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Childbirth by Cesarean section in OGB N 1 of Chelyabinsk

My name is Ekaterina, to me is 25 years, and I live in the nice city of Chelyabinsk. I want to tell about my first labor (and not the last). It was at the end of December, 2002. Earlier to share impressions somehow there was no time:-).

Chelyabinsk is “the big village“ therefore the level of medicine and service remained same as 20 years ago. And I was lucky to get also to regional maternity hospital where come to give birth from neighboring villages and towns. To talk there was nobody, the girls till 20 years who ended at best 11 classes which did not know why to them the child generally lay. Conditions in maternity hospital not really, but it not the main thing. The main thing that everything passed successfully.

our Office was on the first floor with thick lattices at windows. To add to it a ban of visit by relatives, transfers strictly from 15 to 17 o`clock, and the “lovely old woman“ who is picked all brought packages (regarding the unlawful products), you begin to forget where you all - are. By the way, books could not be brought too, but I received them for a chocolate.

Before childbirth I lay in chamber on 10 people, after - I was transferred in next, to 4 persons. I still was lucky since other postnatal chambers were on 8 - 10 people. A toilet and a shower one on all office (8 chambers). To the people was a little since the maternity hospital was closed on a sink: the person of 14 young mothers, and 8 - future. The most awful for me - it was temperature indoors. It stuck to about about 30 º With to take a shower went all free time. The shower is inertly current stream of water with “bog“ under legs and air temperature whole 22 º With (the window leaf was not closed up to the end). Owing to what all washed quickly. All this can be sustained if you know that to your kid it is good.

to the Kid was really lucky

with kind, attentive nurses and the qualified doctors. Such I did not meet any more. In our life (life of mothers) the main thing - kids. But all one after another.

we with the husband wanted

of the Kid for a long time (I wanted more, of course), but decided to graduate from University, to have a rest in the summer, to get a job and only then to give birth to the child. But treasured 2 stripes appeared slightly a bit earlier. There was no strong wish to pass summer. I all the same went to sunbathe on the lake (4 - 5 month) and dug out in pole sand under a tummy to sunbathe on a stomach too:-). My pregnancy proceeded quite normally. I hid pregnancy while it was possible (not from the husband, of course), wanted to save from an evil eye. The family learned on 4 - ohm month, girlfriends - on 5 - ohm, all others - in process of growth of a stomach. The first three months I wrote and defended the thesis, with might and main hiding the “interesting“ situation. It turned out, nobody guessed, only after delivery of the diploma all went to note (including my husband), and I started wandering home to rest in bed since I had a threat of an abortion.

C 3 - go on 6 - oh month I stayed at home and almost all the time slept, literally for 24 hours a day with breaks to feed the husband and most to eat. But the last two months I could not sleep at all. Do not give in the afternoon, and at night - in a toilet, a spasm will cramp a leg, and again in a toilet, then just it is not slept, then suddenly the crumb as will begin to hiccup and somewhere for half an hour. Nightmare!

All pregnancy I very much worried. Suddenly the cub will calm down at several o`clock - I have a panic! It is urgently necessary for me to the doctor! And usually it happened during the week-end. Hardly waited for the 38th week to go to be given to maternity hospital. Of course, I was going to give birth. My figure rather womanly, and with childbirth of problems should not be. But … So it turned out that I had neither pregnant girlfriends, nor given rise already therefore there was nobody to compare the stomach. Therefore I considered quite normal that the sheepskin coat on me was hardly clasped and lifted up almost to a waist that I cannot tie laces on boots (the stomach disturbed), owing to what with 36 - oh weeks I walked in boots without laces (in December):-).

Having come to 38 weeks to ZhK, I was surprised that wash babies did not fall though had to. (Only in 30 weeks I learned that I will have a little son, before the kid did not want to admit who is he.) “As it did not fall and legs on the street are taken away from me so that it is necessary to rise on the middle of the street and to shake them in turn, people think that I am some disabled person!“ “All the same, your neck is not ready and legs already swell, tomorrow go to maternity hospital, there you will be prepared“. And again words about my stomach.

on December 19 maternity hospital. The doctor accepting me, looking at my stomach, speaks discontentedly: “Here, fattened the child, thick what how you will give birth?“ “It not thick“, - I take offense for the little son, - “it I am thick!“ . Results of ultrasonography: the approximate weight of the child - 3700 g. There is a question of the choice of a way of childbirth. Next day the answer - unambiguously Caesarian, too large fruit.

Caesarian! I have a silent panic! I am not ready to Caesarian, I thought to give birth. I read nothing about Caesarian. It was Friday, operation appointed to Tuesday in the morning and that the second in turn. After a lunch on Monday is already it is impossible. Small begins to shake me by the evening. Itself I do not know why, but I anybody did not begin to ask about how it will occur.

at 7 o`clock in the morning me was lifted on December 24 on compulsory procedures, shaving and an enema. It is not so terrible, it is much more terrible to wait for hour of X. It is impossible to drink already.

of 8 hours - I already completely ready to everything sit, I wait in a corridor, each 15 minutes I run in a toilet for fear. The little girl who before me goes on Caesarian sits next.

of 9 hours - we sit.

of 10 hours - we sit (from time to time running all there).

of 11 hours 30 minutes - came for it, I cannot quietly sit any more, and nervously I run along a corridor, trying to distract myself somehow.

of 12 hours - by me carried by just been born her daughter, I already somewhere in prostration, slowly creep along corridor walls, on color practically merging with them.

of 12 hours 30 minutes - is sent for me! Having taken the packages, we with the nurse went to the operational block. Operating room. I lay down on a table as Jesus on a crucifixion (I do not exaggerate), and here to me begin to bind legs! Shakes me from cold and fear. Then to me pour out on a stomach the huge number of iodine which on a big round stomach flows down in a crotch and … begins to pinch just terribly! It, and still the fact that doctors as though do not notice me at all, talk about the, and any word in my address as though they came to drink tea here, very much angered me. I told them mentally when to me gave an anesthesia injection that figs I to you will fall asleep, I will hold on like grim death. Thought and was chopped off.

of 12 hours 55 minutes - my little son, weighing 4350 g and 54 cm in height was born. When my husband called from work to learn whether I gave rise, he heard in reply: “Yes, the child was already taken …“, short beeps of a release are farther. You represent its state? In 15 min. it was under a window. But I learned it then.

of 14 hours - I recovered in chamber, and first of all asked who was born, and fell asleep (on a back! Hurrah!) . In 30 minutes I asked again who was born - anesthesia consequences. I remember in the sleep after an anesthesia when I was carried on a wheelchair from the operating room to chamber, it seemed to me that I will fall therefore, having appeared on a bed (a special postoperative bed, their of everything was 4 pieces on all maternity hospital) I seized the nurse and, without opening eyes, loudly shouted that now I will fall until to me lifted sides. I calmed down and continued to examine a narcotic dream.

Each hour the nurse on a uterus came to press

, why, I do not know. It was very sick, and I agreed only in exchange for to drink:-). At 18 o`clock came in my tormentor again and suggested to descend in a toilet on what I politely refused. It: “Well, then I will put a catheter“. ß:“ Thanks, is not necessary“. And we slowly and sadly spread in other end of a corridor. I looked just super: on me there was a disposable transparent green night dress (at that time they did not have others), and I, having bent in half, I go and I think why to me in a toilet.


the baby to me was brought to show only in the evening. It was krasnenkiya, the slit eye, eyebrows and eyelashes is not present at all, all in any roughnesses, but long black volosik it is proud puffed up a hedgehog. I looked, sighed and told, as it I will love, the boy is not obliged to be beautiful if only a person was good. Over time it, of course, changed to the best:-). I began to feed synulyu only from the next day.


equally Day after day: to feed, have a sleep, “prick“. There came the last week before new year. Mood at all remarkable, doctors rejoice that it is not enough work, and I hope to celebrate New year already at home (naive). Every day I ask when we are written out, I am answered - on 11 - e days. But it after New year!

31 - e December. The chain of young mummies costs to the manager. office on an extract. I wait for the turn, I approach, I ask and … I am refused! At me only 8 - e days. I so hoped: - (. In the afternoon all prisoners of maternity hospital sob. In the evening in maternity hospital silence. All quietly sit on chambers, whining in a pillow. At 11 o`clock in the evening bring us kids on feeding, and sisters ask to leave them to us at least to 1 one o`clock in the morning. We kindly agree, type, we have a choice.

me lacked

U of milk at first therefore my small the crumb (only 4350 g) had to be finished feeding mix. And here exactly at 11 o`clock we begin to eat. Also we eat, we eat, we eat. Already New year came, and all of us eat. I any more there have nothing, and the son sucks and sucks, to fill up does not even think. And at the same time still is indignant why so it is not enough. I to it constantly repeat that now kind aunts will come, will take away to the nursery and will feed with mix. So we ate to 2 o`clock in the morning, then nevertheless sisters came and took away my not gorged on, angry rebyatenk. As if then the pacifier was useful to me!

And so we also met

together our first New year!

everything only begins


I Want to wish to all future mummies good health, him and to their nice children, there are more optimism and sense of humour, and then everything will be just super! Have a good time!