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Toys and games from a tree. The review of the goods presented on 11 - y to the international exhibition “The World of the Childhood - 2005“

the Tree - is probable, the most ancient material for production of children`s toys. Easily gives in to processing, it is capable to take the different forms and to be painted in different colors, it is very durable.“ And still it “warm“, “live“, - manufacturers and sellers of toys always add.

During a time of the childhood of present mothers and fathers progress in production of synthetics and plastic pushed wooden toys the background. Now they come back to our children - every year all in bigger assortment. We managed to make idea of it at the scheduled exhibition “World of the Childhood“.

At first about opening. The Our Toy company presented an extensive collection of the games, game sets and toys made in the best world traditions. Materials - solid pine or a beech, production is carried out at the enterprises of China and Hong Kong. Nice wheelchairs for the kids who are starting walking - and the designer “A doll lodge“ with the inhabitants suitable on growth (for preschool children). The wooden xylophone and a simple pyramid - would seem, ordinary and indispensable satellites of the childhood - but as it is pleasant to take in hand, and there are a wish to play! And absolutely finds: tool kits complete with a verstachok (either the truck, or a stool) into which it is possible to hammer a nail or to screw up a screw (be not frightened, all wooden!) . And also an engine - a pyramid which can be built at will of the imagination - and at the same time to develop spatial representations, to remember colors and forms, to train small motility. Much interesting will find for the children and mother - lovers qualitative and unusual a razvivalok: little tables with pushers, cubes of a different form, a logical framework and “serpantinok“.

Of course, all this and similar always was and is at foreign producers, but many of them only enter the Russian market. So, exactly on “The world of the childhood“ the majority of us opened for itself the Selecta company (the representative in Russia - LLC Interprof). The German quality plus modern pedagogical developments yield unexpected result: paper, a cardboard, plastic, penopropilen - everything is replaced with a tree. Wooden mobiles, rattles and suspension brackets on a bed or a carriage (with jingles!) ; wooden books - with pro-carved windows and “mobile“ characters on a string; wooden puzzles; even in board games at most elements (a counter, a card, sometimes the game field) - too from a tree. And without telling it about unknown pyramids, katalochka and doll lodges! Even in the catalog it is visible how elaborately, mnogofunktsionaln each game or toy, and to take all this wealth in hands - also great esthetic pleasure.

Game sets of similar level could be found also at the stand of CJSC Elti-Kudits - the largest Russian developer of games and objects of the developing environment for preschool institutions. These sound and multipurpose designers, “serpantinka“, pyramids - wheelchairs it is from Thailand, are made by the Wonderworld company and most of all remind LEGO - only wooden.


of LLC Interprof at our market and other German company - Fagus. It is various wheel equipment, beginning from trucks of different function and road trains and finishing with cranes and combines, - it is natural, all too from a tree. All models (the hand is not raised to call them just toys) - acting: auto-loaders load, dump trucks dump, the fire-escape is moved apart. Besides, in a collection of firm - several construction sets which successfully supplement this fleet of vehicles, and board games.

Having touched upon “a transport subject“, it should be noted a series of toys of “Vozick“ from LLC Factory of Toys - very sound, nice on the touch engines and cars from strong breeds of a tree. Connect among themselves magnets, is both purely game, and training “structures“ - cars can carry the Russian or English alphabet (with a possibility of drawing up short words), cash desk of figures, geometrical figures, cylinders of all flowers of a rainbow and even mathematical examples. Toys in the market recently, and they have every chance to occupy the niche, demand for high-quality execution, on the one hand, and existence of “the developing stuffing“ - with another while grows.


In general among producers of toys, and wooden - in particular, accepted some specialization: one or several thematic directions develop, and nobody (except not called large foreign companies) tries to capture everything.

So, the trademark of “Wald“ is well-known first of all for national games - for children`s and family leisure. The one who had enough on a visit or at the exhibition stand to play “A wonderful sack“ (small objects from a tree are found to the touch and get blindly), “Spillikins“ (smaller objects should be got or put by means of a thin stick, without having disturbed the others), in “A heap - to Mull“, “Layers“ or “Cup and ball“, - by all means buy a set for the fallen in love game to themselves home. Toys from “Valda“ are interesting also that they combine the painted and unpainted elements. The touch to natural materials gives to the child heat of hands of the masters, with loving care who did these toys consider in “Wald“.

last year in assortment there was a set of games - lacings (of 2 - 3 years), and now here work on toys for the smallest - children about one year, till two years. To simple wooden rattles with beads, to various katalochka, horses on a stick, to knitted balls - gremelka and melodious spheres - tumbler toys new original rattles and dolls will be added.

the Impressive range of national games and toys and at the RNToys company is nested dolls of the most various forms, toy kitchen utensils, tops … But the company first of all is well-known for the developing games: cutting pictures (the elementary wooden puzzles from 2 - 4 elements), volume puzzles - toys without framework, lacings - simple (buttons, boots), difficult (a tree, a lodge, a hedgehog) and volume (apple, a ship). There is no similar abundance of plots for games and toys of these types, perhaps, at anybody of the Russian producers. Among novelties of this year of a doll there are double-dealing fellows (a reversible dress and two heads with a different look), new subject lacings (the princess, the knight, the clown), finger-type theater (“Little Red Riding Hood“, “Masha and a bear“, “Three bears“) and inserts in a frame “Turnip“ which are capable to turn into desktop theater too.

of LLC Umnye igry is a large retail network of the developing games where each buyer will be always given pedagogical support, will help with the choice. The range includes best “razvivalka“ of domestic and foreign producers, sets for children`s creativity, the accompanying literature. However “Clever games“ have also own production - about these games and we will tell in more detail.

Among didactic games - a wooden keg with five multi-colored objects (the kid will learn to open a cover, to get and put, correlate color and a form, to count up to five), two sets of mushrooms - vtykalochek (with them it is very convenient to master the account, concepts of the size, small motility is also improved) and a remarkable unpainted beads - them with pleasure will gnaw the smallest, and children are more senior will be engaged in threading, comparison in size. In general all developments of “Clever games“ - very “long-playing“ - if to stock up with recommendations about their application or just not to be afraid to show creative approach, the same game will “work“ throughout three, five, even seven years!

Such traditional Russian toys as nested dolls and tumbler toys here too found new life: tumbler toys are made of a tree and melodiously ring, and each set of nested dolls are the company of characters of some Russian fairy tale. So the fairy tale becomes “tangible“ and to fingers big advantage! Still figures for finger-type theater have success: attention, get only on a children`s finger!

the Petersburg OKCBA trademark is also perfectly known for

to parents - the developing games hunters. The main material - too a tree, and here the range here more strict - author`s. A framework and Montessori`s inserts are presented (geometrical, with animals, plants, transport, on the concepts “it is more-less“) “, put a square“, “Fractions“ and various cubes of Nikitin, Lena Danilova`s game and the world puzzles, grants (a framework and inserts, puzzles, dominoes) helping formation of temporary, geometrical and geographical representations for training in reading and the account. The part of games is issued in three options: the house-keeper (facilitated) the standard (reliable) and elite (in classical wooden packing, elements of a grant are slightly larger than habitual).

At the stand of the VGA - Int company was pleased by abundance of wooden puzzles, framework and inserts - but on free subjects: from plots from animated films to maps. Workmanship at height, and here images sometimes seem chosen incidentally, sometimes look coarsely - in the developing production for children we got used to bigger severity. It is compensated by a wide choice - the exacting parent will surely find something, answering to both the taste, and interests of the child.

However the most popular production of the VGA - Int company. If you have children is more senior, you for certain did not keep and bought either a dinosaur, or a butterfly, or the car - and from the numbered details of a bizzare shape with your help there was a graceful figure. Which was painted then, either varnished, or put on a foreground, or presented to friends. The imagination of developers of models works without stopping, and here you already consciously seek to get something brand new: it appears, designing - process, fascinating not only children, but also adults.

If was exorcized about designing, we will present one more designer - a novelty - “Brevnyshka“ from LLC Mavlata. “It is more, than the designer“, - creators say about him, offering several construction sets compatible with each other (that is construction can be expanded!) made of perfect wood and painted by nontoxical paints. It is possible to construct lodges for games of “Brevnyshek“ (with tiny dolls, tell-tales, machines), and in the course of their creation - to master the principles of the real adult wooden construction. It is clear, that, as well as any designer, “Brevnyshka“ develop spatial thinking, small motility, imagination. At the exhibition stand adults with might and main trained in laying of “Brevnyshek“ - and not for nothing, preschool children and younger school students at construction very much need their help.

Construction sets of the Prestige - a Toy company look simpler, but still enjoy popularity: multi-colored and unpainted detalk - the first what children in many - many families begin to build lodges and towers of. For those who consider necessary to combine designing with training - cubes with letters of the same company.

can call

“Old resident“ of the market of wooden toys and the Tomik company - in each house there are either dominoes, or a lotto, or cubes of which there is a picture, or the designer of this trademark. And games these so sound that successfully pass from one kids to others and not once. “Business card“ of “Small volume“ - wooden game sets based on the Russian fairy tales, with a lodge and all characters, and also figures of animals. At last exhibition the stand of the company as if consisted of two halves: at the left habitual packings dazzled, and boxes experimental, new, more modern design, with “windows“ through which contents are visible were placed on the right.

the New design and recognizable, favourite toys are, actually, and there is a person of that useful and pleasant production about which we sought to tell today. Successful to you purchases!