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In anticipation of long Russian winter very much want to be prolonged if not warm days then reminiscence of them. And what will remind of summer better, than flowers and plants? And it is not incidentally so pleasant to look at the stones which remained since summer, florets, cones and nuts. Perhaps, the memorable bouquet which is dried up, lost an initial charm, but which is a pity for throwing out thanks to memoirs is still stored in the house. All these stocks can be united in uniform composition which name - sukhotsvt. Of course, judging by the name, the basis it is made by flowers, and other details only supplement. Therefore if cones, nuts and acorns it is possible to take ready, then the main thing - to concentrate on preparation of flower material for future bouquet.

can Also gain unexpected effect, combining natural materials, sukhotsveta and fresh flowers.


Natural material for a bouquet

Choosing plants for a flower bed, you remember that by drawing up floristic compositions you will need original plants of an unusual look, various form and the invoice, upright and ampelous.

Special elegance to a flower bed will be given by cereals. The large falling fluffy “tails“ of a shchetinnik, soft coquettish oval inflorescences of a zaytsekhvost and slightly hanging with long decorative awns ears of barley will emphasize ease of composition. Ears well look in compositions and long time hold a form. Only it is necessary to collect ears a little immature that then they were not showered.

Depending on a desirable form you dry them in the look suspended “headfirst“ - then they will be straight lines, or if the falling form is necessary, having put in capacity without water. It is also possible to dry some types of wild flowers and herbs, for example an immortelle, a wormwood, a St. John`s Wort, a sage.


need for future composition the snag which is picked up on walk of an intricate look, fancy branches, acorns, cones, a moss which, drying, long time does not lose the invoice.

Besides, it is possible to dry hips, red bitter pepper, the apple cut by ringlets, small ears of corn, small pumpkins dried by segments a citrus.

of the Cockleshell, sea pebble, stones of various sizes - all this can be used too. These sea treasures will help you to prolong pleasant memories of summer holiday.

Besides, the special accessories can be necessary for

for creation of works from sukhotsvet to you: a wire by means of which composition elements fasten polyfoam which will form a basis for composition, glue - all this can be bought in specialized shops of floristics.

them should be collected by

For drying of ears of herbs and flowers in small bunches and to suspend inflorescences down in the dark, well aired place. Do not make very widespread mistake - do not hang up to dry herbs and flowers on the sun as from it they turn yellow and lose color.

to dry up fruit, them it is necessary to cut thin ringlets across a fruit, to lay out on fabric in order that juice was absorbed. If to lay out segments on the battery of a central heating, process of drying will take only several days.

the dried-up skins of a citrus Interestingly look: for this purpose it is necessary to cut a fruit of orange or tangerine with ringlets, to accurately remove a skin, to twirl it a spiral and in such look to allow to dry. If it is possible to cut off a sharp thin knife a skin from the whole fruit a spiral, then in the dried-up look it can become a bouquet basis.

of the Cone and acorns beautifully look if to cover them with a colourless varnish and to allow to dry up.

Drying in the microwave oven vmikrovolnovaya the furnace expands with

possibilities of drying of flowers and herbs of silvery or gray coloring. To this way of drying is not present equal on preservation of coloring and efficiency - all process takes only a few minutes! Method of open drying the easiest: on several layers of filter paper spread out flowers layers and turn on the furnace on half power for 2 - 3 min., then take out flowers and suspend them for stalks for couple of days if they are not necessary to you for arrangement at once. It is a good method for plants with a set of small flowers (a gipsofil, a manzhetka, a golden rod, a lavender).

Preservation of plants by means of glycerin

  1. Cut off

    and prepare material. Evergreen plants can be cut off for preservation at all seasons of the year, deciduous - in the middle of the summer or in the fall.

  2. Carefully mix one part of glycerin with two parts of the boiling water, ship in plant solution on depth of 7,5 cm. You keep a vessel in the cool shaded place.
  3. Examine plants every week - sometimes wipe the top leaves on long branches with the rag moistened in water solution of glycerin.
  4. are Taken out by plants when all leaves replace coloring. Process borrows from 1 to 8 weeks depending on a species of a plant, in need of a vessel add solution.
  5. Ready plants blot
  6. with a paper towel. Before use it is necessary to suspend plants for several days heads down that they fixed the form. Plants which beautifully look after preservation: rose, camellia, beech, rosemary, hydrangea, ferns, mountain ash, pear, box, oak, willow, magnolia, eucalyptus, rhododendron.

of the Branch of an exotic form

Dynamic and effective compositions can be created, using branches of an unusual form which can be made by means of elementary make-shifts and own imagination.

Cut long thin branches of trees or bushes - they have to bend and not break easily. Well the willow approaches, krasnotat.

Clear them accurately of bark.

Twist with them any subject which was pleasant in a form - the extended bottle, a leg of a chair or table etc. and fix the twisted branch by means of fabric, having densely swaddled it. Regulate quantity of rounds at own discretion - the same form of a bottle in this case can give you various options of branches.

When the twisted branches will dry, unwind fabric, remove a branch and use in composition.


Drawing up composition

Choose a vessel in which will be sukhotsvt. It can be a vase of any form, a jug, a tree cut etc. A transparent vase which now at the height of fashion, it is possible to fill with nuts, pebbles or acorns - they will hide ugly stalks.

Present to

the place of composition and according to its size: what height, what volume with what it is in harmony from surrounding objects.


a suitable volume form of composition: it can be an isosceles triangle, a sphere, an ellipse, a pyramid, the curved line, a half moon. Carry out mentally everything limiting space of a bouquet lines are direct.

Begin to select flowers and other details in composition, representing a desirable form, having flowers so that they looked extensively - the composition has to be attractive from all directions, and not just in front.

you Remember the principle: decorative elements - unusual branches, fruit, cones - should not be too much, otherwise the composition will look bulky.