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Decantation of breast milk: all pluses and minuses of

Ya mother of two children, I have considerable experience in education of children including in breastfeeding. In my opinion, it is a little given attention to such important problem as milk decantation. I want to share the views with less skilled mummies.

Earlier many doctors claimed that it is necessary to be decanted, now on the contrary, speak, it is not necessary to decant a breast not under what circumstances. In my opinion, both truly, but only partly.


Here if to judge by logic, gains “effect of a bowl of scales“ - both that, and another. Let`s understand.


In - the first, to all it is known that full depletion of a breast from milk (no matter, the child exhausted everything, or you decanted) involves surely his bigger arrival. Already from here a conclusion - milk arises a little - it is necessary to decant, much - it is impossible to decant. It is already closer to truth.

Milk, as we know, comes only for 3 - 4 days after the delivery, but, as a rule, initially comes in very large numbers. I was influenced by it - I wake up in the morning, and a breast as stone, hurts, was inflated the size 2 bigger. (I in general the second, but in the first days after arrival of milk had a minimum the 4th size). Naturally, mother suffers, is excellent on itself understanding a saying “as not milked“, quite often, as ill luck would have it, dairy channels are not developed yet, and to the baby of milk not to exhaust. Only decantation with preliminary massage of a breast can facilitate a condition of mother.

on the other hand, decantation in early days especially promotes a hyper lactation, that is excess of milk. Still here the moment esthetic - at many mothers decantation is associated with milking of cows, especially if decantation is carried out by other doctors or an electric milk pump, and it is unpleasant morally. We have in maternity hospital doctors, and spoke, without hesitating (and even men) - “it is already necessary to milk you“, “when you were milked last time“, “Elena needs already to be milked“, and so on... I think, especially if decantation is carried out by an electric milk pump, it will be pleasant not to everyone.

a conclusion here one - needs to be decanted by

A in the first days, but not up to the end, otherwise start a hyper lactation. In principle, cows are milked by the same principle, right after an otel they are milked strenuously, they start a hyper lactation, they milk during all life. But it is worth missing at least one milking, the animal suffers, and mastitis can begin. For the woman the hyper lactation is fraught with the same consequences (I apologize for comparison, but decantation and milking are the same).

in general can lead Nestsezhivaniye`s

to mastitis in the first days (at abundance of milk), or to its disappearance in the next weeks. And to be “nedoyenny“ in the first days (I repeat that in the first days after the delivery the breast at all is poured), I think, unpleasantly.

And therefore the main conclusion - decantation it not good and not angrily arises with

. Decantation - very good way of regulation of amount of breast milk. Of course, many will tell - the chief and only traffic controller of milk at mother - her child. It agrees to all hundred, but the child can be rather weak well to suck, mother can have cracks of nipples, she in general can be separated from the child. Here decantation very much helps - mother, feeling that there is a lot of milk, decants breasts, but on slightly - slightly (not to be decanted - mastitis can come laktostaz, and there and in general) and if it is not enough milk - more liquid and decantations. And if laktostaz - here decantations of sick sites of a breast are necessary, but other bowl of scales - excessive decantation conducts to the fact that the child will not exhaust everything, the milk which remained will stand, and again laktostaz. Therefore it is necessary to be decanted “intelligently“.

One more effect of “a bowl of scales“ - a milk pump. If to be decanted, then hands hard and painfully sometimes. And the milk pump is the machine significantly facilitating hard work of milking of. On the other hand, cheap pears - milk pumps do not swing practically, expensive manual and electric - are convenient, but their price bites. With all their pluses and conveniences there is also minus - they, happens, painfully tear up nipples, can damage them, and powerful milk pumps can empty quickly completely all breast (and it as a rule cannot be done, why - read above) that besides will lead to a hyper lactation. Many mothers refuse electric milk pumps because of “association with milking of a cow“, it is unpleasant to many women, understanding that the machine milks them.

hands do not have

At decantation of these minuses, but hands often hard, long and painfully. I as my article not advertizing will not recommend any concrete models of milk pumps.

I, at last, completion of feeding by a breast - the child is transferred to artificial feeding. The child does not suck a breast, at mother it is poured, it again “not milked“, it will be helped by decantations, but besides decantations can prolong process of refusal of a breast (not the most pleasant for mother).

Therefore decantations, mummies, it is difficult science, having seized which, you learn to select optimum production of the milk so that also was enough for the baby, and to you not to suffer from breast perepolneniye. To in total you good!