 30, and water steadily holds comfortable 24 degrees. So in Anapa you are insured both from a suffocating heat, and from unexpected rushes of cold wind. Surprisingly, but fact: even rare rains, observe improbable sensitivity in Anapa. They prefer to spill at night and at all do not disturb vacationers.

But, of course, cannot live even on the purest beach near the most tender sea. Therefore it is necessary to suffer with the choice of sanatorium or boarding house - them in Anapa much. Persons interested to risk can go at random: for certain in one of deserved health resorts there will be a shelter for you and your child. However, there is a risk to get to the atmosphere of “the Soviet service“ which is capable to spoil impression of rest for many years ahead. If to risk health and rest of own child you do not wish, and on the contrary, want to combine the European level of service with the democratic prices - safely stop the choice on “Aquamarine“. It, undoubtedly, the best that Anapa can offer you today.

also the fact that “Aquamarine“ belongs to system of improving institutions of JSC Russian Railways Is very important

. The department of health care of the Russian Railway long since is famous for the attentive attitude towards health of the employees - railroad workers, owing to the profession, daily take the responsibility for destinies of many people.

of 7 arguments in favor of “Aquamarine“

  1. Argument the first - technological. Here all - from the building to the equipment and the territory - is created taking into account the latest technologies. “Aquamarine“ became operational quite recently - in February, 2005. The first happy vacationers already estimated a unique opportunity to combine delights of the reliable resort checked by time with pleasures of rest at the highest modern level.
  2. Argument of the second - economic. In planning of “Aquamarine“ all household trifles and details which are necessary on vacation for the child and attendants his father - mother are considered. More than a half of the places which are available in sanatorium are intended for family rest (90 of 150). And numbers are the most different, the families considering practically any structure therefore neither to be restricted in too small number, nor it is not necessary to overpay for the unnecessary place to you.
  3. Argument the third - human. As families with children has a rest much, among them for certain there will be age-mates of your kid who will become him boon companions. And among the having a rest parents, undoubtedly, people, communication with whom will even more decorate rest, will be found. Isn`t that so, new friends are that invaluable find which can be brought from holiday in addition to photos and memoirs?
  4. Argument the fourth - therapeutic. Unfortunately, within a year not only the fatigue, but also mass of “sores“ which in a labor rhythm hands just do not reach collects. During holiday in “Aquamarine“ all family will have an opportunity to strengthen the health - the sanatorium has solid medical base and in it there is a set of various medical and improving programs for children aged from 4 till 15 years. The latest equipment, medical offices equipped taking into account all modern technologies, friendly doctors and attentive nurses will make so that treatment will not interfere with entertainments in any way, and will only improve the general joyful spirit. It does not matter, if you did not manage to do the necessary inspections in the city, - the unique diagnostic equipment “will understand“ with you on the ground. And the appointed procedures will be especially effective, supported with natural curative factors: by sea, sun and great mood.
  5. Argument the fifth - entertaining. You do not want to spend holiday for medical procedures? Nobody insists on it. Designers of “Aquamarine“ provided the maximum range of holiday entertainments, both for children, and for adults of the most different age and character. There is an outdoor and indoor pool, an aquapark, athletic fields, tennis courts, children`s game rooms. Mothers will be able to take care of the beauty in local beauty shop, to make a hairdress in a hairdressing salon and to flash all this in the bar and restaurant. And fathers for certain will estimate an opportunity to drive balls on well-planned tennis courts and to take for a drive spheres in billiard rooms.
  6. Argument of the sixth - dietary. After such active pastime, certainly, brutal appetite wakes up. You should not worry about the menu, improper for the child.“ Aquamarine“ guarantees full various and at the same time the dietary food considering features of a children`s organism. Behind drawing up the menu skilled dietitians vigilantly look, and the freshest products are delivered to kitchen every day: the neighboring nature here generously responds on efforts of agriculture.
  7. Argument of the seventh - local history. If you like to study edges in which you are on vacation, then will find in “Aquamarine“ everything for this condition. In sanatorium it is possible to order excursions on all coast - the attentive guide will help you to pick up an optimum trip taking into account age and interests of all your family. And if it is beyond the power for the child, then you will be able to take “vacation“ from parental responsibilities: while you enjoy a trip, it will be surely looked after by friendly personnel.

B than still big plus of rest in the homeland? Of course, that you need no visas, customs declarations and foreign currency. All vacationers are native, clear, speaking our great, mighty and such familiar Russian around. So it is possible just to relax and derive pleasure from the sea, the sun, the good company and fine service. And enthusiastic eyes of the child and his remarkably suntanned mug will repeatedly strengthen pleasure of any parent. Besides and it is not difficult to reach the resort at all.

From the airport in Anapa: by a shuttle bus and to go to bus station of Anapa, and then by buses or share taxis No. 4, 14 to go to a stop “the Sanatorium Aquamarine“ the item of Vityazevo. The airport is in 7 km from sanatorium. The time spent in a way of 30 - 40 minutes.

From the railway station on stations Tunnel Severo - the Caucasian railroad to go a share taxi following to bus station. Anapa, from there by buses or share taxis No. 4, 14 to a stop “Sanatorium Aquamarine“. The time spent in way 1 - 1. 5th hour.

From the railway station at station Anapa Severo - the Caucasian railroad which is at distance of 5 km from sanatorium, trip time for a taxi of 10 minutes. If to go to bus station Anapa, and then by buses No. 4, 14 to a stop “Sanatorium Aquamarine“, the time spent in way makes 30 - 40 minutes.